Return of Reckoning

Appearance Gear Changes

Recently we made it so that you would no longer see enemy players appearance gear and instead see their REAL gear. This was to make it easier to see how powerful enemies were and also improve performance. Allies appearance gear was unchanged.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Did you know that appearance gear no longer shows to members of the enemy realm?

Do you agree that players *should be able* to see the *real* gear of their enemies?

Do you agree that players *should be able* to see the *appearance* gear of their enemies?

Do you agree that enemy players should be *forced* to see your *appearance* gear?

Have you noticed any performance *increases* since the last patch (Friday 15th Jan)?

Have you experienced a player who was trying to disguise their skill using appearance gear to *explicitly trick* players in ORvR?

Any other comments? (may be made anonymously public, do not include personal info)

1 I've seen a few people wearing, for example, the starter appearance gear for their characters as alternative appearance gear. However, if they're in T4, they're not going to be level 15 and below. I really like customisation of appearance gear, and would love to see more options in RoR around this - Warhammer has a unique and gritty feel about it and unfortunately the game is a bit lacking in appearance gear as it is, without this fun option being removed. There is no point at all in having the ability to have an alternative appearance equipped, if you can't use it.
2 For me you should think about performance, nice looking gears need to be the hard one to get.
3 I have not even been playing long enough to notice this aspect. But I think it should be optional to see appearance gear vs real gear. I like seeing how players WANT to look. But for those feeling tricked, its nice to have that option to turn it off.
4 On performance: I cannot comment, my rig is good enough to handle full forts (after the initial stuttering to load the models). Off-topic: I think this survey is great management practice, looking forward to how youll use this tool in other areas of the game! Happy New Year 2021!
5 I would like a player controlled option to see the real or the appearance.
6 Not sure if its possible but best of both worlds would be to be able to decide if u want to see enemy appearance. I have notice its really usefull for deciding who to focus first, but it sucks to know the enemy cant see how badass i look.
7 just crazy about that game have lots of character in both it!
8 I think everyone should see your appearance gear and that there should be no option to turn it off. If people are actually using it to make themselves seem weaker to gain an advantage on others, then that's just sad. But if people are actually crying about players doing that, then that's even sadder.
9 I will no longer play if nobody can see an appearance chosen by me - Warhammer always was about the design and visuals, even a board game. Imagine if my opponent can see only grey plastic without conversions and paints applied on it. In addition, in this game everyone chose colors for a particular item form. With different item same colors would look as a mess.
10 Way to take the poll BEFORE making nonsense changes.
11 I'd rather see an aesthetically pleasing appearance on an enemy character than a hodge-podge of random sets that maxamize stats. I'd also like to see the uniform that some guilds require their members to wear.
12 awww maaaaaaaattte dont take my secret ninja tricks away. of course my 40/70 character is still in decimator gear what do you even mean!.... dumbest reason to remove transmog ever
13 The true endgame is fashion hammer. I don't want to get killed by a wb of same looking kotbs/wp/slayers i want each plaers unique take on what they think looks "cool".
14 There's appearance gear? Who knew. Thx for putting this game back together! Okay, so I thought about it and I think that if there is appearance gear, players should be able to use it to disguise their true gear. All's fair in war. I live in rural USA, crappy slow internet, it always lags for me, but this game lags less than the others I play. Otherwise, there's not enough t2 and t3, it's 90% t4 over and over.
15 The gear change seems to me a pointless one. One can get a reckoning of what their opponent's gear quality is by fighting them. This does not require what is frankly the absurdity of knowing the appearance of every single item set - not just Sovereign, *every* set - for every class. Or trying to make out the details of everything on, say, a Goblin, in the middle of a fight. Numbers are much easier to interpret for this purpose. Might as well let players have fun with their armor sets and how they present themselves to one another and let the numbers do the talking.
16 Red white and blue should be seen by all
17 dont let the haters get to you, keep on rocking team!
18 i havent played as much as i want to due to work... and i want the game to run fast no do what needs to be done. don't worry about the crying. Good luck love the game !
19 Not a huge concern to this player, as I thought appearance was already tied to your own realm. I can see the point from multiple angles. However, I am for performance first (I am a North American player) but Warhammer wanted players to be able to customize, and everyone will eventually be in the same gear. In the end, knowing what gear your opponent wore won't offer much help.
20 Please optimize the game better so that everyone can run the game smoothly at 60 fps with all effects on with a decent enough pc for 24v24 and maybe aim for 30 fps during larger battles rvr and forts.
21 1. About the performance: I have ticked 'worse' because really I had a terrible lag in the zones, keeps and forts during the weekend (I have a really powerfull computer) that I haven't got before. But to be honest I don't know whether the reason is the appearance change. Maybe it was just a coincidence. Does the server have to send much more information when the 'apperance gear' is enabled for the enemy players? Of course I don't know how it is implemented, but to me it seems the server needs to just send other ID of the gear (it doesn't send textures or models right?) so the traffic to the client should be the same. And for the client it shouldn't do any difference because the client should have all the data locally already. But again I am speculating... 2. (I don't know if this part is formatted properly because I couldn't type it in because the box was too small - I have just pasted it there...) If the players have a concern seeing enemy players gear being to low level maybe you c
22 To last question: U wot?!!! You pick targets by names, guilds etc...
23 I haven't been playing that long, and don't have an opinion.
24 I'm not sure what you think this will accomplish? The devs never listen to any criticism, constructive or otherwise. The moment anyone disagrees with something the devs have implemented, they promptly receieve a ban.
25 I think that you should have a buff or something near the characts icon to represent which ward they're wearing so that you can continue to keep the fashionhammer aspect of the game while still giving people a little information as to whom they're fighting like you did with the state of the realm.
26 I would like to see the DAoC system implemented to turn enemy player names into (RACE) (RENOWN TITLE). This would give opponents an idea as to the power level they are engaging with, without removing the tactical option of altering gear appearances in our favor.
27 Fashionhmmer is one of the greatest aspects of the game!
28 Put a toggle control on the feature of seeing gear. Sure people disguise. It's part of the game. And if you get fooled, shame on you.
29 plz fixPQ
30 saw a naked slayer but he might have been wearing gear, not sure
31 The last question, on specifically decieving is off. I usually wear appeance gear because I like the looks. While I aggree that knowing the general power of your foe is important, that is done by paying attention to things like names, guilds (especially in small groups). I love my appearance gear, but honestly if it cleanins up my ping (I'm a NA player), I'll take game-play over apperance any day. I've lost most my battles due to lag or at least when the enemy 'appears' nearer to me than they actually are.
32 Buff invader/royal shard drop rate so we can avoid the snoozefest that is cities... having geared up 1 char, the thought of grinding cities again puts me off playing.
33 I play Order realm and it is hard to play now, because order classes now nerfed and destro buffed. It happens in either roam and warband formats, i meat premades in cities. The morest extrimely difference betwen sw+wl vs sh+mara. Archmages also feel troubles with they heal spec, for example, AMs usually are not be taken in warbands, because they heals bad and survive bad too. Solo roam have troubles on one part bcause in EU prime time Order side are outnubmered, but it is nit ballance problem. The ballance problem is OPed destro tanks and SHs, def WEs and def marauders, order side havent possibility to make same builds. In this game 3 amplues: Tank, DD, Healer. Tanks and healers can have the same direct damage as DDs and extrimely harder to die, it makes low-people format unballanced. Off-spec roles should not be same effective as main role
34 If you see a player with T1 gear you know its not normal appearance in T4. :)
35 I like the understatement appearance.
36 First off, thank you all for keeping this game alive, its really appreciated. personally i have a pretty powerful computer and i dont notice any performance changes. the only thing that has come out of this is the fort/city crashing happening less, however i noticed after a few patches ago (SH rework), the crashing had already slowed down for the majority of instances. to be completely honest, im still experiencing quite a bit lag after the most recent patch, and i have taken steps to reduce settings and clean cache on a regular basis. As a player, i dont really judge on the gears appearance, and i, in no terms, make assumptions about the skill level of players based off of the gears appearance. the recent changes have not changed my perception of the gameplay of my realm/enemy realm. again thank you very much for all you do and be sure to stay safe and healthy!
37 I always judge an enimies lvl by the lvl number by their portrait and color of the number. White is similair to mine, blue is lower, red and orange higher. That is the only indication you really need. Anyone who complains that you need to see the actual gear to assess lvl is being rediculous, and noobish IMO. I have been on server 5 + years
38 Stars like to wear fashionable clothes and low-key clothes. This modification is like putting special labels on people, which is uncomfortable. Answer question 6: If you try to bully characters with low-level equipment, please be careful.
39 this survey is crigne
40 The changeto seeing enemy appearance gear in the most part to me isnt a big problme. I think i have noticed a beter performance after this update.
41 Why would you destroy one of the best parts of endgame? haha.
42 I didn't knew it worked like it, i was thinking it was working like before, so it's a good thing so they won't disguise !
43 in my opinion potion mechanic should be changed
44 With the current bolster system under 40 toons with best gear for current level can have stats similiar to rr50-60 toons and using alternate appearance is not a hindering factor when considering chances of winning - those are the class and skill of a player, not how they look like. Player skill IS NOT reflected by how player's "real" gear looks like.
45 Thank you for all your work! You are amazing! To the topic: I love the appearance part of WAR, and I put great effort into looking as cool as possible (to my own taste). I, for one, have never payed too much attention to people who have "average" looking gear, and have made no connection between that and their "power". So I don't think "ah, that guy looks like a sure kill", as I see personal skill to be a great measure of that. However, the one reason I can understand when it comes to hiding enemy appearance is performance, and if there is really some gain there, I'm ok with the change. Again, thank you for everything!
46 With the current bolster system under 40 toons with best gear for current level can have stats similiar to rr50-60 toons and using alternate appearance is not a hindering factor when considering chances of winning - those are the class and skill of a player, not how they look like. Player skill IS NOT reflected by how player's "real" gear looks like.
47 you know the name not the gear...
48 - appearance as atrick can be accepted as part of the game, i never used or been victim of it (as far I remember), anyway can be easily avoided with a different colour of the icon of the player when targetted. - appearance is important in a deogame : D, i like low level armor design and not the gothik stuff and like me many other players, i understand that some can use it as a trick, but most are doin it only for graphic appeal (the endgame backs are horrible to me, but most people love em)
49 Destro-chars way to strong and to many..... nerf SquigHerder!!!
50 Performance and predictability in PvP > Appearance of enemies. Really, who gives a shit whether enemy aesthetic is pleasing or not.
51 I can imagine new or potential players hearing about appearances being hidden to the enemy team and just saying "Are you serious?" because it would feel like a joke.
52 sssss
53 I don't care what gear people see as long as it is not affecting the performance negatively. If there is no performance gain in this I think development team should focus on improving performance. If performance improvement is not achieveable there are some other game breaking issues that can be fixed. Such as WHs and WEs can hit a cannon in a keep to reset the timer when the first gate down. There are people using this issue to prevent gate reset.
54 You are doing a great job and i am glad to ply this game for free. BUT there are many patches i dont understand. city que was great before patching, you still get premades btw now... some changes nerfs etc are absolut ok and i know its hard to get fotm player away. please start a timer when you leave rvr flag to switch the realm....maybe rvr will be more balanced when player can choose one realm a day. i stop queing citys right now...1. chance to get a city is 1 of 10. i tried solo, 6, or 12, 2. you still get rubish matchmaking much worse than 1 patch.. 3. you dont need to join a city for 5 or 6 Royals if you can get this much easier in open pvp. but but b
55 honestly i am not sure if this survey is a joke or not
56 I would like to thank the team for all their efforts - and wish them a safe and happy 2021 ... <3
57 I think 2 seconds on Elixir of shadows is pathetic given the role WE has to play
58 Haven't been on since the patch, so don't know if there's any great performance increase. Personally i'd prefer if your chosen appearance was seen by all other players, but it would be fine if it was necessary to make the game run smoother. That said, I play on a crappy old piece of junk and the game runs fine even in larger scale fights, other than maybe forts, so any performance buff would seemingly be pretty negligible anyway (though again, haven't been on since the change so that's specualtion on my end so far). The ideal would be to make it optional. If people want or need to have appearance gear turned off for the sake of running the game properly, then they can, whereas for those of us who don't *need* that, we can see everyone's character the way that the player wants us to see them. Thanks for all the hard work bringing back and keeping this game alive :)
59 Gud Job on the game guys !
60 Seeing others appearance gear is nice but maybe you can bring back the alt-appearance gear? like the dok chest piece that looks lilke a sorc and others.
