Application - C#/C++/x86 ASM Generalist

Help us with developing new features or fix up existing ones. This is the place to apply. C# for game engine, C++ for tools.

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Application - C#/C++/x86 ASM Generalist

Post#1 » Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:17 am

Hi there,

I'd like to mention that I am available for helping out with any source related tasks.

I am a 26 year old game developer from the east coast USA, fluent in just about anything. You can consider me a 'generalist', as that's what my job title is. I strive to stay behind the scenes, but can be a public facing person if needed. I wear many hats in a development environment, from game design to art support.. I take pride in my team's work and work well with others.

I started programming when I was 16, with a slew of emulation and reverse engineering projects under my belt. You can view some of the contributions on my Github account: - though, a lot of what I have done is privately owned by other projects/entities. I am regularly called upon to make 'sense' of client functionality of projects that I do not have the source code to. I have a knack for just figuring stuff out.

I loved Warhammer Online, and was always fascinated by the game. I have regular contacts with a former developer from EA Mythic who tells me horror stories now and again about the game and why it failed. Regardless, the game was extremely polished and was based on one of my favorite intellectual properties. I recently started playing on RoR, and noticed how some systems were finished perfectly, and how poorly some others were as well. I want to help change that with you all. I want to lend a hand so that we can make the best experience for these awesome players in the community.

I am currently in the games industry. I started out as customer support personnel, moved on to tech support / trained CSRs, then was tasked with reviving one of our owned IP as a developer. From there, I moved on to be a generalist at a small studio where I am a programmer as well as a pseudo CM/liason due to my CSR background. Details on some of that are available upon request, NDAs are still in effect, of course, so there's a limited amount I can share.

Analysis of data is very important to my workflow. Setting up systems that integrate with C# programs well, such as Datadog and others for troubleshooting and very other many analytics platforms such as Splunk are great for delving into issues that players report regarding balance concerns. It's not enough to know 'what' happens, it's important to know 'why' it happened and 'who' the problem effects. Furthermore, it's important to look at retention data to see if our changes we are making impact players. While this normally only effects projects that are making profit, it can be applied to emulation on a conceptual level, especially in a living world such as an MMORPG.

In industry I have always worked in agile environments - Jira (and Trello at one point - we like to experience different things) for workflow, confluence for wiki software, the standard stuff used in industry for the most part. We've gone through many iterations of using different work chats - Skype for Business, HipChat, Slack, even Discord at one point - if accepted, none of that bothers me. I am not picky on what your team uses for source control or communications. I am pretty laid back and easy going when performing work.

I can adhere to whatever coding standards are needed. While I do have a preference in style, it's not hard to adjust or conform to yours.

As a generalist, I can fill pretty much any role I am asked to. It just may take time to fit into that role. I have done web development, UI development, scripting, database development, anti-cheat development - you name it, I've been in that position.

If you're interested, feel free to contact me via your normal channels. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this :)


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