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Application for GM

Tough? Fair? Helpful? Being a GM is one of the more confrontational and thankless jobs on the server. If you would ban your own grandmother for breaking the rules, come put in an application.

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Application for GM

Post#1 » Tue Jul 16, 2019 11:31 am


My in-game name is Bladepower (in Order) and Bladeboss (Destro), probably most known for the annoy battle cry "NO FEAR, BLADE IS HERE" :P , I'm 32 years old, Italian but living in Japan, I played different MMOs in my life, a couple of them in a very Hard-Core way (WoW and Aion) achieving notable results, however the time I spent in War AoR when first launch was probably one of the funniest experience I ever did in a game, so 1 year ago I decided to join RoR, and I still love this game like the first day, and I hope the Devs and all the staff will always receive all the support they need for this project.

<Application reasons>
I read that only EU and NA spots are open for GMs, so I know my application will probably be rejected because of that, but still I wanna try to give my little contribution to the community.
I play basically every day from 18:00 to 23:00-24:00 GMT+9, 2 random days a weak (depends on job) I have more time, and it's not rare that most of that time end in RoR :P (I wanna be honest, can't happen every time because like many of us I have a job and a family, but during this year in RoR I was able to spend a lot of time in the game)
Besides the will to give my very little contribution to the staff of RoR, the main reason for this application is the lack of GMs during my timezone, I know that we'll never reach the peak of EU and NA, but still happen that we have some minor problem, like ram/Lord bug and similar stuff, most of the time the GM we can rely on, is Sgombero (also he's the one that encouraged me to do this application) but he can't be always there due to the big difference in timezone, because of that I remember plenty of occasions where we were literally stuck in a situation where we can't progress (like I mentioned before ram/lord bug were the most frequent).

<Other Stuff>
I know 3 languages (not native level as you probably noticed from my English :P ) , that are: Italian, English, and Japanese, probably Italian is already well covered by Sgombero (also he plays in EU timezone so..) and Japanese community is very small (I'm a proud member of their guild :P ), so this can't help so much, but in case, I can still use all 3 languages to help whoever need it :P .
I watch discord and the forum daily, on discord my activity is pretty much just read, on the forum I have the most activity in posts created by me, the last one was a discussion about community differenced between the 2 factions.
I usually help all players that ask me advice in whisp, mostly on how the dungeon wards work or the RvR contribution system, since I was a pretty active Pug-WB leader on Order was not rare ppl recognize me and ask various stuff about the game, on Destro side I'm not leading so much since there are already plenty of good leaders, but I was able to help some player with the dungeon ward system and explain to them how it works. With that saying, I mean that I'm completely disponible to help the players and answering their question about the game, I strongly believe that new-comers must be helped and not bullied (like sometimes happen :( ) , because their are the future of this community, that I hope can grow up more.

As I said before I know the timezone I can cover not require any GM, so my application can be easily rejected because of that, I wanna thanks anyway to had spent time to read my application, for any question feel free to send me a message or directly talk on discord, thank you for your time, have a nice day.
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