61 Ty, for the best pvp game ever!
62 There is nothing wrong with appearance being the only thing shown, you should already suspect it if nothing else but thats what adds a layer of strategy (the same with the ram that the *both realms see the ram* detracts from strategy (and to a extend your own realm strategy when shown)) Looking good in gear is the definitive thing i look in other players (only reason i inspect them AND to see their trophys) (please restore the dwarf chalice you broke no reason for it) In my opinion this is a horrible change [i was playing a city and when you have 4 black guards and black can you tell who is who if they look all the faceless same (at a glance without looking at a score mid fight] [please revert this change the main reason i play this game is for Fashionhammer its half a game if enemies can see my true gear]
63 I do not believe that the players of the game should be denied their cosmetics based on the premise that there are players out there putting low level gear appearences on themselves to "trick other players" Honestly not a problem in this game. Hope to see our cosmetics appear to the enemy faaction again.
64 I don't know if people are swicthing gear to trick people. I don't really care. I just don't underestimate people in the first place.
65 If that realy help with performance, great. Masking skills by apperance of gear is some sor of ridiculus idea. Please look in to AOE dmg potions as that create huge lag spikes.
66 WAR is the one of the very first mmo's that include character customization to a greater extent. Aka barber, dyes, appearance. World of Warcraft still doesn't have a dye system. They did it back in 2008! Appearance is one of the reasons i love this game so much. Because your character represents your taste. I was also heartbroken when you deleted all the cross class appearances from live: SW look WE / WL shoulders SW /Chosen look Mara / BW robes zealot and magus/etc You said they were mistakenly put, but i it allowed to look twisted for RP reasons. (traitor corrupt etc)
67 some shamans disguise themselves as tier 2 geared shamans but crit you for 1.2k each hit their beam does and when you search them they have sovereign gear.
68 yes, please bring back ab ex for AM
70 I think the best choice would be to have it be an option, if possible.
71 wearing your cosmetic appearance on the battlefield is an earned right, not a tool for trickery.
72 I 100% support this change. It has greatly improved performance
73 I don't care about this...balance, forts, and medals are more important.
74 You are doing a great Job. Keep up the good work.
75 Hiding your real gear is a valid tactic. Recently, there have been too many changes restricting tactics that players use. I would prefer for more tactics to be available, so that the game can grow and become more flexible. I have a BA in military history and an MA in military studies, and one of the truths is war is that as one side develops new weapons or tactics, the other side begins to develop counters. Let the players learn to counter tactics, don't do it for them, it limits the game and makes it boring. A couple ideas: allow the emotes to sit and lie down to stay active until the player moves; allow warband leaders to add each other to their maps, so that they can coordinate WBs movements and attacks. I have many other ideas that would add to the available tactics for creative players that I can add in the forums.
76 Seems ridiculous of a thing to be concerned about, if you are bamboozled by gear then pay attention to what they are actually doing to you. Bigger issues are still happening and this is what you are concerned with? #Priorities
77 Think this new system works just fine tbh. Better performance and less Epeen swinging while being able to tell how strong the enemy is - seems reasonable to me.
78 the appearance system is one of the many things i love about this game. I am also one of those players that looks is more than half what i like in mmorpg's. I like to look good lol. Thank you again for everything you guys do!
79 instead to make those useless things work on AoE spec for wh/we that u devs killed with big nerf.there is no place for those two classes in wb play and none wont invite u in any city wb.
80 get lag/freeze in some place like behind the door of altdorf , some keep after the last patch
81 I like the idea of trying to disguise one's appearance somewhat, and love when I come across a group of uniquely appearance/dyed players that I recognize. That being said I think the overall gameplay could benefit from the ability to determine an enemies renown/gear level and I wouldn't care if an enemy players appearnce was not shown.
82 Please see the first 5 tiems I fileld this out for my true answers
83 Stop "fixing" stuff that already works
84 I am one of those players that enjoys the choice of appearance, as it feels more like that I am a 'character' rather than a class. This is important to me as a player, but I do like that the enemy faction can see my appearance too on RoR. I can respect that not everyone wants it that way, so I'd like to make a suggestion if I may? If it is possible, in settings, make the appearance an option to toggle on or off, similar as to switching from High Quality down to Fastest Framerate. This will give players the option as to whether they want to see it or not and could also result in making the majority of players happy for that option. Thank you for reading my suggestion. Nene. :)
85 check sorc tactic vision of domination please, cast tooltip doesnt change correctly when using tactic. also check chosen 15% crit tactik when wearing 2h weapon please.
86 Imagine getting tricked OMEGALUL
87 To be honest, didn't really pay attention to it, but it seems that it is now slightly better than before
88 I only recently came back to the game (3 days ago) after a long hiiatus. So unfortunately I can't really attest to the performance changes, or people attempting to trick people with appearance gear. However, I do feel its a good change. Afterall, cosmetics are meant for yourself, and not to alter the game play.
89 Appearance is apperance. Let people transmog/change their appearance as they wish. As long as they are not changing weapons to look like a different class. Either way people should still be able to distinguish a class by the icon shown on target selector.
90 Havent played in large scale battles, so I wish there was "not enough time to gauge a difference in performance" option
91 i am here just from 2 day so cant see the diference with update or not ^^
92 I just started today, so I haven't seen some of this stuff
93 I'm seeing lots of animation pop-in, people moving sideways, etc.
94 Weird last question. If ppl make conclusion according to appearance of the enemy, they have brain problems.
95 TOOOOOOO hard to collect invader sets and oppressor weapons. You gotta make them easier seriously.
96 The last two questions of the survey I feel I am unable to comment on, as I strictly only played scenarios during this weekend. From my own perspective, I kind of anticipate (given my RR on a specific character) that I will be expecting highly geared players or not. While appearane matters for the roleplay and immersion side of things in this game, it may benefit new players to visually see "Real Gear". However, this could also act as a negative factor in discouraging players to fight one another when they see multiple highly geared players (based on "Real Gear"). While gear makes the character strong, ultimately teamwork and skill prevail and can override a characters gear so to speak. An option could maybe be provided where players can turn this feature on/off as they desire.
97 Are SC's bugged? Seems that T4 event SC doesn't pop more often esp for solo players.
98 Please let us earn renown points after rr80. After gearing up, there is nothing to develop/improve in terms of stats. It is frankly becoming boring.
99 thanks for your efforts - much appreciated!!
100 who cares about any of this? do what it takes to make performance better.
101 stop renown pts for any ganking in PVE area. rvr has to be disabled if you go in PVE immediately stop renown pts if the fight is not fair, especially if one play is ganked by a grp2-6 !!! prevent squigs can reach inside keeps, lions are disabled long ago, still fair play?
102 who cares
103 This is simply not a concern in Return of Reckoning from what I have seen.-
104 performance is the priority imo
105 I never knew people had concerns regarding appearance. To me its not a big deal. I would play the game if geometrical figures represented players.
106 With the current bolster system under 40 toons with best gear for current level can have stats similiar to rr50-60 toons and using alternate appearance is not a hindering factor when considering chances of winning - those are the class and skill of a player, not how they look like. Player skill IS NOT reflected by player's "real" gear looks like.
107 I am guilty of deliberately using lower armour on my main to hoodwink the enemy into thinking im lower. Its a bit sneaky but viable. Lots of people play one side so they have no idea what the other side looks like this would prevent people attacking enemies way beyond thier capabilities
108 I'm new to the server, don't have many opinions one way or another yet.
109 for me personaly it doesnt matter if i see it or not, dont realy care about that, i have the feeling the performance is maybe a lil bit better than before on battleground with many ppl but not that much as wished. maybe u should implement a option to show or not, but if u do so i think the most ppl will turn it on so....... i prefer clearly performance over cosmetics, but still would wish me much more cosmetics (ex gw2 xd) but the real great thing, is this window !!! i think thats a great idea to ask the com. would be nice to see it more whaa
110 Regarding the last question: Bizarre to imply malicious intent when reading minds is the only way of truly knowing the reason as to why people would use cosmetic gear. There is nothing inherently wrong with using cosmetic gear options. I dare question the validity if this survey, it appears to be rather oddly arranged.
111 Squig herder needs a nerf
112 Take all my answers with a grain of salt - I'm extremely new and haven't had time to do very much.
113 I think the whole thing about tricking ppl into thinking ur lowbie geared is a bit silly. People just use the appearance gear they like, which might be lower lvl appearances, and I dont think much anyone is explicietly trying to trick people they're just using what they like. I would personally prefer if appearance gear always showed for the opposing realm.
114 Make endless T3 please
115 personally i belive that appearance has nothing to do with skill. never under estamate your opponent.
116 Since RVR is all zerg anyway, it's not like you can tell anything useful from seeing someone's actual gear. I'd rather see the way they want to look.
117 To be honest i dont pay attention to enemy gear in PvP. In the heat of battle is no time to say "nice hat" or "fabulous shoes". What i remember are players who try to fool with bugged gear.
118 Give me an N/A option please
119 Wasn't particularly disturbed by the change to start with, as for me personally "fashionhammer" isn't that much of a big deal. That being said, I understand that many people have negative feelings about the feature being as it is right now. As far as the performance goes, might have noticed a slight improvement, but I haven't been paying that close attention to it, so I might be wrong. If the majority of the player base want the feature back as it was, I have no objections to it. Thanks for providing this survey and thanks to all you guys for all the work you've done and continue doing.
120 ive never experienced this . when i orvr i go in with a group or know im going to get farmed till i get to the group. other than that ive not played since a while ago and dont really know what all this is about however i do feel me as a player should be able to make myself how i wanna look to the enemy . i think if u retard your gears appearance then youre just kinda .... gay.... idk how else to put that. however to squash all this nonsense simply allow us to see a persons RR lvl as well as their CR.. easy day
121 Scenarios on new 40's is so oppressive to play. Being queued into premades that have full sov against a pug of conq/vanq or WORSE makes it hard to log into the game sometimes. It may be fun for the players stomping, but for the new 40's it's almost impossible to gear through SC's. I queued at least 20 times in a day and 90% of the games were all versus premade full sov groups, which means I spend more than 10minutes getting farmed for a SINGLE EMBLEM.... I understand rewards, but at some point trying to get 800 Conq on only losses getting 1 emblem per 10 minutes or more. Take premades out of the pug queue please or find another way.
122 Thank you!
123 The suit DOES NOT make the man.
124 Why is this survey solicited on ALL my toons? Wouldn't the sampling be more accurate if it was one survey per account?
125 Way to ruin one of the only things to do late game.
126 Was reading a little of that topic on the forums. I think if it helps performance go for it. But it is nice hiding your gear in case you screw up a fight royaly. Still having a smooth running game trumps hiding your shame.
127 I like the idea that enemy faction is allowed to see guild back , but aside that ofc i prefer to see the real items ot understand with 1st look what is going on.Simple have no problem to see a fashion like guild back that shows the mmo part of the game and seperates guild/premade WB from others.
128 while appearance gear can be "explicitylu trick* i don't believe this is happening. and, if it is happening, not many players know what invader/sov gear on the enemy faction look like (id guess) so it makes no big difference to me. The players who are skilled enough to know what enemy faction gear looks like, should be skilled enough to play their role correctly, regardless of how the enemy is outfited. This update IMO only effects a very small portion of the playerbase. I have not noticed increased FPS and have no problem with how it was before.
129 Its hilarious that power creep is named as a reason for not showing appearence stuff. Everytime gear prices were brought up some staff member came in to tell us that the differences betweeen sets arent that large. So what is it now? Does gear matter or does it not?
130 Some players really like the lower gear appearance rather the higher rank appearances, due to not being to dye the whole item. I think if a player chooses to alter their gears appearance, it is not to fool anyone but to enjoy another aspect of the game that allows for alterations to gear appearance. I feel kinda sad that the other side will not see the appearance I have chosen for my characters because I think it looks cool and I have put thought into it.
131 I believe that, while knowing the appearance of the gear that your enemy is wearing is obviously an advantage.. It isn't needed at all. Most modern MMOs use the appearance system, and while some of those games have gear that isn't that varied.. Other MMOs do. Take for example, a game like Elder Scrolls Online. In ESO, your gearset is nearly your whole class. Wearing a certain 2 set bonus can DRAMATICALLY affect how that class/role is played. Despite that, there is an appearance system, and in a pvp setting, players get along with that just fine. In games such as World of Warcraft (retail) and SWTOR, the gear nowadays is less varied sure, but some gear can still dramatically impact the character. Both of those games get along fine with an appearance system where you cannot see your enemies true armor. I think allowing all players to see your appearance keeps it consistant
132 The real problem is the Mounts like the white deer
133 I haven't been around in the bigger sieges lately, so I haven't been able to notice any difference just yet. I wouldn't say people try to hide their skills behind appearances, since you can still get yourself geared by simply playing the game without any improvement on the player's end. 'Tricking' someone into ORvR seems silly in a game revolving around PvP in general.
