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  • Changelog 23/09/2014 (Dyes)
    Latest updates:

    -Dyes. Please speak to a merchant to dye your gear. Currently using an item dye is not supported. (note: "Dye all works, but you may be charged extra for items which are not be able to be dyed.)
    -Dyes currently available:

    Graveyard Earth 5Image
    Fortress Grey 5Image
    Scaly Green 10Image
    Snot Green 10Image
    Bestial Brown 10Image
    Shadow Grey 20Image
    Orc Green 20Image
    Brazen Brass 30Image
    Tanned Flesh 30Image
    Vermin Brown 40Image
    Scab Red 40Image
    Bone Brown 40Image
    Chainmail Grey 50Image
    Warlock Purple 50Image
    Codex Grey 75Image
    Charadon Granite 75Image
    Devlan Mud 75Image
    Necron Abyss 75Image
    Ice Blue 75Image
    Hormagaunt Purple 75Image
    Knarloc Green 75Image
    Thraka Green 75Image
    Calthan Brown 75Image
    Macharius Solar Orange 75Image
    Mechrite Red 75Image
    Desert Yellow 75Image

    -Mailbox fixed.
    -Creature fixes.
    -Item fixes.
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  • [WEB] Who's online and design modification
    Hi all,

    You can now see who's online IN GAME via the button in the header on every page, or on the player count on the home :

    To make some pages similar, i updated the news in the home, and the armory with the same parchment as in the who's online page :

    Thu Sep 18, 2014 8:13 pm View the latest post
  • Changelog 17/09/2014 (Ekrund and Mount Bloodhorn)
    Latest updates:

    [Ekrund / Mount Bloodhorn]
    -Ekrund and Mount Bloodhorn are now open for you to explore.
    -Ekrund and Mount Bloodhorn battlefield objectives are added.
    -Added Murgluk's Gits Public Quest.
    -Added Engine Number Nine Public Quest.
    -Added Battle of Bitterstone Public Quest.

    -Rally Points are now supported. You can now use your Book of Binding to teleport to your rally point. Speak to a Rally Master to change your rally point.
    -Dwarf and Greenskins will have their rally point set to their stating zone.
    -You can now fly to Ekrund or Mount Bloodhorn.
    -You can now speak to Creatures which do not have a quest and see what they have to say.
    -Trainers, Bankers, Auctioneers, Guild Registrars, Flight Masters and Merchants icons are now shown on the map.
    -Fix bug which would change your hotbar when changing zone.
    -Should have a lot less Zone 0 problems.

    -Quests will now show red marks on the map to show you where to go to complete the objectives. (currently only on selected quests)
    -Dwarf Chapter 1 Quests Added.
    -Dwarf Chapter 2 Quests Added.
    -Dwarf Chapter 3 Quests Added.
    -Dwarf Chapter 4 Quests Added.
    -Greenskin Chapter 1 Quests Added.
    -Greenskin Chapter 2 Quests Added.
    -Greenskin Chapter 3 Quests Added.
    -Greenskin Chapter 4 Quests Added.
    -Pillaging fixed.

    [Public Quest]
    -Public Quest player count now shows up on the map. Go and support other players who are fighting.

    -Book of Binding is now working.

    -When a pet kill something XP, Renown, Loot and Quest efforts are passed to the owner.
    -You should no longer see lost pets around.
    -Creatures can now damage pets.

    -You can no longer resurrect Creatures.
    -Searing Touch now does damage in intervals of 2 seconds.
    -Bunch o' Waaagh now does damage in intervals of 2 seconds.

    -The message 'Your search returned the maximum number of results allowed. Try a more specific query.' will only appear when the list is too long.
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  • Dwarf Tier 1 Zone - Coming Soon
    Sun Sep 14, 2014 7:48 pm View the latest post
  • Greenskin Tier 1 Zone - Coming Soon
    Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:02 pm View the latest post

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