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Event creator/manager

Post#1 » Tue Sep 19, 2017 11:39 pm

If you're reading this you undoubtedly know who I am. I'm a lifelong warhammer fan, an almost 2 year RoR veteran and a cheesy roleplay loving PVPer.

I'm grateful to be able to log in and still play this great game set in the warhammer universe- but I still see so much potential for creation of enthralling content in the form of live events even with just the tools you guys have available without client control. I'd like to help provide the server and it's players my ideas and if permitted, my time to plan, coordinate, build and implement short term events and live events. There are so many possibilities to encourage a little roleplay, community interaction and both large and small scale combat by creating plot lines, modifying the existing terrain, the inclusion of even basic mobs and GM run super-toons. If taken on to the team I'd really just like to provide players on the server some entertainment and a way to award appearance gear (or whatever is suitable) to those that are willing to solve puzzles, role play, fight tooth and nail or a combination of all that lets them log off and say "wow, that was a lot of fun."


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