134 love you <3
135 skill not the same as gear!!
136 Fashionhammer is the real Endgame for a lot of players. Geargrind is one thing, but looking cool and be seen by the enemy is part of getting known on the server. It would be sad to have it gone.
137 An option to turn it ON or OFF is the best option. But untill the option is implementted I would keep the current state - dont see *appearance* gear - if it truly helps performance. Ty for good work Devs.
138 mybe use your time to fix real problems
139 Appearance customisation seems a little pointless if the enemy cant see it. However, if this increases performance its no real loss as imo the gameplay is the most important aspect.
140 I will say blasting pots seems to play a bigger issue with lag
141 Vi libo polnost`u otkluchite cosmetic, kak opciu, libo prosto ego ne trogaite. Ya mogu prinat` luboy iz etih variantov
142 I don't think this is a mahor issue when balance still needs to be addressed.
143 This has seldom been a problem for me. To be honest, in most fights you don't have time to identify what kind of gear the opposing player has. I can't really see the differnace between a conqueror and a Sovereign chainmail bikini when I'm getting jumped by a pack of witchelves.
144 Didnt think that this was an issue either way to be honest, but if it improves performance then thats great.
145 With the current bolster system under 40 toons with best gear for current level can have stats similiar to rr50-60 toons and using alternate appearance is not a hindering factor when considering chances of winning - those are the class and skill of a player, not how they look like. Player skill IS NOT reflected by how player's "real" gear looks like.
146 you guys making any more hilarious overbalanced changes to the sh class anytime soon? pls tell me so i can remove this game from my ssd. thanks
147 I haven't been playing long enough to recognize the different sets of gears for each career, so this change really won't have an impact on my approach to the game at this point. I answered the questions as best I could, but I wouldn't put too much stock in my opinion on this.
148 maybe allow masks to be forced shown to players of either realm but only allow members of the same faction to see alternate appearances on gear
149 Choose to see appearance gear > have to see appearance gear > have to see real gear.
150 I want to see real gear of oposite side.
151 Make the appearance gear show for both sides, including trophies!
152 ranked relm vs relm pls <3 more pop an fun know echother
153 I think perhaps an option that you can turn on and off for the sake of performance or preference on seeing the "Real" or "Appearance" Gear of an enemy should be added. I've heard Pantheon (A MMO in development currently) is considering going that route. I'm not sure if it's possible for this game though, as I'm not a dev. If I had to side one way or another, I would side with performance for all, however meager it might be. However, if possible, I would say an option to turn On/Off, would likely make the most folks happy. As would more surveys in the future. =) Thanks all!
154 Fashion Hammer is a huge part of this game. Taking away the ability to see the opposing sides appearance is robbing the players an aspect of this game. If any player has used the excuse that they couldn't kill a player because they thought they were a lower lvl, then they are just weak. Do not rob the players of being able to change their appearance and not be able to show off their cool looks.
155 i thought the change was the opposite - you couldnt see other realms appearance gear and yall just changed it so you can. thats a bummer that thats not the case, i want these order MFs to see my dope ass gearski
156 would be great if there was more RVR for just 16-39. 1-16 RVR is great, but tier 2, if you are not 40, you just get destroyed. Thanks!
157 no
158 I don't know what gear looks like enough to take it into account when squaring up against enemies, so my survey probably shouldn't be counted lol
159 seriously wtf even is this, less than not even a problem
160 if our eyes are not real how can the visions of enemy gear be real
161 As much as I enjoy appearance gear being seen by the other side, noticeable performance improvements are worth the loss of it.
162 I find the concept of gear = skill to be a bit misconstrued - great players come at all gear levels, and to know your foes' gear removes an element fear and danger of the unknown - part of the excitement of fighting. Part of ROR is going into fights you that you don't know if you can, or will, win. Knowing people's gear only aids veterans, and leave newbs in a worse spot of not knowing what tier sets look like. A lot of people enjoy working on their appearance, and player appearance does build notoriety and recognisability - in a good way - amongst the community
163 make seeing appearance gear or real gear a toggle option somehow also keep up the good work
164 Just make it a toggle-able option and be done with it. Its a Win for both sides.
165 Just wanted to thank you for your hard work :) Have a nice day
166 Not played for awhil so answers are not that useful I'm afraid.
167 Potentially an Option to turn off and on apperence gear! or a "Roleplay" mode for folks who want that on. Magus range seems a little busted, but that is really the only complaint.
168 i'm a noob .... so my opinion is not important ..... sorry.
169 since you have this here i may be able to say that i feel the Population imbalance may be due to one side being buffed so much while nerfing the other side i believe it all started with the knight changes!!
170 keep up the good work guys. i like to see some changes for the DOK since they have 3specs and lots of mastery points are wasted imo for example as heal dok you take 20 mastery points in dark rites, but then 9 are not so useful and take only pillage essence for the extra soul essence which is rarely used... a fourth spec or a change in the three specs so that for heals, dps and shield dok might improve in mastery points.
171 Fashionhammer is a big part of the game. Cosmetic items are sought after and should be seen by all, not just your own faction. That being said, the arguement that people hide their real gear is irrelevant. In fact, it works the other-r way around. Lower geared players become prime targets. Afterall, who would you shoot first.. the guy in conquerer or the one in full sovereign? Furthermore, as roleplayers we are happy with the new changes, but with that privelege becomes overshadowed as we no longer present ourselves in the way we see fit, inclusing the enemy. As a member of Bitterstone Thunderers, the uniform is part of our idnetity, and, being cocky and all, I feel we are one of the guilds that bring some extra flavour to the server. It would bve very dissappointing for us, and our enemies, that we no longer appear in our uniforms.
172 I'm pretty sure the appearance of a lot of players doesn't even matter, for one if you're a newbie or only play one faction side, you don't know what the high level gear usually will even look like for the enemy faction. Also in the thick of battle unless you are straight tunnel visioning on someones gear, you won't even notice the small details to determine what gear they're in most of the times. But since we're on the topic of appearance gear, one thing that should be implimented in regards to it. MAKE ALL GEAR ABLE TO BE DYED!! Even if it doesn't show up on that said piece of gear due to no paterns and color schemes, at least make it be able to apply a dye, so it can show on an appearance piece. Thanks - The entire RoR community.
173 Since December the overall performance increased heavily. Crashes reduced alot. Although sometimes I have FPS drops which are not realated to my PC's or internet performance. Love the game and content. Super hard to get people to group up for PQ's which makes farming ingredients veeery hard.
174 the disconnect issues are getting worse, and as far as i can tell GMs are even less involved in being GMs than in 2018. Especially Storm, he's worse than Nath now. But he has be a toxic shit before so..
175 The survey should be one per ACCOUNT, not per CHARACTER
176 Have only played 1-21 and 1-22 so I didn't look for anything as far as performance.
177 Why should it matter? Throughout war history IRL opposing sides have tried to deceive their enemies. D-Day for example, one of a plethora of examples. We know what who wears what without seeing it due to their performance
178 #changeitback If you get tricked by someone using t1 tmog you have a massive l2p issue
179 Add button "show appearance". All troubles of this game is - we didnt see real HP of enemy. If player be able to see it, the didnt have any troubles with visual "appearance" My bad eanglis is bad, sorry bout that.
180 again- if you are a player who truly thinks that Anjanolian is really a 40/92 WE in lvl 1 gear.. you need to go back to 3rd grade. at least.. it's fun to look nice. it's fun to look ridiculous. it's just for fun. i can't imagine anyone who might be tryiing to fool anyone for the most part. As i mentioned already, I can look up anyone's gear on the Armory while they are playhing and see what they are really wearing. if it's a set, i should be able to tell by the set bonus proc, if ur paying attn and know ur gear/classes. etc.. Taking away appearance is for babies who cry that BW can make a macro for their 3 dots.. lol.. they nead to learn .. read, pay attn.. enjoy the game..stop blaming the gorgeous dark elf who is stunning in their lvl 1 robe for their death by fooling them. that is just silly. and ty for all your hard work on this game. <3 Charrlz
181 I am of two minds, i do like the idea that players can express their characters, as I feel that cosmetic appearance is a huge driver for many MMOs. That being said I care more about my own appearance than others. Back on Live my BO ran with a 2 Choppa appearance, even though I was SnB it made me feel like a total badass, as my opponents couldnt see the appearance they were never confused. IF this new change allows for wider appearances (Celestial/Death wizard for BW, Greatsword appearance for Knight, Khorne/Nurgle Armor for chosen etc.) then i have no problem with the change as it opens up appearances. I think personally that more options is better, and giving players wider appearance options makes the characters their own, gives RP potential, and adds to the game. Many players would grind months for mounts
182 Fix some bugs and classes first instead of this
183 i don't care . all fresh lvl 40 players explode against souveraign gear players in zerging RVR or unbalanced SC (it makes more than 10 years like that and i dont speak about lvl 18 against lvl 38 --> lool or guys using scroll in SC not getting lvl 40 for farming renown) Not enough time for looking at their gears.
184 Appearance is a fun part of this game, please give it back to us!!! No one was conplaining about this until this patch too the appearances away!!!!! we want to look unique
185 Most of the people that hit 40 are something between 40/40-55
186 i like idea of using appearance and i dont think that someone (including destros) need to see what i gear in realty. anyway they can to see everything in armory ror-site . so. if we want to looks in another eyes in some way - let ur plz possibility) thank u)
187 Balance the game mechanics for both factions. Squig Herders are broken and buffed for no reason. Restore balance and stop nerfing order. Mirror the factions in a reasonable level
188 nerf SH NOW :)
189 im neither for this or against it, i would like there to be more "fashion hammer" and other things in place to make it so ppl can do what they want, but, in all things, im just happy to play this game, i hope all yall are in good ways, be well and stay safe. it seems i have to pick something for this to work, if you read this please do use what i pick in any form, once again im not for this or against this.
190 Guess it would be nice if you could toggle off the enemy appearence gear, if it's possible. Otherwise I'd rather favour seeing their actual gear.
191 I dislike this new change because it takes away one the biggest parts of this game. It also neauters role play to a certain extent such as the bitterstone regiments and other roleplay guilds losing their unique outfits. Allowing the enemy to see your appearnce armor brings more life to the game, and allows people to really jump into their character. The amount of people that have used it to "smurf" is very small from what i've seen. I also have not noticed a change in fps, and it very unfortunate to lose such a great feature for nothing.
192 never had problems. Playing on a low quality. Therefore at performance "No Difference". I personally dont care. But i do understand when people love to make there appearance unique for the other realm as well. I habe no problem at all i others using appearance to disgusie their skill. But a great move from you all to make this!
193 Appearance is a fun thing but if it impacts performance of the game I dont think its necessary.
194 I really feel the staff team and many others alike should not favor any faction, and let both grow strongly to better the community and the game it self, if this does not happen and players of one faction side is favored, You are bound to lose players. I hope the game gets better for i love warhammer and i love the game and the hard work put forward, Please understand without balance, the scale can fall off the table.
195 i feel that the "appearance tab" is a great tool, its a form of showing what you're personal style is in a game to show of your fashion to the whole world, i do however agree that people could use it as a tool for easy fights and performance issues i have not experienced this myself nor does it bother me in the slightest, gear is only a part of the game. i feel like overall you should be able to see and admire the whole player not just skill but armor too. FIGHT in style!!!!
196 I personally view appearance would serve best as a cosmetic option. If you could allow some players to choose to see enemy appearance gear, so the enemy does not look all alike, you could serve both casual and hardcore player bases. I have experienced a great performance boost since the patch, so as appealing as looking at unique enemy models is, I would likely opt for the performance enhanced non-appearance. Giving people options when possible makes everyone happy, but I do not know the limitations of implementing an option like this would have in this system. Cheers.
197 While I say that I've experienced players attempting to disguise their RR/gear by wearing a lower-level appearance, I don't actually think this is a reason to consider removing cross-realm alternate appearances. The reason for this opinion is simply that renown titles are always visible by default, and, in my opinion, it is far easier to remember each race's RR70/RR80+ titles than it is to remember what each class's Sovereign gear looks like. It's actually somewhat floored me how few people have brought this point up whenever these "disguised" players are mentioned as a point in favor of removing cross-realm alternate appearances.
