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  • [DEV DIARY] - OCTOBER 2015

    Hello everyone!

    It has been a long time since the last DEV DIARY, and it is now time to tell you some news from behind the curtain, about the state of the server. Here we go!


    First, you'll have all noticed that our population in Return of Reckoning continues to grow, which is for us - the whole RoR team - the best reward you could give to us. Thank you! Your ever-increasing presence is a huge motivator for us (but also a cause of great pressure with your expectations!) This population increase in the past months wasn't anticipated, and the direct consequence is the massive lag at peak population. A year ago we were excited to have 50 players in game, and now we are pushing the server to its limits with over 750!


    This growing population has resulted - as you are more often the witnesses - to generate a phenomenal lag as we get closer to the current server cap. We are very aware of this, share your concerns, and resolving this issue has moved to the top of the priority list.

    The original core of RoR was not designed to host so much concentrated action, and many pieces must be recoded. This will take some time. Several new mechanics have been introduced during the past year, and we need to put all of this on the table to make it more enjoyable. We have taken steps to trace where we are losing performance and make corrections as needed. Unfortunately, some of the best times for development to track down these issues, is right at peak times when everything is struggling. We appreciate your patience with this.

    THE T3

    Many of have been eagerly awaiting the release of Tier 3 and I cannot avoid this subject. Know that the teams have provided a mammoth task to bring you Tier 3 as quickly as possible. The RvR lakes, quests, a raised level cap with class skills, is prepared and ready to be deployed (missing only minor details). However, because of the lag issues, it does not seem wise to deploy it right away. We hope you will be patient and understand that this choice does not come easy for us.

    We want your first impressions in T3 to be under our best possible conditions. Your battles should be more focused on each other instead of with the server overloaded and lag bringing things to a grind.


    Some bad news, and this is a daily concern for the staff, RoR has become a victim of its successes. We have seen some concerning behavior in our network infrastructure, which does not help the stability expected in-game. Our provider has done its best to handle some of the excess traffic we've been attracting, but their options are limited. For now, we seem to be dealing with these issues as best we can, and hopefully in the future they will subside as we develop a better experience for all of us.


    I'm really happy to share this amazing adventure with all of you, as a staff member and as a player above all, and I would like thank you - yet again - in the name of all the RoR Staff, for making this project a wonderful experience.

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  • OMG. They killed Kenny...
    Well well well, because of your passionate love for RoR, the server knows actually a massive headache... ( not tonight honey...)

    A memory dump is in process, please be patient.

    Sorry about that.

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  • Recent Downtime
    It seems that something in the latest patch caused a deadlock. I may have to keep patching the server until the cause is found.

    The first thing to be disabled will be AAO, unfortunately.

    Server will restart soon.
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  • Changelog 29/09


    - The renown rank cap is now 40

    [Warband UI]

    - Warband unit frames no longer show warband members as 'Distant' unless they are in fact distant
    - Warband unit frames now update consistently and in realtime (for non-distant warband members)
    - Dots on the minimap and the zone map should update more consistently for non-distant warband members
    - Nameplates of members of your warband party now appear green
    - Nameplates of members of your warband now appear light green
    - The above changes do not apply to scenario unit frames. Expect improvements to SC frames in a future patch.


    Line-of-sight checks on AOE abilities have been enabled in the following areas:
    - All scenario maps
    - Tier1 and Tier2 Empire/Chaos pairings


    - Respecialisation will now clear all self-cast buffs from the player
    - Fixed some code to improve the melee range if both targets were moving
    - 1/4 of the XP and RP earned from combat will go into the XP and RP pool for a player (the pool that healers draw from when they heal that player), instead of all of it
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  • T3 Dwarf/Greenskin (Preview Series 2/3)
    Hello everyone,

    ... and here goes the second one!

    Click here to watch on YouTube
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