NA GM Application

Tough? Fair? Helpful? Being a GM is one of the more confrontational and thankless jobs on the server. If you would ban your own grandmother for breaking the rules, come put in an application.

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NA GM Application

Post#1 » Tue Jun 18, 2019 7:49 am


I had stopped playing for a while, started back a couple of weeks or so ago. I get online most days of the week, and tend to stay on for hours; I've had multiple 12 hour marathons. I live on the east coast, so the time frames you're looking for are usually when I play, sometimes way earlier than the 4pm you prefer. I already have a habit of helping folks when I can now, and did the same in AoR.

Thick skin

I can deal with making "enemies" if something a person has done requires some kind of punishment. And even if my buttons get pushed, I can refrain from throwing out insults or retaliating by handing out some kind of punishment that isn't warranted. I will likely vent to a friend in priv, just I can get the irritation/frustration out, but I've done a lot of customer service work where I HAD to control myself.

Forum Participation

This is going to be only my 2nd post.. I've read a bit that's been posted, but if I didn't feel my input would help or whatever, I don't post just to raise my post count. But am willing to put more time into finding posts I can contribute to. Technical Support would probably end up being my favorite one, I am a computer tech, played AoR until it shut down so I know most of the mechanics of things pretty well; though I have already found things that aren't the same, so I'm daily learning more about what's what in game. I joined here just over 4 years ago.

Game Systems

I feel I've got a good sense of the mechanics of the game, not a perfect grasp yet, but I'm getting there. I try to stay on top of patch info, since it benefits me as a player to know what's changed, what isn't working, etc. The chat commands, game issues and workarounds that I don't already know, I'm very willing to learn by asking or reading. I will look through the Balance Forums and see if I can find something I can help with.


I've been on both sides, over multiple games; I've been both a decision make, and a decision enforcer, for lack of a better word. Its not easy on any level if you lead in whatever form its in; to use guild terms.. leader, co-lead, jr officer, sr officer, recruiter. In every case there has been both good and bad when it came to decisions being made. Though I will say that I don't see a problem with someone being bother by something recurring that a fix hasn't been found for; however, a person doesn't have to be a jerk about it. I've always felt, be bothered if you want, but keep in mind that sometimes things take time to figure out.

Team Communication

I have set up multiple phpBB forums over the years, and while I do have more experience with vBulletin, I do know my way around phpBB. I will need to download discord, but have also used it in the past, just not as much as vent and teamspeak. I've never used Github, but, if it is a requirement, then I will get it figured out and use it.


Everything that was posted under this section I agree with. To be honest, in AoR I used to "troll the trolls" a lot, usually the worst ones, but I decided it wasn't worth it. While others may have enjoyed the show that went on, it still wasn't worth it. As a player it ended up being easier to just focus on things I could to to help others, I'd still read the chats, but eventually I refused to jump in. Since AoR closed, I've mellowed even more, probably comes with age.

Hopefully I did this they way y'all want. If there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to ask, I'm happy to answer anything, well within reason anyway :)


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