198 Removing the aspect of the game where you can make your gear look signfiicantly below your actual level of gear is a powerful tool in PvP and should not be removed.
199 Just keep it like it was on LIVE. Its important imo to be able to see what ACTUAL gear the opponent is using since it can give you a hint of what to expect and how to counterplay it etc.
200 Fancy clothes important
201 great job guys
202 There are bigger issues regarding balance than gear appearances.
203 this matters very little to me. the game runs well for me regardless and the visuals of enemies is something i really dont care a lot about..based mainly on the fact that enemies i face tend to be in a large blob and cant see them anyway
204 Squig needs a nerf, it has basically every CC/mobility etc with good single target and burst damage. There should be city mmr to match groups
205 Fshionhammer is impotant, but good rvr-player identify the classes by looking at their behaviour ;) cheers
207 I repeatedly get brief lags which i did not have before the patch. When will the Hunter's Vale be implemented? Also, I would very much love to see the Land of the Dead implemented.
208 Even though I am unaffected by these changes I believe that it there is a noticeble improvement on performance we should keep the changes, but if there isn't then players you be able to change their appearance to either look 'cool' or 'trick' other players. It gives it a sandboxy feeling and it helps role playing guilds (Thas why I marked to a moderate extent). Improvement could be made to the armory to find players that have changed their names to help other players that feel 'tricked' and they can be better prepared next encounter. I marked a slight improvement on performance I have noticed it on city, roaming on lakes and SC, but I have not participated on a zerg v zerg or fort defense. I need more time to give a more accurate feedback.
209 Perhaps make rr80+ more distinguishable
210 I like the survery, although I might like to have the option to delay submitting feedback so I could test a bit more. ty
211 I don't think that seeing the real gear is that important, as I always assume my opponents being in sov gear. In the heat of the moment, the real gear is not a factor, but IMHO, our distinctive look makes it easier to identify who is who.
212 if it is really a sicussion make it an option
213 Don't try to take away diversity in any environment. Warhammer in general has three things going for it; The warhammer fantasy universe, the pvp of the game is enjoyable and class identity is strong, and your gear and appearance improves as you level up and get stronger. Don't take away peoples ability to customize their character, thats pretty stupid. Also when you state something increases preformance dont word it as, "we were reorganising data nd packets to how they should be sent (to match live) this was a side effect which reflects how it was on Mythic). This is very bad wording for, "the game will run faster/better." Dont create a gap with your community, bridge it.
214 Balance in ORVR and the rewards for defending Stop the ZErG
215 communities full of aoe zerglings and kdr protecting sad acts seeing someones appearance or not does not change much
216 a toggle on/off function would be good in my humble opinion
217 I understand why this was an issue on both sides. People were appearing as T1 to their enemies, however they are used for fashion. I think the best way to moderate this would be to allow the apperance of gear as long as they are within similar level. I have personally experienced moderate increase in performance, however, I do not explicitly know whether it was due to appearance or just large fights.
219 Ill like it the way it is .. bc as WH/WE its better to see what gear the enemy have instead of rembering names always .. what does it really matter to see enemy appearance anyway? I never told a teammate "look at that cool look of the choppa/slayer.." .. I personal think its just an advantage for higer rr ppl (like myself lol)
220 Be nice if we could toggle appearances on and off
221 Bring back appearances!!!
222 I understand why you would us to see the real gear of our enemies. But i do not agree for 2 reasons. 1) My appearance gear is how i would want my character to look. I would like my enemies to see the same. 2) You cannot trick anyone in a pvp game. If you fight against someone, you give it your all, regardless of their gear and yours. I propose instead of real gear, make an option to see your opponents renown rank.
223 Why are we worried about people "tricking" other people with their gear? The only place that THAT is effective in is in 1v1 instances or small scale (less than 6v6). You do not balance this game around 1v1 content, AFAIK you never have - I personally doubt that anyone on the developer team would bat an eye towards how people feel when it comes to 1v1 balance. As an aside: after we had the update to make royal crests drop from players in RvR - I absolutely started to make my gear look like that of a fresh 40 just to avoid hunted by 12/24 man. I can't hardly make videos anymore because certain changes(past 5 months) have snowballed into a "zerg meta". - Why should anyone run alone with their gear standing out? You should start polling changes like this - get your data with a survey. Not all of it may be helpful but you can learn a lot by listening.
224 Subtefuse is just one of the many aspects of War. Learning who, or what, your enemy is should be by interaction and confrontation. Disquise, misinformation and deception are tools that you and your enemy should be able to employ.
225 Please force enemies to see my appearance! Its a pitty they cant see how pretty i am
226 3rd question feels a bit redundant unless the option to make it a player toggle to see enemy appearance gear is put forth. Whether or not it's worth the effort on your guys' end to do that is up to you, but I feel there are more important issues on the server that could have attention focused on. I also don't believe that high geared players explicity tricking people with gear appearance is a widespread issue, or one at all, but the results of this vote could prove me wrong.
227 <3
228 Nerv SH :-) Force new order players to play mDPS or Tank (or at least a healer but not an AM)
229 i think its a good idea
230 Absolutely no justification for this change; disguise their skill? Ridiculous.
231 I haven't played too much this past week so my answer about performance since the last patch should be taken lightly at this time. I don't pay much attention to the enemies' gear. So, I would put too much weight on my answers to those relevant questions. I suppose my opinion is that players should be seen as they wish to appear and opponents should just take caution and not judge a book by it's cover. I hope this helps and thank you to all that help keep this game alive. Your efforts are much appreciated. -Ramessu/Kheperunebra of Order
232 I know for myself I put a lot of effort into Fashionhammer and making my character look cool. I know others are the same (Bitterstone Thunderer's guild uniforms anyone?!). Being able to "Opt In" would be the ideal way to solve the gear look discussion in my opinion.
233 I love appearance gear. Thanks
234 I have a suggestion that is not related to gear. Recently I had submitted feedback and was met with a return mail that told me to bring up my suggestion in the forums, and I disagree that it will be heard. To my point- I feel that players should no longer be allowed to queue Scenerio as groups for premade matches. I have played MMOs for many years and realize it is normal this way but in light of my recent experiences here in RoR, facing premade groups is ruining my enjoyment for the game. It just isn't right that one enemy group can absolutely dominate all matches for an entire day and simply soak up medals because the other side is solo queue. Please change this so that players cannot exploit the mechanics of this game.
235 I didnt want to answer the last question because I dont know if that has happened to me so just selected none at all. But I do know of friendlies that have done that.
236 Being able to hide your actual gear from people is a big part of being able to trick the enemy into things. Subterfuge and guile are big parts of warfare. Do not take away this advantage that both sides can clearly benefit from.
237 Increasing server stability is very good!!! There are more important things as appearance questions. The FORT-content is too boring!!!
238 "Forced" sounds like the wrong choice of word, and leading the question. as is REAL gear being capitalized in the title... Honestly i think the player that this will affect doesn't exist in WAR... would much rather see more changes made to balance over dealing with if appearance gear is an issue. If there is no performance increase, then switch it back on and move on.
239 keep appearance for scenarios and/or make it an option in graphic settings
240 I'm short, round and like beer. Keep up the good work.
241 This survey about gear... The thing is ppl are using "apperance" gear because its just look better than the "real" gear the are wearing. The apperance is not the RoR biggest problem; Not sure why this is even include in any survey. About the performance; I cant tell since im not playing enough(in RvR aka big battle) lately to notice any difference. My biggest problem is when im logging in and the game crash by itslef on loading. YES im doing the /stuck /stuck but even then sometimes i just dont have time to do it and the game is just frozen on loading.
242 thanks for keeping an awsome game alive
243 This is solving a problem that no-one has. Please reverse it.
244 With the current bolster system under 40 toons with best gear for current level can have stats similiar to rr50-60 toons and using alternate appearance is not a hindering factor when considering chances of winning - those are the class and skill of a player, not how they look like. Player skill IS NOT reflected by how player's "real" gear looks like.
245 I've upgraded my PC since I've last played (Ryzen 9 3950X with 32gb ram) so my performance pre-build and post-build are biased. However, I've experienced next to none of the hitching I've previously dealt with in the past, though I'm uncertain if it's based on having such a big upgrade or any backend work y'all might've done. Players should have an option to hide any appearances of their opponents if they wish. That's a lot of work, sure, but at the same time it'd solve whether or not it's forced on everyone. Fashion does matter and keeps a lot of the drive behind a unique appearance for players who like looking quirky.
246 I use low level gear on my Choppa to look more orky. I guess this could be called disguise but it is not to hide my gear just look more orky. Waaagh and shit yo. Keep up the good work.
247 Wearing level 1 appearance gear is commonplace. Theres even a vendor for the armor. Having an option would be nice, such as a .command .
248 Gear is unfortunately such a massive factor that you should be able to tell what you're up against.
249 As avery active player, I don't see this as a relevant issue in the present state of the game. Appearance gear is fun and has zero impact on my ability to tell if I'm fighting a quality opponent. I'm suprised to hear any complaints existed regarding this.
250 With the current bolster system under 40 toons with best gear for current level can have stats similiar to rr50-60 toons and using alternate appearance is not a hindering factor when considering chances of winning - those are the class and skill of a player, not how they look like. Player skill IS NOT reflected by how player's "real" gear looks like.
251 I feel like this only really matters to new/low geared characters, later on everyone has sov etc and it's more about class balance than what gear they are using....what "outfit" they are using hardly matters.
252 I think it would be really cool if all players in the game could see your appearance gear
253 Enemy has to see the "real gear" but dying it should be seen by enemy
254 When will the game be playable for order Again? When will Slayers get an AoE Single target Pull? When will WL get no pet fetch? When Will RP get AoE CC like Winds of insanity? When will WP get Heal Debuff like DoK have? When will Resists mitigate 70% of damage like armor does? When will Order get more Magic Users and less Physical damage classes like Destro has? When will WP get Cleanse everything Morale like DoK has? Why
255 It feel rather good to know what im fighting. If this improves performance as well I dont see how this could be a bad change. If it was up to a player to decide if he wants to see appearance or real gear of the enemy it would, imo , take away any arguments the opposition might have.
256 Fort performance was worse. I don't look at other player's gear tbh, I heal my own team, so I have no clue if someone was trying to hide their gear.
257 To determine enemy's power by gear appearance - requires from player to be very pro, because you should know how each enemy gear looks like. But experienced players already know enemy's power by renown rank shown as title. Further more, all high rr players know their most dangerous enemies just by nicknames. And this cannot be confused by changing gear appearance. Actual appearance must be visible everywhere as it really is, making each player unique. It also concerns
258 ? ?? ??????? ?????????? (((
259 I have not noticed anyone hiding their gear level in the opposing realm but its not something I would be looking for.
260 Make Solo Q good again. Thanks
261 The forcing of seeing players real gear is not fun for some players spend time to create their own look and to force the opponets realm to see their true gear will take all their hard work away, the only issues i have noticed since the patch was the cities were getting major lag spikes, Altdorf more so and Inevitble city to a degree so i feel it wiser to not force people to see players true gear if they rather admire their look for having a uniqe look then make a option for those to only see their apperence if they have gear in the windows to show the opponent realm
262 make it optional, click to see appearance, unclick to see real gear
263 please held more event for gathering new weapon
264 I want to point out that I haven't played much since the latest patch so I can't really answer the question about performance change. Also, on the subject of players trying to disguise their gear level I hadn't actually considered it, so it's not something I've been looking out for. Overall I think that the best way to handle it is to give an option to disable seeing appearance gear on enemies. That way people can decide for themselves which is more important, being able to judge the power-level of their enemy, or if they rather see the variety of different armors appearances people are using.
265 I will say that this is your serwer if this is nesesary change to improwe the serwer then don"t change ofc we all love Fashionhammer is a really good part of the game to be seen how badass i m when i kill order :) but still we all know we need to improwe first then we can work with tis apperance change THX for the work you put to the game i play here 6 years and even see that you really improwe the game even WOW can handle 60 players in one place here we can see like 700 or even more this is your hard work and none can take this from you
266 Thanks for running this server. Its a pleasure after years to see the Warhammer universe still in beauty and shape and together with an active community. Thanks a lot
267 Dont judge a book by its cover, you will learn the sneaky high RR players in your time zone eventually how about surveys addressing the real issues like lack of instances for cities and making solo q miss out on everything
268 Nobody every looked at the gear on the screen. People checked armory or knew some people by their names. The pressence of certain players on the battle field could have been readed by their appearance. In general I think it's not a good change for the game since it makes it look more boring. However if it's improves the performace I totaly agree with it. Personally I couldn't notice any performance increase since the patch.
