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Choppa's tweak

Post#1 » Thu May 23, 2019 2:39 pm

i main a RR77 Choppa and i adressed 2 big problems compared to Slayer (i have one 36/36):
1) "Keep On Choppin' " is laughtable compared to "Rampage"
2) Choppa's third tree is underperforming compared to Slayer's third tree

While problem 1) is clear i want to explain myself better on problem 2). On choppa's third tree there are three ability:
"Wot's Da Rush?" which is a good ability and is mirrored on Slayer (no problem here), "Chop Fasta" and GTDC.
To me the problem is with Chop Fasta and GTDC; the first one is weaker compared to Slayer's "Shatter Limbs" since Chop Fasta diminish partys CD (so up to 6 ppl) by 5s and deal no damage while Shatter Limbs increase near (so up to 9 ppl) enemies CD up to 5s AND deal aoe damage.
The problem with GTDC is that it is more useful in ST (as an hard CC) then in aoe. GTDC do less damage than Inevitable Doom, can be interrupted and since it is a channelling ability it prevent you from using other ability, problem that Slayer dont have with ID. i think that the pull and the channelling balance (partially) the ability mechanic but the damage part need to be adjusted. Last problems i see with GTDC is that it doesnt have a minimum radius and it is undefendable.

Solution for 1):
A) Change Keep On Choppin' to do so that it steal AP from your target, in particular it should steal 150 ap if you are furious and 100 if you are berserk.
B) Sobstitute KOC with an ability like: for the next 10s you drain 20 AP (this number can be changed according to some test) from every enemy which use an ability, duration become 20s if used while furious. This ability shouldn't drain too much ap, just enough to keep you filled and annoy a little the enemies.

Solution for 2):
Chop Fasta should gain a damge part, like an aoe dot, a direct damage like Shatter Limbs or a party damage bonus like Shaman's " 'Ere We Go".
GTDC should have a 5ft minimum pulling radius (only the pulling radius should be from 5 to 40 feet, the damage radius should stay as it is now) to prevent his use as an hard CC and should be defendable. To compensate this two little nerf GTDC shoul see his damage increased, like making the ability to tick every 1sec or removing the channelling mechanics and making it like chosen's damage aura.

I'm not sure that all my proposal are actually implementable but I think that implementing even only a couple of them would be a QoL improvement for Choppa's player.


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