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GM Application for Crassus (North America, GMT -7)

After each round of recruitment, previous applications will be moved here. When we open positions in the future, those interested should post a new application.

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GM Application for Crassus (North America, GMT -7)

Post#1 » Sat Apr 22, 2017 5:39 am

Hello Lords and Ladies of RoR Staff and Community,

My name is Crassus and I am here to volunteer as tribute to join the GM's of the North American time zone, GMT -7 to be specific.

My activity on the game is daily. From 10:00am to anywhere between 11:00pm to 2:00am.

Thick skin? Well, my skin is as thick as an Orks. I've worked years in the Automotive Industry and Transportation, if you don't have anything close to Ork Skin, you wouldn't survive long. However, I do not act without reason. The warning shots will ALWAYS be there before a more permanent solution happens.

Forum participation, I have been active in. Letting the community know who I am, as well as throwing out new ideas with my reasoning and seeing who all wants to participate in helping one another out. Community interaction is pretty awesome. I've also been helping people out whenever possible with my experiences through the game.

Game Systems, I have a fairly strong grasp on. Some things I have questions about and will never be afraid to ask, as for the other 90% that I am aware of, I share with people that do not have any knowledge of what has gone on. I'm always keeping up with Patch Notes and changes made to the game. I always have highly detailed, constructive and well-written ideas for Balance and hopefully I can share those soon. Always need to double check everything before submitting!

Tolerance is key to being a team member. I'm the bottom of the totem, so to speak. If I have to carry out something, even if I do not agree with it personally, it will still get done without hesitation. That's just how I work. Things that need to be fixed, need to be fixed properly, there is no sense in slapping a band-aide on it and calling it good. There is ALWAYS trial and error for progression. I work as a team, not as an individual.

Team communication is key to running a project. I'm no pro with PhPbb, however I will be more than happy learning more about it and how to utilize it for the GM position. I'll have no problems using Slack or Github as well. A bit of the basic "figure out what this does", will be happening as well! None the less, I will be more than happy to learn from those with greater knowledge.

Professionalism, despite volunteering. I was a car sales guy so I will still have a bit of professionalism when it comes to helping answer questions that the player base asks. Un-paid? This game being up, is considered enough payment for me. FOR SIGMAR!
I strive to help everyone that I can. I enjoy helping some people power-level, gear farm or stomp scenarios out if they need some Renown. I also enjoy putting ideas to the test to either find something broken, or a better build for whatever class we decide someone wants to get into.

Thanks for your considerations!

See you on the battlefield.


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