269 if you keep it while players are forced to bypass tier 2 and 3 by being boosted and put with higher players between 16 and 39 ,could you look into making a double length Sc where you have to capture the enemys keep and battlefield objects a little like tier2 so that players still get to learn how keeps work and how to defend ect.
270 new 40 experience needs a tune up, SC's should be encouraged and not just for premade groups, Thank you!
271 Kick toncio, teco, tico, lyfas. tudo xiter
272 wargrimnir has disguised himself as a human in reality he is a troll
273 Even though people may use the appearnce gear to hide their higher rr equipment, it's nice to not feel threatened for wearing good gear.
274 This one knight had helm with feathers but it was actually a t1 lair helmet appearance and they were in full sov, not sure what happened afterwards
275 I'm fairly new and inexperienced but I haven't noticed much difference here in T1.
276 *Tricking* enemy players by using appearance gear is a great feature. It creates memorable moments, people get a reputation which enriches the community. You need the bad to value the good or else it's all whitewashed. By the way, who hasn't seen a fantasy themed movie/show, where a strong hero disguises himself with a hooded cape or a robe, hiding his marvelous armor or weapon underneath it. Under- or overrating someone based on their appearance is part of the experience.
277 Who falls for a trick like that? a GM? hahaha
278 Love what y'all do! Came back (played live game), and this is extremly fun
279 Once you have a general clue about the game appearance doesn't matter and you can more or less decipher at what rough gear level your enemy is.
280 This game is base on "community"...Dont distort war community, please...Enemy not stupid to decide according to appearance...
281 I play in "fastest framerate" preseting just to get the best performance out of the game sacrificing lots of things that are way more important than appearances, like snare or damage pools. I think that apperance is the least of my concerns when framerate is on the line, because i wont be cursing that i cant see my enemys appearance if my game lags like hell and cant even click nor cast. So yes, im 100% in favor of this change, and it has greatly increased the performance at least for me.
282 I only answered "none at all" to the players disguising to trick players simply because it is impossible for me to gauge a player's intentions behind their appearance. I would prefer to answer the question with "unsure."
283 good idea, carry on!
284 Most of the time you know the RR and maybe even the gear of the other players, but may be used to trick newer players.
285 hurr durr me hide level with gear even though level shows by head. hurr durr me smort to confoose peepal oh wait, yeah i'm not a 2 IQ player and can tell if someone is in my bracket.
286 I love u guys 4 giving us warhammer back, thanks to the whole team!
287 In the past, there was appearance gear available that made classes appear to be others (forex. marauder chestplate covered whole body resembling a chosen. That was removed for that purpose to help identify classes. If the change is kept to see enemy realm's real gear then in that case that old appearance gear that was removed should be reverted because within the realm classes are easily identified and it wouldnt matter if you had a marauder wearing a chestplate resembling a chosen because to the enemy realm it would show the real piece of armor in that slot, and would only be a fashion appearance to your realm.
288 Fashion Hammer is an integral part of the game. The explicitely tricking is something that should not happen often. Also if you're in T2+ you should always expect people to run around in Sov.. And if people really need to know, the can always use the armory...
289 The gear appearance is a major strenth for the game. Nobody wants cookie cutter looks. Many people have distinctive looks and they are known from far away by enemies and friends alike. The game was better with the different looks available and seen from all players.
290 i dont trust dwarves, all look like hobos anyway
291 Please reconsider change to Run away tactic for shamans and also consider reducing AP cost of Gork'll Fix it
292 With the current bolster system under 40 toons with best gear for current level can have stats similiar to rr50-60 toons and using alternate appearance is not a hindering factor when considering chances of winning - those are the class and skill of a player, not how they look like. Player skill IS NOT reflected by how player's "real" gear looks like.
293 i wanna show my appearance to everyone
294 when i was a young boy my father took me to the city, to get slaughtered by a enemy premade warband
295 If players from a friendly faction can disable inspecting their equipment, why can't players from an enemy faction also do this with appearance?
296 Even if there is a gear disguise this is a part of the game. and i dont agree with "items make the skill". its red its dead either lvl 1 with no gear or max with max gear. there is no need for discrimination of those
297 Thank you for bringing this game back and putting forth all the hard work to make it happen. You guys rock for real.
298 With the current bolster system under 40 toons with best gear for current level can have stats similiar to rr50-60 toons and using alternate appearance is not a hindering factor when considering chances of winning - those are the class and skill of a player, not how they look like. Player skill IS NOT reflected by how player's "real" gear looks like.
299 please add rr to the selection in addition to the medallions in the pockets. gold bag* 20k RR purple bag 15k RR blue bag 10k RR there are players. they don't need the lockets. only rr instead of the medallions i would always choose rr I hope someone will read it. and don't throw it in the trash. the suggestion is good, think about it. thanks
300 Iif u donl like this game.. make more NERF ORDERS make it more unbalanced .. and erase ur server at all..Here is most off new players playing this game.. reason that urs prity BAD ubdates....Im not playing ur game any more!!U killed warhammer love in my memory!!Thanks for the effort ..And I hope u wwill fined what is FAiR...Each every loging this game .. Im more suprise ..All class order I ahve and I see what ur doing on this side!!I know ur efforts for only destro enjoy.. When u lose game number u will see in ur dream that enjoy!!
301 just joined
302 I constantly see WHs and WEs gank palyers in the keep and Lord and attendents are a literal joke. I despise AFK players but if being able to run away from Lord with impunity also seems to violate the intent of the keep Lord. I would expect a single player be 2-4 shot by keep Lord unless specifically buit for damage mitigation.
303 It should be a setting on the client. I always checked gear and rr through web armory.
304 Considering the last question, I'd say it hides the time spent rather than skill of the player.
305 I want to say that i feel like it's important to remember that at the end of the day the game is an MMORPG, emphasis on the RPG part. To me personally taking away the enemy's appearances and making them look like faceless NPCs takes away from the player identity and harms immersion.
306 I'm pretty new (played AoR back in the day, but I just found out about RoR recently, so I can't really comment effectively on some of these questions.
307 Whenever I am in rvr, I make no assumptions on an opponent based off of their appearance. I believe it is fair to assume that all of your opponents might be in gear that is advantageous to their victory, whether by BiS or by an off meta setup. If defeating an individual player becomes so difficult that I must research their setup, I may benefit from searching them on Armory; however, the more important detail is to pay closer attention to buff/debuff. I find the fantasy aspect of appearance gear to be the driving argument for reverting or modifying the recent changes, but I do think it is important to mention that gear appearance does not have sigificant impact on combat.
309 Game is great, but a bolster for the underpopulated realm (aka order)
310 I can not speak English
311 who cares? if it improves performance, do it, if not, dont bother.
312 i think a better solution would have been to add something to denote renown rank or maybe just remove appearence on weapon from enemies. this change kind of messes up RP and character immersion for players imo. also anyone who picks targets based on appearence probably has more learning to do about the game and overall strategy. anyone who relies on tricking players with appearance has the same issues. its a gimmick. not a big deal. love the game and work you guys do. i just think more options is better instead of forcing people to not see appearnce bc they fell for a stupid trick and died in rvr. Thank you.
313 i want to show my 6pack as a chosen if i want
314 That my enemies on the battlefield are able to see me and my brothers in arms as part of a unified regiment in the style of classical Warhammer tabletop is a big part of my enjoyment of the game. The way I play the game the new system forces me to choose between being able to compete in RvR (wearing what ever gear is best in terms of the stats) or expressing my identity as an ordinary rank and file soldier for my enemies to see (which generally means wearing lower level armor since higher level armor is in most cases far too fancy/flashy).
315 If i want to know what gear someone is wearing, I look them up on the armory on the ror website even though its still dogshit after all these years.
316 Balance should be may concern, need a TEAM of balance mods..everything else, including this, is tertiary.
317 d
318 as said on survey from another character, fashionhammer is great but disguising high-end gear with invisible or totally basic gear should be treated as an exploit
319 Make it an option for the viewer to see or not. There, problem solved.
320 Yeah, I got like 7 of the same title from the christmas drop event. Bullshit.
321 Honestly since the patch on friday the Pq's have been borked. I'd just be happy to see the PQ's working properly again.
322 I believe we should be allowed to express our looks the way we chooose. The looks of my chracters are very important and i go to great lengths to get the gear to make those looks happen. I also want to say I love this game and I thank you making it playable again and I agree what ever is best for the game as a hole is what should be done. Thank you.
323 I dont fully understand what you are trying to achieve player gear, player skill regardless everything boils down to the same end goal in ORVR (IF ITS RED ITS DEAD). To many so called ellite players, clan leaders have the ears of the Devs, the game is great we just need to promote it more a gain new players. Use the player base you already have to promote the game by introducing a reward system to those that recruit. End of Rant keep up the Good work you are appeciated.
325 Personaly i would not want the fanshion some players have put thought into making or the apperence of theor gear, for instens a Chosen i made into a Khorne warrior since my dislike of the theme of Tzeentch stuff so i made my own look to stand out along with my weapon and i feel like others who want to look ether like a lower level for themes and have there hard work for ther styles be turned off for the enemey to see their real gear would not be a wise choice, even on order the Bitterstone Thuderers have a theme look and id hate to see that look go away to show them the real gear they ate wearing for the level indicator of they are bolstered is a easy tell enough so forcing the gear to be visible for the opposite realm would be a shame for those wanting to do some fashon creations.
326 Didnt really notice people abusing the appearance in pvp, if it does help with permance maybe in rvr and keep the appearance in scens,ranks and City, but i have noticed the game frezze now never had before this patch
327 I'm an old veteran of the game, played since 2009, I was a huge fan of using cross class/realm gear, even when it was possible here for a short amount of time, I never recognized a player by what he wears but by their class and nickname, therefore, in my opinion, there shouldn't be limits of appearance, even some cases of cross class/realm gear as on live. I have no negative and no positive opinion about this appearance lock, for me. I'm okay with both scenarios.
329 When i create a character in an roleplay game and can change the appearance, it should be displayed. when the appearance changes and the colors not, the charakter looks like shit, i dont want to see ugly opponents all the time. in my opinion show appearances always, if possible create a settings option for those players who feel cheated.
330 "Explicitly tick"???? Really? Did someone complain they were "tricked" in a rvr game? All's fair in love and war
331 if you can make it a toggleable option cool, doesn't really matter either way for me
332 How would I know I am being tricked? Poor questions
333 hopefully we get more appaerances to all classes especialy to black guard,sword master and white lions,they have nice armors,and chosen for make my chosen of khorne please
334 If someone only engage players they believe to be of lesser strength than themselves, they deserve being ganked by someone fooling them by being "disguised"
335 Next time you should add a N/A, because a couple question didn't apply to me.
336 havent seen anyone trying to gear-trick in ORvR, but im new and only have done T1 for the most part so not sure if my answer in the last question is relevant
337 Haven't played enough on the new patch to really give the right answer on some of these questions.
338 hi ive just retrun to the game nice update doe should be like an option for that so you can chose if u wanna see or not.
339 I would request that it be reinstated once servers speed/performance increases.
340 If ppl are stupid enough to think a t1 appearence on a lvl 40char aint purely visual there behond help. Dont cater to stupidity. Let ous have our FASHIONHAMMER.
341 See Illpollinateu
342 That is a great idea, so that their is less trickery. But i found that in the bolsetered PvP matches, lower players with lower gear get targeted alot. I know myself at level 24, that when i get into a level 30+ PvP match I get targeted Alot because of my low gear. In certain cases I think it was useful too show only the appearence, for the lower levels at least.
343 I think they should see the appearence that I want my char to look like
344 There's some exitment in not knowing. I don't really care either way.. Guess we just need to gear up :)
345 Its a Good change if its increase the performance FPS. If not so this change need to be reverted. I feel the game is Smoother but its just a feeling.
346 when you target an enemy it shows the symbol of the class. so to me is irrelevant.
347 Destro-chars too strong and to many.....nerf SquikHerder!!!!!
348 Many players spend a great deal of time, effort, and in-game currency to make their characters unique via appearance gear. To limit that to only half of the in-game populace is a disservice to those that enjoy customizing their character.
349 would there by an option that my enemy could see what he wants to see?
350 the jump on the out of shadows attack on casters is ruining the character
351 remove wargrimnir
352 I have never noticed anybody using the alternate appearance to "appear" as weaker than in reality. People just want to look good and to show that off to both friend and foe (frankly I consider some sets really ugly, especially in case of Bright Wizard). Besides given the smaller community around this game that sort of a "trick" wouldnt work for long since people would remember the name.
