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  • We apologize for the server problems
    We apologize for the server problems - It seems we are simply to many people online :twisted: :mrgreen:

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  • Congratulations - we hit 10,000 Registered users!
    We hit the 10,000 registered users mile stone!

    On behalf of the Return of Reckoning team. We would like to thank each, and every one of you, for joining the War-RoR project.

    To those who have helped devote their time to help assist with the development of this Private server.

    To those who just registered to come back, to heed the never silent call to arms, which is Warhammer Online - Return of Reckoning.

    Congratulations to all for helping us reach this target. We are an ever growing community, with more and more joining every day.

    Make sure to celebrate this achievement, as well as the remembrance of 18th December, the day the fighting ended, by signing up for the memorial battle!


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  • Memorial Event 18/12/2014 10 PM CET

    Hello everyone!

    There are only a few days left until the 18th of December. So here is the Memorial Event, in remembrance to the day we all lost something dear to us </3

    The battle will begin at 10 PM CET/9 PM GMT


    You can choose the battlefield where we will fight on this day!The poll will end on the 17th of December ;)

    We hope to see you all on the battlefield :twisted:
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  • Changelog 07/12/2014 (Career Resounces)
    Latest Updates:

    -Bullets and Kisses now only last 30 minutes.
    -Covenants of Vitality now deals the correct amount of damage.
    -Career Resources now display correctly on the client for the following careers:
    Iron Breaker
    Black Orc
    Witch Hunter
    Bright Wizard
    Warrior Priest
    Black Guard
    Witch Elf
    Sun Dec 07, 2014 11:48 am View the latest post
  • Changelog 05/12/2014 (Combat and Carrers)
    Latest Updates:

    -Mail from the Auction House is now displayed correctly, item display icons can now be seen.

    -Fixed the search results from bugging out when one of players was anonymous.

    -When creating a character, if the name is taken or too short, a message will appear instead of a blank box.
    -When logging in you will no longer be greeted with a message telling you the server has a low population.

    -Healing value spam in Group is now fixed.
    -Charge and Flee no longer stack.

    -Basic Turret Support

    [Sword Master]
    -Gryphon's Lash now ignores Black and Parry.
    -Sudden Shift now triggers Out of Combat timer.

    [Shadow Warrior]
    -Fixed Vengeance of Nagarythe.
    -Fixed Hunters Favor.
    -Assault Stance now gets Strength from Balance.
    -Skirmish Stance now gives +5% Crit on ability's.
    -Scout Stance now gives +10% range on ability's now.

    [Zealot/Rune Priest]
    -You can no longer cast Dark Medicine whilst moving.
    -You can no longer cast Rune of Mending whilst moving.
    -Intelligence / Willpower from items are now added if Rune of Breaking or Harbinger of Doom is activated.
    -Marks and Oath Runes self buff now works.
    -Veil of Chaos / Rune of Shielding fixed.

    [Disciple of Khaine/Warrior Priest]
    -You can no longer cast Restore Essence whilst moving.
    -You can no longer cast Divine Aid whilst moving.
    -Sigmar's Fist now buffs the correct target.
    -Lacerate / Castigation DOT removes stats.
    -Convents / Prayer is now working.

    [Sorcerer/Bright Wizard]
    -Word of Pain / Boling Blood end damage added.
    -Shattered Shadows / Fiery Blast causes an AOE on target.
    -Frozen Touch / Flames of Ruin is now working.

    [Black Guard/Ironbreaker]
    -Brutal Smash, Feeding On Weakness now adds stats corretly to the Dark Protector.
    -Feeding On Weakness now heals the dark protector.
    -Fixed Shield Sqeep only attacks 3 ppl now and builds 10 Grudge per hit target.
    -Binding Grudge now snares the target.

    -Lotsa Choppin / Wild Choppin' / Whild Swing now uses correct mutli + variable damage.
    -Flurry now uses correct mutli + variable damage and can be used with 2 handers.
    -Fierceness added buff icons to group members, slayer gets Weaponskill now.
    -Slasha / Pulverising Strike now stacks.

    [Witch Elf]
    -Kisses are now working.
    Fri Dec 05, 2014 5:06 pm View the latest post

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