SurgetheDrink - GM Application

Tough? Fair? Helpful? Being a GM is one of the more confrontational and thankless jobs on the server. If you would ban your own grandmother for breaking the rules, come put in an application.

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SurgetheDrink - GM Application

Post#1 » Tue Mar 27, 2018 3:26 am

Grabbing my old application that i put a lot into, the application is dated, but I am still deeply interested in becoming a GM for RoR.

SurgeTheDrink here! Hello everyone and thank you in advance of reading my application for a position within the team ie Forum Moderator and or Game Master!

First off let me thank each and everyone who made possible in bringing this game back to life and helping re-establish the community it once had.

I started off playing this game when Hurricane Ike had ran through my area of Texas, I was without power for 13 days! (I pre-ordered Warhammer Online at gamestop in another town that wasn’t as affected by Ike) I picked it up one day and got it home, and started playing War from my father’s generator he had bought months before in case of this situation. I have loved this game for many years and missed it dearly. I wanted and watched the progression of the game and watched it begin to slowly drift into the gaming black hole. I missed it so much after they went away.

A new hope arose and it was called Return of Reckoning, I began watching the development of this private server and community and waited a little longer for the bugs to get worked out, to my satisfaction it has been fixed tremendously.
With that being said, I would like to offer my help and dedication to helping others to you all here at Return of Reckoning, I started with in-game help and i plan to start resolving issues on the forums.

I joined the MongBat guild after they went to Mythic studios to invade their corporate office and played as a warrior priest one of my favorite classes and enjoy the lore of the warrior priest, i took a break shortly after a family crisis, lost of a family member. But that is in the past and don’t wish to dig more into it, with that said.

I have had several years of customer service experience starting with World of Warcraft private servers, i was an Admin there (Management if you will) and helped out for over a year before it disappeared.
After that fell apart I sat and waited for the next thing to come up I was hopeful for a Tabula Rasa server to come up but to my dismay it never even hit the light, was stomped out..

What i am doing now? I am working as a Super Moderator for an Arma 3 Life Server where it’s roleplay is pretty much real-life situations with some unrealistic aspects to it.

I am greatly interested in what you guys have in store and would be greatly honored if given the chance to be apart of your community, My skills are not limited. If something needs doing i research what needs done and do not give up on the task at hand until it is completed.

With all this being said i would greatly appreciate some feedback and see what needs improvement before being accepted. I would like to admit that by any means am i proficient in programming languages or anything of that sort. I am mainly just a person who likes to communicate with people and resolve issues.

I really enjoy being goal driven, seeing the outcome of something great is simply and amazing feeling.

This is why i am greatly interested in a position within RoR.

Strong Suits
Willing to go out of way to help others

Minor Traits
Unsure about many persisting issues within RoR

I know websites, mainly to tinker with out of curiosity.
I have forum experience be it PHPBB, IPB, VBulletin, SMF
10+ years of Customer service
Diagnose an issue and resolve it by any means
Minor practice with Photoshop for a few years now


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