353 Whats the point of seeing real gear? We all know who is who and seeing what gear someone fucking you up in whatever gear appearance.... you know what gear set they were in. You really think 100s and 100s of people analayze everyones gear? the people move...just think... its simple, just let people look the way they look to their side, changes nothing on the field of WAR
354 gear doesnt matter its skill of the player that matters
355 We appreciate all of the work you guys put in. Thank you for RoR. :)
356 Prefer the choice of seeing appearence gear. Otherwise forced to see appearance gear
357 Less Runepriests wearing pajamas as appearance gear is good for everyone.
358 You know the skilled people by the name not the gear...
359 I think it would be grat to have opportunity to chose in game setting if I want to see apperance gear or real one. Guys! Why don't you make only one survey per account? I think it would be more reliable. P.S. keep doing graet job! Greeting!
360 I really like the idea of appearance is only lookable between teamates/same faction and not to enemies.
361 pleas just keep it as it is this is great both for my low end PC and my game performance a
362 Cant care less, want better performance
364 Only if it is verified that it increases framerate or reduces lag should this be implemented
365 I've been playing this game since 2010 and I still don't know what gears look like on other characters. The real gears will not help fair play in any way.
366 I'd prefer the option to choose whether to see a player's real gear over it being forced onto me, but I appreciate the change all the same.
367 i saw a beastmaster once in rvr, i think it was a odd thing because i cannot find it in char creation as a class so might have been a hacker. it was bit like white lion but looked like a dark elf crossdresser, it felt surreal
368 Nicht Zufiel rum basten am spiel sich mehr auf wichtige sachen konzetrieren !!! gilden und ally kalender der geht oder SC Atraktiefer machen !!!! und mein pers�nlich wunsch das alternative aussehn erweitern skins zbm Alle chaos g�tter .mehr auf die spiel bassi konzentrieren das es gut leuft . ich liebe war und bin seid dem live von anfang bis ende dabei mit 2 jahren pause. Ich w�rder mir per�nlich das ldt , und ganz erlich das muss f�r die sc und pve Waffen und sets raus das ich erst das haben muss was ich nicht brauch um an das zukommen was ich brauch das gild auch f�r rvr . was ich super finde das es ror �berhaupt giebt respekt !!! und vielen dank . Ps Ja der text ist lang und nervig :) danke trozdem kleine anmerkung nicht alle Spieler K�nnen english ;)
369 I pay no attention to how my enemy looks....
370 im fairly new
371 First of all a big thank you guys, you doing all this great stuff, without earning money, so you guys are the best gaming company without beeing a company and therefore I greatly appreciate your work to a extend which transends my words <3 The fashionhammer is real and is a great and fun experience. In my personal opinion I realy do not care, even IF somebody uses this to trick people, you will notice the dmg, tankyness or healing anyway, if they could even pull this off in a city, and if you fall for this nonexistant trick anyway you just got outsmarted. I love what you do here and i play on a almost daily basis here since years. Thank you guys for providing this amazing game and this amazing community <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 thanks
372 Haven't played much so I couldnt notice a difference in performance. I believe that performance should be top priority, loosing a bit of appearance individualism for performance is a good trade off. You can still see your character and your appearance progress.
373 LOL, where has this come from? how do you even get tricked? Why does it matter? If people are that bothered why not have player names colour coded according to their overall item level? Honeslty, all showing player gear does is tell trash pugs who to focus to farm shards, why give them that? Play the game and earn it.
374 Make it optional for people (if possible) to increase their performance if needed
375 Gear does not make the player and on truly good player it doesn't matter. Those in poor possition get killed regardless of their gear and what it looks like. If a Sov geared player looking like a newb is the furthest from the pack, the pack is gunna mow them down regardless of what they look like. Appearances attach players to their characters which in turn attaches players to the game. The choice is yours on which you want more player attachement or listening to people who think gear it the major difference in players.
376 Please fix PQs. Low lvl PQs, enemies aren't spawning so PQs are unable to be completed.
377 I do not understand the wind that is made around this thing. Why undermine the effort that other players make and give everyone a uniform outfit if it is not primarily about the utilization of the servers? The question if players deliberately change the look of their characters to make them appear more worthless to the enemy is laughable when you see how sometimes whole groups chase after players who still have a slow mount.
378 your doing a great job.....this sort of eye candy doesnt really matter to whatever you believe improves performance/game play. keep up the good work
379 Keep up the great job lads, love the game and the effort ya'll put in to this game! From a huge fan from the USA <3
380 I think that a setting that could determine if you wanted to see appearance or not would be awesome. Think of the memes man
381 please, propose the answer "I don't know", because i'm noob and my opinion = 0 ......
382 Couldnt really test the performance due to not playing for the weekend. So ignore the answer to question about performance.
383 I'm not really aware of what sov gear looks like on anyone else than SM and AM, I strongly prefer the emersion of fashion-hammer over both performance and avoiding better geared players in 1v1/roam, that being said, I tend to not notice gear much in big fights/city. I agree with q. 2/3 assuming they would be optional options. Thanks for the survey!
384 i am playing aganisht this class called squid herder or something and it keeps killing me easly. please give it a look . thank you
385 With 1k playerbase and armory it doesnt take much effort to know almost all enemies you can meet by name and their gear along with it. Its an absurd reasoning after the fact to try claim its for the players to better recognize their enemy gear. Also theres 0 performance improvement from this since its just unintendend result of rewriting code to match live server.
386 Appearance items are in the game for a reason. By default, everyone should see each player's defined appearance. If someone really, really has an issue with this, provide an option to disable seeing appearance items, but I won't be using such an option.
387 So, I don't play as often as I'd like, which I want to point out to go over this-... I think aesthetic is pretty important, myself -- However, with WAR being a PVP (or RVR) centric experience, I can see the dilemma. I haven't personally encountered anyone who actively used the appearance options to hide their actual gear or skill level, but perhaps I don't pay attention enough. With that in mind, I don't think aesthetic is particularly important when it comes to cross-Realm interactions. Paints are still a thing, so, ha. I don't think it will detract from the experience if appearances are only seen by the player's own Realm members.
388 There was some triks with the gear appearance? Ive heard this in a first time.
389 my enemyes are allways more powerfull than me ,so ,appearance does not matter for me . Also my appearance is ment for my foes in first place then for my allies. Thank you for the concern !
390 Guys, pls, fix my salvaging ))
391 zzzzzzzzzzzfqsrt fgqset
392 dont matter..can never see enemy gear anyway as its mostly a blob. makes no difference to me what you implement, do whats best for server in your opinion
393 Im new so take this with a pinch of salt :)
394 Do you actually think people would disguise their gear to trick players? This isn't 2008 where people still keyboard turn and click abilities. The reason why people wear stupid shit is to stand out. All the high end cool looking appearances are used by all players so in order to stand out some people make their haracter look like a dipshit, which is fine imo. If you honestly thought that they were trying to trick people into thinking they were a low level so they could lure them into an unsavory fight I am dissappoint.
395 I noticed less bolster lag, but the game still "runs" with tremendous lag in areas with loads of people. I think the best way, would be to make it toggle.
396 why cant you just make witchhunters into a useful class instead of wasting time on this absurd fashionnerf
397 Performance seems quite a lot better. I just now managed to link it to this change thx to the survey. This alone is more than enough for me to advocate keeping it this way.
398 This one choppa looked like a black ork, but he might have been not considering he had choppa class icon, so I am not sure why they would be using big ork sword weapon if they were a choppa because it makes no sense unless you are a black ork.
399 Thank you verry much for your greate work! So many player love this game! To time is the game good balance, i hope for not OP gear coming lotd. Good Day = )
400 Its a small community; for the most part players know who each other are on both sides and know who is good & geared, and who is not. Any player that has been here long enough to be known just uses apearance to express themselves, not to play "dirty ticks". There might be a few new sov players that want to hide their sov, but more often it is prob low geared players in Conq etc trying to get into a 70+ city. The best way to estimate a players gear is to know their renown rank. I would much rather have Renown Rank be a basic part of the Character Select UI then force everyone to see their "real gear". Some of this gear is Ugly AF, specially with certain Dies. Most just want to be proud of our avatars and the way we look.
401 there was a DOK who looked like a healer but he did not heal me, might have been wearing dps gear
402 Make endless T3 please
403 If possible, make an option that disables/enables appearances of enemy players
404 can you give rsh back shoot thru ya? it was my only group friendly tool.. otherwise im always solo..... sad squig
405 performance should be the focus for quality oRvR
406 An option to toggle this in the graphical settings would be nice :)
407 Since we are talking about apperances please check out the gear of Slayers they need for sure a nice apperance pretty much a lot of sets are the same thing (+ we miss some pants instead of underwears. in warhammer lore there was also some slayers that they wearing pants so would be amazing if you add some of them here). P.S.:Nice work to all of you guys i know that there are currently some bugs in the dungeons but still i am spending my free hours of the day playing this game and i am totally glad that you made it happen. I can say that in many ways it is even better than Live! Peace
408 bored of witch elves eg Erazed unplugging pc when they are aboyt to be killed so Order dont get any credit for the kill
409 Keep up the great work, appreciate all you do.
410 pls nerf order, nerf rampage and give a god mode to destro so they can go 99999-0 on city
411 I enjoy seeing the custom appearance of other players, enemies included. I think the vast majority of players dont look at what gear a player is wearing prior to engagement and it is unfortunate that i will not be able to see an enemies custom appearance.
412 I guess that this is related maybe to small-scale encounters (or 1v1 where you have to pick your fights). In this scenario, the appearence may be misleading for some players, maybe the less experienced ones, when they don't know the big fishes in the lakes and approach some high rr player. On the other hand, hig level gear could be not be suited for some people appetites, being sometimes too much, and having better lore-fiendly gear in lower tiers. Regarding the fact that players should be able to see the real equipment of your enemy: well, there's the armoury on the site, maybe it could be integrated in game. Otherwise it could be made possible to inspect everyone (maybe hide talismans), although I don't know if it's faseable.
413 I actually thought we could only see the real stuff already. I thought appereance was only for the allies. So great thing that was actually implemented.
414 I'm very casual player who returns to reckoning every few months to admire your dedication, so this survey is very difficult to answer. I dislike giving middle of the road answers so I'll say this; If there's a measurable server per4mance gain from 'forcing' the display of real gear to other realm then so be it, do whatever it takes for the good of the realm and the future of RoR. If people are hiding their gear behind cosmetics to 'fool' people, what effect is this having on server performance/community morale? If any? OMG does anyone actually care? Perhaps I'm too old but the survey seems to ask me, 1. is there less 'lag' due to changes? 2. have you had any drama caused by cosmetics? Isn't everyone still bolstered? What difference does a cosmetic make? Was someone tricked into Duelling and lost because CHEATING! 8...( "get me more tears"
415 I have never been concerned about these issues. I am not that sophisticated with my playing. I do believe if I am dying I should be able to know why. Thanks for all your work.
416 Got lag at city siege (2/2 citys)
417 I honestly just don't care about this change.
418 Seeing a full pink dyed guy in starter gear only tells me they're dangerous and probably have sov, now I can't tell the difference
419 Disguise their skill with appearance gear.........trololoooo. If someone is only engaging enemies' that look like they are in starting gear because it seems like an easy-win then they deserve to get farmed. Chances are people are using low-level appearance gear for how it looks not for some super mega hyper master plan to ""TRICK"" the enemy.
420 Hard earned appearance gear should be shown at all times if the player wants to show it off. No exceptions.
421 I'm new, but it sounds like a good change.
422 Pleaz can u merge T1-T2 PLEASSSSSSSSS
423 i dont look at gear i look at RR titles :D i think its a fair enough way to evaluate an enemies approximate gear level by seeing their renown rank. i know some people turn title off but i kind of enjoy seeing some of the enemies cool costume designs while they jump on my corpse!
424 Please we need appearance gear back
425 Revert the changes please, let the players show the appearance they want to allies and enemies. Thanks.
426 i can see what anyone is wearing by using the Armory at the time they are playing. If they wanted to trick someone they could swap out gear at log out to leave it a different way. Hiding what you are wearing from the enemy isn't that much of a big deal if they are paying attn to the affects of your tactics, gear sets procs, the extent of dmg. etc. If they are not educating themselves or paying attention then simply GIVING them the clue of what your armor is is sort of pathetic. We should all be making at least some small effort to learn about the different classes, armor sets, skills, theory, etc.. it's part of playing a game. Making it easy is for babies. And, for most players, the fun is in the leaarning and succeeding from that knowledge. Thanks for all your efforts to provide this beautiful, fun game <3 I appreciated you all very much.
