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  • Hotfix 24.05.2015


    - Your characters should be free!No more stucked in scenario!

    - Improved Scenario balance (12vs12).
    - Overheals will no longer influence the scenario scoreboard.
    - Fixed BO capping.
    - Armor buffs will now display correctly in the stat window.


    - Grudge and Hatred will continue to work when zoning.
    - Fixed multiple Dark Protector and Oath Friend issue.
    - Dark Protector and Oath Friend will no longer remove NPCs from world when cast upon them.
    - Fixed stuck buffs.
    - Buffs no longer reset when you zone.
    - Fixed events being lost on zone.
    - Some ability fixes.


    -Fixed the Magus mount.
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  • Changelog 21/05/2015 (Abilities)

    If you want to Report bugs regarding this patch use the bug Report thread please.

    - Kill messages are now sent in chat.
    - NPCs waypoints has been improved.
    - Added Black Dye to vendors.
    - /emote command now works with enemy factions.
    - Various Quest fixes.
    - Mounts have been fixed.

    [NPC Tagging]
    -Loot will be assigned to the player to made the first hit on Normap and Champion NPCS (not Heroes).

    Please note: the list below is not complete.

    - Lag should be reduced where there is a lot of players in one area using abilities.
    - Similar abilities from different players now stack.
    - Cast stuck bug is fixed.
    - All projectile abilities show now the projectile animation at the correct speed. The projectile impacts when the damage impacts.
    - Immunity timer for CC effects works.
    - Range check from all abilities works correctly.
    - Absorb abilities / tactics / morales makes you immune against damage.
    - Melee abilities should work correctly now.
    - Pets now have the correct level.
    - You need to accept a resurrect now.
    - Flee/Charge no longer breaks roots.
    - In combat bug should be fixed.

    [Abilities Moral]
    - When a morale ability is fired it will always clear current morale points.
    - You gain only morale when you are in fight.
    - Morale abilities no longer crit.
    - When you die you lose all your morale.

    [Abilities Tanks]
    Juggernaut – Now clearrs every snaring, rooting, silencing and disarming effect and make you immune for them.
    Hold the Line– Works every time now.


    [Witch Elf]
    Feinted Positioning – Now has an effect.
    Agonizing Wound – Works correctly.
    Kiss of Death – Heal debuff no longer sticks permanently.
    Kiss of Agony - Now debuffs victim's initiative.
    Shadow Prowler - Now shows correct cooldown.
    Shadow Prowler - Now works correctly.

    [Squig Herder]
    All abilities should work now correctly.

    All abilities should work now correctly.

    Grip of Fear – Now has 50% chance to break when victim receives damage.
    Grip of Fear – No longer able to break with Flee.
    Frozen Touch - Additional damage will now be added to the damage dealer instead of the buff giver.

    [Diciple of Khaine]
    Covenant of Vitality – Shows correctly in the buff bar.
    Covenant of Vitality - Ends when buff giver dies.

    [Black Guard]
    Shield of Rage – Works correctly.
    Horrific Wound – Deals correct damage and provides an armor debuff. Duration fixed.
    Dark Protector – Works correctly.
    Mind Killer - Works correctly. Correctly affects debuffs.
    Crippling Anger - Deals correct damage.

    AOE Abilities have the correct range now.
    Bring da Pain – Now affects everyone in the group.
    Git Stuck In - Now affects everyone in the group.

    [Black Orc]
    Wot Armor – Deals damage and delivers the correct armor debuff.
    Follow 'me Lead – Weapon skill buff is now working.
    Tuffer’n Nails – Now delivers the correct armor debuff.
    Skull Thumper – Effect works correctly.
    Right in da Jibblies – Always reduces weapon skill.

    Savagery Mutation – Works correctly.
    Throw Axe - Works correctly.
    Mutations always display a visual effect

    Tzeentch's Grasp – Now has a 50% change to break when the victim receives damage.
    Tzeentch's Grasp – Victim can no longer break it with Flee.

    Harbinger of Doom – Works correctly.

    Tooth of Tzeench – Works correctly.


    [Shadow Warrior]
    Acid Arrow – Works correctly.

    DOTs tick every 3 seconds now.

    [White Lion]
    All abilities should work correctly.

    Nature's Blade – Entire group now receives the buff. Buff works correctly. Debuff doesn't work.
    Dazzling Strike – Now increases cast time on the victim by 50%.
    Blurring Shock – Effect works correctly.

    AOE Abilities have too much range.
    Gudrun Warcry - Skills cost less AP.
    Fierceness – Buff shows up in the character frame now. Reduces victims' initiative with each attack and increases it on one of the group members.
    Fierceness - Effect is shown in the character frame.
    Relentless Strike - DOT inflicts correct damage.
    Gudruns Warcry - Works correctly.
    Pulverizing Strike - Effect is shown in the victim's character frame.

    Barbed Wire – Now has a 50% chance to break when victim receives damage.
    Barbed Wire - Victim can no longer break it with Flee.

    Rune of Breaking - Works correctly.

    Binding Grudge - Works correctly.
    Heavy blow - Works correctly.
    Oath friend - Works correctly.

    [Witch Hunter]
    Feinted Positioning – Works correctly.
    Feinted Positioning - No longer allows all abilities to ignore armor.
    Blessed Bullets of Confession - Heal debuff no longer sticks permanently.
    Blessed Bullets of Purity - Works correctly.
    Torment – Works correctly.
    Incognito – Can now be used while under the effect of Blessed Bullets of Purity.
    Incognito – CD works correctly.
    Trial by Pain - Works correctly.
    Burn Armor - Works correctly.
    Burn Heretic - Works correctly.

    [Bright Wizard]
    Fire Cage - 50% to break when victim takes damage.
    Fire Cage - Victim cannot break it with Flee.
    Ignite – No longer crits every time.
    Shield of Aqsy – Applies extra armor.
    Shield of Aqsy – Induction pushback now works correctly.
    Pyroclastic Surge – Now increases victim's induction time.
    Siphon Power – Works correctly.

    [Warrior Priest]
    Prayer of Devotion - Shows correctly in the character frame.
    Prayer of Devotion - Ends when the buff giver dies.
    Prayer of Devotion – Can no longer be cleansed.
    Weight of Guilt – Snares the target.

    [Knight of the Blazing Sun]
    Crippling Blow – Works correctly.
    On your Guard - No longer crits.
    Press to Attack - Correctly shows the debuff icon in the character frame.
    Stand Strong! - Correctly shows the debuff icon in the character frame.
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  • 3 new forum sections.
    Hello everyone,

    we added 3 new forum sections.

    Medias -> Fan Art -> Videos

    We moved all existing topics to the related section. No more thousands of WTB/WTS/WTT threads everywhere :mrgreen: 8-)

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  • Server offline for maintenance
    The server is offline for 20 minutes, give or take, for some maintenance.

    Apologies for the downtime.

    You will need to restart your game/launcher, in order to log back on, once the server is back online.

    ETA 20-30 mins.
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  • Quests are working
    Quests are available to accept and complete.


    I feel that I still have to make this obvious because I don't know, seems people don't understand what Alpha means ;)

    There's always a possibility that quests can break again. There's a reason why games aren't released until they're functioning properly.

    Unless you're EA or Ubisoft...
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