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[Warrior priest] Sigmar's Grace

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[Warrior priest] Sigmar's Grace

Post#1 » Sun Apr 01, 2018 2:12 pm


Sigmar's Grace was changed to only have 20-30feet range which makes it obnoxious to run around buffing your party members or to tell them all to hug each other to be able to buff everyone in the party.
Also rebuffing people in battle after someone got severed blessed is not going to happen, no one is standing still in a battle and you can't expect people to all come to hug you while in a fight.


My proposal is to give Sigmar's Grace back its original 100feet range and put an 1-3min cooldown on it so it can't be spammed casted (the reason why it was nerfed in the first place afaik).

Thank you for your time reading this.


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