427 Underestimating an opponent because you *think* they may be wearing bad gear is a personal problem players should work on. Approach every enemy with the same care regardless of if they look like a Soverign geared player or a fresh 16 in the T2-T4 zones.
428 With the current bolster system under 40 toons with best gear for current level can have stats similiar to rr50-60 toons and using alternate appearance is not a hindering factor when considering chances of winning - those are the class and skill of a player, not how they look like. Player skill IS NOT reflected by how player's "real" gear looks like.
429 it doest matter what an enemy player is wearing, if its there actual gear or just an appearance item, you shouldnt let sombodys gear determine wheater or not you think you can fight them, allways take eneys as a challenge , that is just my opinion i do not really look at the enemys gear and think i can or cant take them on.
430 in my opinion its more thrill not to see enemy real gear/probably strength.
431 if you think it's unfair to disguise your gear from the enemy then by extension why shouldn't we see their RR too? Should you be allowed to just select lowbies to attack, how is that fair?
432 Gear is not the issue at all, and no matter what aonyone says, you don't need to see what gear people are wearing to make a decision about a battle.
433 wtb wyvern mount plz. balance forts plz, destro always get wrecked
434 i wanna look cool to both sides
435 appearance look should be the look all can see otherwise all is gona look the same and boring and it is a personal thing what look chose to wear and make the game alot more personal and fun warhammer fashion is very importent make both freindly and enemy know players bring personal into character and make it all more fun for ech player and also make ppl wana farm for a special look and gear just for own personal satisfaction and thats is fun and importent
436 Most of the people you run into in RvR that are 40/+50 so you most of the time can assume they are vanq+ or close to that.
437 Make an option so that everyone can select what they want to see. Either the appearence gear or the Real gear. Something like "Show Appearence gear of Enemies (Yes) (No)". This option will be able to change with a reload. Everyone would be happy in this way. P.S. Give 2h Chosens Oppression back maybe with reduced effect when Great weapon is Equipped or sth.
438 can you not make medallion rankable ie once you get a set of say conquerors armour then only get medallons above and so on once you go above a certain level the medals are only use is healing pots or if your a crafterthank you for listing daviesprocket
439 #givebackfashionhammer
440 Customization should be more extended in this game, we all look the same and its boring asf.
441 About appearance gear is a good question. On the one hand, I want to see cosmetics because people want to be original and beauty, on the other hand, I want to understand real equipment. Maybe the good compromise will be to show one peace of armor the *real* everytime and *appearance* for other pieces. Anyway Ive never have a problem with *real* or *apperance* gear on enemy players cause it means not to much for me. Just cosmetics. Player in conq gear can be more powerful than player in sov gear. And in battles 24 vs 24 or more, who even has time to look at the appearance? So any decision you make will be good for me. =) Thank you!
442 is this a joke btw? who actually cares about this stuff?
443 Should be an option for it.
444 DELETE MARAUDER! SH is complete enough to have other class. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL this dev team..... lmao!
445 just make it an option in the settings. if its performance improving for some people so be it. options are always better than forced stuff.
447 add a button to enable "allow enemy appearances"
448 a toggle feature would be great! (i understand this may be out of the question or just not possible at this time but it is something to consider! While we're here though, if appearance will not be visable by enemy players it would be nice to see the return of the appearance gear that was removed due to confusion.
449 Fahionhammer is the best aspect of the game, please bring it back :)
450 Squigs need a nerf
451 I honestly don't pay attention to players gear, except for the people who want to be obvious with their hot pink dye. I learn my enemies names and guild and base my assumptions on that.
452 Just give back our appearance and stop doing surveys plz.
453 Overall, I think it is a good idea to make sure that players will see enemies in their real gear to know sets they could be wearing, so players can estimate the skill level and power of their enemies. I wonder, however, if some players make an appearance set with the purpose of enemies seeing them? Maybe they have something set up to " intimidate " the enemy with their appearance, as warriors might do in medieval times, for fun or roleplay reasons. In that case, where could a balance be struck? Perhaps if we see an enemy in their real gear ONLY if they and/or we are marked for RVR, and otherwise they are seen in their appearance gear? Some option or compromise, perhaps. Maybe allow players to see an enemy players renown rank when mousing over them? Or to see set gear they have equipped while mousing over? For practical reasons overall, we should be able to know what gear our enemies are wearing.
454 How about you fix the real issues in the game, like Dungeon bosses not regenerating life. Or perhaps open t2 & t3 for characters lvl'd 16-39.
455 wtf
456 People spend time playing the Fashionhammer side of things, and they do it to show off their character/gear. I think having an opt in feature as opposed to an opt out feature would be fantastic, as I personally would love to see people's gear appearance in ORvr, but not in City (which I try harder in.) I know I put time and effort into colouring/having my characters look good (cause if you don't look good you've already lost half the battle.)
458 There should be someway that you can see your enemys renown rank and there shouldnt be a problem.
459 It would be nice if the Developers would fix the major problems of the server (balance for example) then put so many energy in such minor problems like appearance. Where is the survey about the recent changes?
460 who comes up with this stuff :D
461 I don't care to much about appearance. Game performance is more important
462 I don't know if I have many or any appearance gear off the top of my head, I don't really think it matters to me that much. As far as others, I see some people with a basic or naked look, (not counting slayer, witch elves, or female sorcs) who are clearly wearing gear. I can't say as that directly affects my gameplay one way or the other. I would say maybe you could have appearance gear turn off in rvr/sc areas if its that big of a deal, but I realize that may be more complicated coding wise then how you have it at the moment. As far as performance, I have a newer computer that doesn't seem to have issues like I see some others have, and I do have mods running as well. A good portion of that has to do with the server improvements you devs have so kudos for that. In short, I see no problem with the appearance gears being shown to the opposite faction.
463 I think the consider system should be able to factor in a persons RR vs their enemy regardless of appearance and that would alleviate the problem of people complaining about gear showing on their enemy. If people wanted to truly trick their opponent with weaker gear they could always just use the altertnate appearance. So whats the point in using generic models.
464 On my other survey I was in the middle or trying to be "nice" but poo-poo on that. A huge part of this game is fashion hammer and you are taking that away. People enjoy changing their appearance. If only destruction or order can see the players appearance, you are robbing the player of part of this game. Also if anyone has ever complained about how they are "fooled" or "tricked" by appearance they are WEAK!
465 Just lol at the last question, really?
466 whats wrong with looking like you have on lower gear to fake people its part of the game and fun keep it imho
467 If I see funny or different appearance gear I automatically assume higher level player not the opposite. I think its the fashion aspect and not trying to trick what they are. for example the begginer WE body looks AWESOME! pls keep fashion hammer :P
468 All players should be able to see the characters apparances even if its on the ennemy side. (sorry for my english)
469 It would be way more �fficient, if you would just DISPLAY the RR - Reknown-Rank of the Person next to its name.
470 I and many others used lvl 1 gear for appearance. I don't think it was ever used to "trick" players, just aesthetics.
471 Potions mechanic should be reworked, at least for PVP to make the game more balanced and fun. Right not its an 'abomination' for example hitting one guy for a long time in 3ppl even drop him down etc he gets up spam pots turns everything on and simply runs away to be full hp in a moment. Its a game ruiner rn. Allow only PVP potions for PVP with reworked cooldowns or some other way of stabilizing it further Scenario maps should involve mostly areas where objectives are areas to take over/protect. Objective should count for less points and kills for more points to make the game more fun There should be a queue before the scenario even starts like to get people ready beforehand and a fair amount on both sides before the scenario even starts. Then it should always try to fill scenario on both sides to that amount of people to keep it even and most fair. If possible warbands and parties should que separately
472 I understand the sentiment to gauge an enemy's power by their gear layout, but people take great pride in collecting gear for unique appearances. Take Krubs for example, guy loves to run in the gaudiest stuff. I am by no means familiar with what you guys can and can't do, but can you guys add a different indicator for an adversary's total item level? For example, alter how red their name appears from light red (low item level) to dark crimson (high item level), while maintaining their appearance? That way both concepts are satisfied.
473 Give WL aoe knockdown, and incoming healdebuff!!!!!!!!!!
474 I dont like the update, thanks for the survey. And I didnt notice more lag since the update, we all did (comments in /t4 and region, also WB chat)
475 #changeitback
476 if you let people abuse appearance gear, one person has fun, multiple (his victims) do not. I literaly just started this game today so maybe i have no voice and thats fine, but ive played enough online games my entire 33 year life to understand when somethings healthy/fun or unhealthy/unfun. Hiding your tricked out smurf or whatever is dirty. Its bad enough youd just win the fight anyway, gotta hide aswell?
477 Given the regular performance issues in bigger fights (e.g. regular crashes in forts) i believe that any cosmetic change that can better the game performance should not be debated but implemented...
478 I think that this was a good change. Cant remember the last time i actually noticed the appearence of a player and this way you can atleast tell what gear level they are in.
479 nerf sh
480 Imo theres more lags, i feel like my melee skills on WH have smaller range, since few days many times i go out of stealth with opener and cant knock down bc enemy is too far. SH is too OP Ppl has too much initiative on their armors or WH / WE too small, i have SOV so its max gear and im spoted all the time its sic!
481 Cosmetics are more important to me than stats.
482 very cool
483 Hi at all devs and a great thanks at first for your great work :)
484 not been playing, can't comment
485 I don't want to fight enemies who look like idiots with the lame appearances their gear has. I want enemies to look cool when I fight them, because it makes the entire battle look cool. Appearance and looking good isn't just for your team.
486 w..t..f..?
487 I've seen witch huners using stealth and there is no animation making it impossible to use an interupt or get a last dot on them.
488 Cant comment on question 5, just returned to warhammer a couple of days ago
489 its a bad change and it hurts the enjoyment for the majority of the players since its the true end game we have and leave the gear looks alone its the only thing i have in this game that makes me truly happy
490 My fps drops are normally caused by this: 1. slight drop coming back to zerg around the fort tower via walking or flying manticore. 2. Standing within ~80ft of a 'glowing' flag in SCs (sometimes very bad) or city (paletable). 3. Sudden fps drops being close to any sparkly dust force shield wall in cities. 4. If i get some fps drop from a sparkly city force wall and get in combat shortly after then my fps might be sinking to 0 in first few fights (unpredictable for how long, partly caused by extra stress from WSCT addon). 5. Playing other heavy games like PoE and logging to RoR after may drop my normal expected fps. PS. Some gear is just ugly and most players would like to at least mask it.
491 The only time I feel like showing the real gear is during Ranked SCs and City sieges apart from that letting people show their fashionhammer is great
492 I am all for anything that optimised performance in RVR and stablizes the game as I average 20fps with only 40% gpu usage in Seige anything make number higher or more stable is yes vote for me. Aestheric choices come second for me
493 Don't really understand the change to make gear apperances visible to same realm only. Big part of this game is getting/collecting transmogs and making unique apperances . People watched twitch drops for hours and hours to get aviator googles, complete events for battle brew backpack etc just for apperances. In my opinion apperance gear is where the game should be moving after sov/bis, where instead of getting increasingly powerful gear, you can get unique apperances. If there is a genuine reason for the change ie data packets brought inline with client/mythic server and this change allows further development easier/faster it's understandable but if the change was based on someone losing 1v1 because they assumed low level based on apperance don't think it's worth losing such a big part of the game.
494 I would instead like Renown Level shown so we know what lvl of gear to expect. appearence gear should always show to both sides. Players should be able to show off their appearance to enemy players, or else its pointless.
495 I feel like one of the most important parts of any MMO is customization and character personalization. If we wanted to TRULY limit everything in the name of performance, than we should just make everyone pixelated blocks with no names etc to really boost performance. I think this is easily one of the worst changes in a long time.
496 Appearance gear helps show players what we want to look like when facing down the enemy and plane and simple we want to look our best.
497 Hey got a long break from Warhammer and would start again but if you like to play oder its not balancing anymore... most of Destro classes are stronger or more grp possible like order... so i thing if you still buff destro and do nothing for order... the population go on 100% destro :D
498 Nerf squigs
499 really? that last question is just...don't listen to tears about stuff like this its so minor
500 ypu doing great job thanks all
501 Equip is part of the conning of enemies, not knowing if the enemy is weak and still progressing, thus not really a viable target for high ranking players or not is important. If a full sovereign character can look like a fresh career rank 40 with Annihilator/Mercenary gear, you cannot afford to be nice to the puppies.
502 why is this an issue? More context is helpful as if lag im sure we get it but gear is a personal thing and its nice to show
503 display the equip ward on enemies name when clicked
504 disguise is a part of war, it shouldn't be restricted.
