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  • Characters Disconnecting

    There is some kind of networking issue going on that is causing disconnects when you try and get in game.

    You WILL be able to log into your character if you keep trying.

    Creating a new character - doesn't fix it.
    Using /stuck while loading - doesn't fix it.
    Clearing your cache folder- doesn't fix it.

    Just keep trying to log onto a character and eventually it will go through.
    Fri Mar 22, 2019 3:11 am View the latest post
  • End of x2 Event
    Thank you to everyone, old players and new players, for playing with us on the Double XP week here on Return of Reckoning.

    All the best things come to an end, but rejoice, new events will be coming soon, and other x2 events will come back in the future!

    Again, a big thank for all "LIFE IN PINK" contestants to have made this wonderful week possible :).

    We have been using this time to work on server stability. As you may have noticed we did a few restarts during the week applying new code optimisations on the server.

    This week we will return to the regular patch schedule.

    We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

    Tue Mar 19, 2019 9:57 am View the latest post
  • Extended X2 Event
    Dear All;

    We have the regret to tell you, that RoR Team decided to extend the X2 event for the Week End.

    Otherwise, we would like to check what happen when 1500+ ppl are connected (and verify server pop msg), so could you tell all your contacts to try to connect please?

    Apologizing again for this sad news.

    The Team.
    Sat Mar 16, 2019 11:10 am View the latest post
  • Patch Notes 09/03/2019

    This event is offered from all constestants of "LIFE IN PINK" EVENT to the community.
    Think to thank them all for this :). It will start with the actual patch and will end with the next update (next week end).


    - Interacting with objects with a "cast" timer while stealthed will no longer work and give you an error message.
    - Disconnecting should now remove a player from all SCs, so it should not carry over to another character on a relog.
    - Queueing for an SC while in a fortress is no longer possible.
    - Fixed various missing checks related to null reference exceptions.


    - Fortress portals will now check if the player is in combat BEFORE any reservation is removed and used.
    - Joining a fortress will remove you from all Scenarios queues.
    - Stage 1 of a fortress will yet again teleport out all players in the fortress.

    - Fixed an issue that caused players that used a reservation to not get added to the fortress and as such did not get any rewards from participating in the fortress.

    - When the population cap has been reached you will now properly be placed into a queue.
    - The queue numbers are now accurate.
    - You will automatically be loaded into the game once you reach your turn. Don't try and spam play.


    - Fortress lords should not longer kill their allies (they were sent to an anger management course).
    - Redid how forts calculate population. This should address some variance issues with pops as well as fix some issues in regards to cages not releasing all players.

    - Fort lords now kill the invaders in range should the defenders win.
    - Send a message on cage lever interact if player is caged that they are not in range of the lever to clear any confusion.
    - Tightened the lords reset and engage distance.
    - Increased XP reward from Forts.
    - Increased RR reward from Forts.
    - Fixed the visual error on the scoreboard on fortress.
    - Fixed an issue where the normal application of limiters on fort would cause a reservation to not be applied.
    - Fixed so that once fort ends if caged you will be teleported out from the fort to your capital 10 seconds after end.
    - Pets will now refuse to attack players in cages.
    - Pouncing on a player in a cage should not be possible anymore.
    - Upped the damage on stage 3 artillery to 300 (up from 200).
    - Artillery in stage 3 will do its damage each 10 seconds for each full average flag attackers had in stage 2.
    - Receiving a reservation will now also be announced in yellow text on the middle of the screen.
    - Disconnecting on purpose while in a cage to get back will no longer give a reservation.
    - Reservations increased in numbers to match the cap of 120 attackers and 96 defenders.

    - Added more LOS checks on pulls.
    Choppa :
    - Bleed Em Out will deal the intended damage and it's bufffline will be correctly applied on the target’s UI. I'll look for feedback and adjust it further if necessary.

    Warrior Priest :
    - Edited Martyr's Blessing tooltip to mention the right RF requirement
    - Smite is now a cone AoE instead of the line AoE and its radius has been adjusted to match the visual effect

    - Essence Lash is now a cone AoE instead of the line AoE and its radius has been adjusted to match the visual effect

    Magus :
    - Instability will now correctly KD the targets

    - Sticky Bomb won't display "Your current level is too low to use this ability" anymore.
    - Bugman´s best CD increased to 15 seconds (from 10, to match its duration).

