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[Campaign] City stars

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[Campaign] City stars

Post#1 » Tue Feb 11, 2020 2:16 am


With the city-sieges implimented the campaign is finally finished! However with room for improvements.
Capitalstars 1-5 on Age of Reckoning involved citydungeons being unavailable, PQs, and guild-hall being locked etc. I think RoR can do better than that for year 2020 and aimed at a private server population.

City Stars system proposal:
When a City, Altdorf or IC, has been sieged depending on number of winning/losing instances the city stars will adjust.
- If Altdorf has been sieged and Destro win 5 instances to Order winning 4 instances, Altdorf will lose one star as a result and decline to 4stars total.
In case of loosing almost all instances the defenders can potentially go from 5star to 1star.

Citystars should be a tool used to keep the campaign moving after a T2 reset, and have a carrot or benefit to continue playing to avoid getting your capital down to 1 star.
Therefor I suggest Each lost star on your capital will mean a 10% decrese in Lord% hp on all 3 of your realm's fortresses. Meaning if Altdorf start at 5 stars, but continuesly keep getting succesfully sieged it will drop down to 1 star and all order fortress lords are now down to 60/100% total healthpool. Harsh, yes I know.

So how does a realm regain stars(?) well for each succesful zonelock in T2+T3 zones your realm gains one Capital star if the ammount is not already 5/5.
Basicly putting importance on the lower tiers. And instead of players on both realms logout either feeling victorious or defeated, they can already start prepairing for the next round. after a realm has been succesfully attacking, and while they might be feeling satisfied now is the chance to strike back and reclaim some lost honor for your king and fortress lords to boost their morale.

Because right now, granted in a fairly new campaign system where we have Cities, there is little to no reason for playing the campaign as a dominating realm in T2 after you succesfully counted your shinies at the vendor, and the enemy capical is on cooldown before it can be ransacked again. Therefor, put out a carrot that is not irrelevant and kinda needed as a whole for the suffering realm, make the blow leave a mark if you lose to the enemy faction, and add incentive to get out there early after the defeat and start building up the counterattack or brace for next incoming wave of attack, depending on how long the momentum sticks.

IF the meta becomes just throwing zones, and letting the other realm work for the zonelocks while players just wait for the next citysige, then I suggest adding the stage 3 defending King's total HPpool to be affected by this star system aswel. Now that should make people care about not throwing zones, and get them out there helping out instead of sitting in SCs waiting and not contributing to the realm effort.
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