    Shaman :
    - Fury of Da Green will now show the heal value on the tooltip.

    Zealot :
    - Warp Reality base damage now matches Law of Conductivity's, Warp Reality's and Life Leaka's."


    Bilerot Burrow :
    - Fixed an issue causing player to have permanent AP and outgoing Heal Debuff.


    - Invader sets for healers have been tweaked.
    - Removed Strength/Weaponskill from Dok/WP to make the set clearly healing focused.
    - Removed Intelligence from the RP/Z and AM/Sham sets to focus them solely on healing as RvR sets typically provide.
    - Beastlord set for Dok/WP has been tuned for Grace/Sacrifice, removing Willpower for Strength and adding a 5% Block chance as the 5pc bonus instead of Parry Strikethrough
    - Corrected a typo in invader 6pc Bonus for Tanks sets.
    - Added all the 7pc Bonus to invader set. They are a mini 5th tactic.

    As You may know , the translation is not done yet for abilties (name , tooltip , buffline). Invader bonus will show a wrong name/description/buffline for other language than English . Please refers to /language 1 or to the list below when you look at invader bonus.

    Squig Herder: Speedy Plinkin’ - Increases the chance to critically hit of all Path Of Quick Shootin’ abilities by 10%.

    Shadow Warrior: Charge Forth - Increases the chance to critically hit of all Path Of The Skirmisher abilities by 10%.

    Tanks: Shield Spikes - Each time you block an enemy's attack, low damage is dealt back to them and reduce their outgoing damage by 5%

    Shaman: Much Good Green - All your path of Mork abilities has 10% chance to increase your critical heal rate by 9% and your critical damage by 12% for 5 seconds.

    Archmage: Touch Of Isha - All your path of Isha abilities has 10% chance to increase your critical heal rate by 9% and your critical damage by 12% for 5 seconds.

    WE/WH:Dirty Trick - Any time an enemy defends your attacks, you will strike them for low damage which they can not prevent.

    Choppa/Slayer: Overwhelm - While you are Berserk, all of your attacks will ignore 20% of your enemies armor.

    White Lion: Thrill Of Victory - You gain 100 action points each time you land a killing blow.

    Maraudeur: You Were Weak! - You restore 1000 Health Points each time you land a killing blow.

    Engineer:Suppressing Fire - Each time you critically hit an enemy with your Path Of Rifleman abilities , there is a 20% chance that their Initiative will be reduced for 5 seconds.

    Magus: Implacable Resolve - Each time you critically hit an enemy with your path of havoc abilities , you will gain a 20% chance to reduce the target initiative for 5 seconds.

    Rune Priest : I'll Not Be Quiet - You have a 25% chance to ignore the effects of any attacks that set you back , disorient or interrupt you while casting.

    Zealot: Part Of The Plan - You have a 25% chance to ignore the effects of any attacks that set you back, disorient or interrupt you while casting.

    Sorceress : Calamitous Obsession - All your path of Calamity abilities have 10% chance to increase your critical hit rate by 9% and your critical damage by 12% for 5 seconds.

    Bright Wizard : Flame Of Wrath - All your path of Immolation abilities has 5% chance to increase your critical hit rate by 9% and your critical damage by 12% for 5 seconds.

    - Reclaiming A Birthright: Whole quest line is now available and reworked
    - A Happy Accident: This quest is now available from the Dead Body hidden in the trees behind Conqueror's Watch in Ellyrion
    - A Stain Removed: This quest is now available from the Preserved Skeleton in The Shadowlands, north of PQ 'The Gloomridge Copse'
    - Bone of Contention: You are now able to use the Blackened Stone only inside the Arkaneth camp
    - Pile it Up!: The quest now works as it should
    - Undeserved Blessings: You are now able to use the vials only where it is mentioned in the quests
    - Means of Betrayal: You are now able to use the Restored Rubric only in the center of the chaos camp
    - Poor Gustav!: You will now have to save and retrieve Baby Gustav
    - The Devil Inside: This quest has been reworked


    [13512] set the right zone restriction
    [13495] all Helglaives count
    [13314] quest is corrected
    [13534] another way disabled
    [13376] Mobs are now target-able and attack-able

    French translation provided by Arroswar
    Sat Mar 09, 2019 3:34 pm View the latest post
  • X2 WEEK!
    Are you ready to claim your reward for Life in Pink contest?

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