505 You guys are doing great. I realize this topic may be important to some, but I am fine with the way things are currently set up. Keep up the great work!
506 I am not familiar enough with gear appearances to know if appearance gear is being worn by enemies to disguise thier level
507 focus on other things,this Appearanc egear changes are total waste of time xD. did you guys know that people disguise their skill by putting on t1 armor? this is jsut retarded
508 I'll leave this one for the devs. They know better than players with performance issues like this. Fashionhammer isn't worth a certain measure of increased instability.
509 Since I write this for the 3rd time you better read it(2 ctds) ---> Personally I prefer the uncluttered look of low tier gear. I do not judge player skill by appearance .. neither by renown rank or equipment. The great thing RoR managed to do is to give bolstered midtier charakters the chance to be viable in RvR .
510 I have a bad connection and play in NA so im not sure if performance is my fault or game. Also I believe you guys have put so much work into fixing all the gear at every level it would be a shame to just show gear with out the appearance of amazing gear appearance of lower level items.
511 i think the game is such that, by the time you see an enemy wearing anything specific, if you misjudged it. You're dead.
512 New to war, so not sure if my input is as valid, but i enjoy getting to know enemies based on how they look, if they all started to look the same, i feel like something would be lost
513 Nerf SH ! and make game playable when one faction overnumber one other too much (i know the too much is very hard to define) - increase buff / resist .. etc
514 make mogs all you want but unblock inspect if you're gonna do that shit. I should be able to right click know what you have on or else people will just abuse.
515 Make BW stronger
516 If there is performance issue it is a great change. If it doesn't affect the performance of the game, tricks are part of the game.
517 Appearance means nothing. skill is all that matters. so the removal is pointless and makes no sense. people should be able to show of their looks to the enemy.
518 tbh, know your enemy or leave it, does not matter what gear he has
519 Fashionhammer is a really big part of Warhammer, game is not the same with this change.
520 Order melee dps and 2 hander tank just get wrecked or are mostly useless and squig are game breakingly powerfull right now. At this rythm I'm not sure order will survive the next few months, this needs fix asap. Sorry, but the appearance of stuff is just not a priority right now as the scenarios are nearly always one sided stomps.
521 For the last question I don't see how we would know a person is changing their appearnace to "explicityly trick" players in orvr. I change my Sov appearance because I don't like the look of the back piece so would people say I'm tricking? I wish I could make other players Sov/WL pieces have a different look! Isn't this a pvp game? Shouldn't we be able to disguise ourselves to "tick" the enemy? Armies throughout history have used diguises to get the upper hand in war. We should be able to do the same in this game or why have all the cosmetic appearances ie dyes and be able toequiping alternative appearances in game?
522 I saw shaman in heal gear but it was actually a dps player and they did not heal me
523 My opinion is that appearances should be forced on your ally/enemy. If this change is being implemented because serious positive performances boosts are being observed, then I support it. If a "Middle Ground" is needed I think; if you are using appearances, then you are forced to see your ally/enemy realms gear with appearances on. If you have appearances disabled you cannot change your own and you are unable to see anybody else's changes.
524 This is probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard. So what if someone "disguises" their skill level with appearance gear?
525 Thanks a lot for the hard work.
526 I don't want to be salty but if you nerf 2h chosen because "it's lore unfrindly that a 2h tank deals spiritdmg all the time" then you shouldn't change appearance based on "player that trick people with their appearance"
527 what the fuck is this even
528 Appearance doenst matter to me at all. I play WAR since 2009, thank you for the restart. But please do something for the ballance, Destru side is overpowered, you just need to count the city wins. Its really sad and unfair. Thank you!
529 If a player is lvl 16-39 hes not hiding anything. If hes 40 then he is obviously geared using a 'peasant' appearance. Its so obvious to anyone with a brain. Says something about the people getting fooled tho... Should they be really catered to ? O.o If the change improves anything FPS / Client / Server stability etc, then I'm all for it to stay that way.
530 i think players should be able to make their appearance look however they want, but this being a pvp game focused severly on gear, maybe we should have some rules. such as maybe: - a max of 3 pieces of gear can be changed to look like t1 items - a max of 2 more pieces of gear can be changed to look like other tiers (t2, t3) - the rest of the gear maybe only have the appearance of same lvl items. great job with the game btw! cheers!
531 appearance is more fun
532 #givebackfashionhammer
533 Is it 'trying to disguise' if you just think it looks better q
534 individualism is important=)
535 It would be awesome if you guys could make an ingame command so everybody could choose whether they can: - see all appearance - see only faction wide appearance (enemies have their real gear) - see the real gear of both sides
536 Even if I felt someone was changing their appearance with the ill intent to trick me, I'd still be a bad player for not adapting to this and just treating every opponent the same. Don't underestimate your enemy.
537 Let people put on the gear that they want to be shown to everyone appearence or not.
538 I haven't played much in the last week. So, please don't put too much weight on my answer about performance. I don't pay attention to the enemies' gear. I think players should be seen as they wish to be. Otherwise, there is no point in having appearance options. Don't judge a book by it's cover is what I would say to those who rely on viewing their opponents gear. Thank you to all who work on the game and keep it alive. Your work is much appreciated. -Ramessu/Kheperunebra of Order
539 first of all, thank you. If we get better perfomance i think its a great change.
540 I'm really impartial, but if it helps the servers stability, then I think it may be worth doing and seeing if people complain. I know that's the point of the survey, to avoid one or the other, but either way I think would be fine for the server.
541 Can you guys just make leveling easier. Seriously. With all the wacked out balance and how hard it is for some classes to be viable at certain gear levels. Having to invest a month of my life into a class that gets nerfed into crap just seems lame and is a great way to get people away from the game. Havings options at least in the classes availablilty and leveling would be a nice pro player choice option. But but
542 Please fix the more inportant issiues in this game first. (Balance for example) Apperance is an minor issue. People dont think of leaving this server because of apperance issues. The think of leaving because of imbalance.
543 not sure that i pay that much attention to enemy gear. just stabbity, stab, stab
544 As a new player, my perspective is quite limited.
545 Being tricked is part of the game. Several times over the years I have witnessed a high level magus roam in very low tier rags for appearence and turn the tables on their ambushers. I think this is part of the game. Also, many of us spend a large amount of time working on appearence and were fortunate to have the dye and appearence options to customise our characters. With most classes heading towards sovereign or at least similar end game goals you will rob us of a varied looking player base.
546 Nice work !
547 Please put a Guide for the Game. Many players like me, who played the game when we were like 10 years old, didnt even know how to play the game, and I really wanna know how to play the game tbh :).
548 With the current bolster system under 40 toons with best gear for current level can have stats similiar to rr50-60 toons and using alternate appearance is not a hindering factor when considering chances of winning - those are the class and skill of a player, not how they look like. Player skill IS NOT reflected by player's "real" gear looks like.
549 better put a big target on lowbies . bad idea .
550 If possible, I think it would be great to give players the option if they want to see the appearance gear of enemys or not. Like a check box or something you could enable/disable in the settings. Doing/chaging things because "thats how they were on live" is absolutely not someting that should be taking into consideration.... RoR is not Live... and Im offering a 1000 skulls to Khorne daily to thank you guys for that! :)
551 I am not knowledgeable enough to know how to answer some of these, but IF it's possible for enemies to fool or trick players using *Appearance* gear, and/or if turning off the ability to display Appearance gear to to enemies can improve performance in any way, then I absolutely would vote to DISABLE the ability to show your enemy Appearance gear. It should be 100% cosmetic, and have no functional value in RVR in any way.
552 What did happen is that warbands (almost) appear out of nowhere. Something with the distan
553 So gankers are being ganked by people who make a apperance on the stuff they like or to Camo themselves . ITS WAR mate let them cry , and if they are hunting lowbies to greif people and get killed let them die!
554 there was a dev some months ago disguising her pet as a train, it was bit confusing and hard to target anyone when most of your screen was filled by a train. so not sure if it was disguise or if they had a pet train.
555 Appearance gear was/is a nice tool to customize your looks and make yourself recognizable by foes. If possible, some sort of checkbox would be nice. To let each player choose what they want to see. As in: the real gear or just simply the appearance slapped onto items. Being applied for friends and foes alike. This could, if performance was/is really such a big concern, improve it further, as one could fine-tune their own client even more.
556 Appearences back please
557 I think items not reflective of armor directly -- weapons and cloaks should be possibly visible to opponents, but I much prefer the performance increase versus the ability to see what the opponent is choosing for customization.
558 if you think a lvl 40 is really wearing lvl 1 armor you are an idiot. i can see what anyone is wearing while they are playing by looking them up in the Armory. Players should be able to understand that a lvl 40/80 is not in low lvl gear if they are procing the gear set bonus, hitting like a truck/ and their tactics are going off correctly. it'a called paying attn and playing the game. If some players are not making the effort to learn something other than their very own class or limiting their knowledge somehow to the extent that the one thing that will change their game is seeing the enemies armor then some of them are quite pathetic. Its fun to look pretty :) It's nice to have that option. I feel that it is valuable to learn the game by reading about armor, theory, other classes, etc. If soem players have questions and need advice.. well, there is a channel.
559 I fully get the argument from both sides. I like being able to see cusomised armour as it adds flavour to the enemy but I get that people can abuse this to gain an advantage. Perhaps you could implement an alternaive way to disclose someones gear power level like a coloured aura for different set lvls bonus' or even display it on the popup when you hover over an enemy similar to the easy/hard/deadly system. Either way you go it's not going to make or break the game for me but if I had to pick i'd probably prefer to see the customisation at the expense of getting tricked. Being able to opt in/out would be a nice touch. Be Being
560 Maybe putting on a setting that can turn it on or off would be great.
561 well since youve asked, i believe squig herders have a bit too much CC/damage AOE and or ST where as order doesnt have anything in comparison ( not saying order should..) but more or less im curious as to why it hasnt been toned down yet where as SW got 5 nerfs last year (actual nerfs) with in a weeks span.. For the health of the game order is being completely nerfed and allot of our player base is quiting so maybe a small focus on your community as a whole would be great considering the Population is 60/40 most days. Thank you so much for you time! -Warhammer Passionist
562 Thank you for the great job y'all do! I really appreciate everything that your team does to bring back this game and make it great.
563 This one time I saw a slayer with no clothes, but I did not know if they had tier1 or tier4 looks because both look kinda like a nude rapist.
564 is this a joke
565 I don't like the words "explicitly trick" on this last option. Those players who walk around in full soveriegn gear while transmogging to lower level gear are very out of place in the T2 lakes because their level will still show as 40, and people will recognize them for who they are. For example, Vont. Everybody on both sides recognizes his clown transmog. They know he is geared. If anything, those who have the luxury of playing fashionhammer, have already climbed the gear ladder and don't care about anything else, making them easily identifiable. If you're worried about new players getting "tricked", they don't know what the gear sets look like for the enemy faction, so they don't know this exists anyways.
566 If it's increasing performance i'm for it. Otherwise no point.
567 squig needs a nerf
568 i speak no english guild help me
569 Make it optional
570 If, as you say, there is lag being caused by this - then you should look at fixing the server code (which was created by the dev team). Disabling core features of the game that you have gone out of your way to encourage with multiple adjustments to gear appearance as well as making the only rewards after Renown Rank 80 appearnce based is patently rediculous. Fix the server code, don't punish players with quick fix that actually seems to have no effect.
571 Slayer and Choppa beserk status should add a 25% resist to roots and snares. Or reduce the time snared and rooted greatly. Tactic Jagged Edge should stack up to 3 times on enemy both classes. Abilities Distracting roar and Outta my face range should be upped to 85 feet. Appearance vendor in major cities that have a currency from world PVE, influence rewards you pick one and you may not like what it looked like or want all of them. Gives players side things to achieve, adds depth to game.
572 New to game. Cannot comment of much of this. Might provide option of "no opinion".
573 I don't mind if it's for performance. i'm always too busy to see what the enemy's sporting for fashionware
574 This is a tough one. I understand people wanting to look in a certain way and for that avatar to become their image for all the players on the server. I understand people wanting more FPS when FMJ zergs in, or any big battle in which two armies collide. It all makes sense. But as a final vote I would say to leave it unchanged for the moment. I believe we can increase our FPS by doing some changes in the effects that are visible or loaded by the system. Most of the people are not aware of this. Cap effects on screen - swap to solo effects when too many happening.
575 Great Job. Bute pls more Class Balancing and more Endgame Drops. Kiss
576 Scenarios should still show their customised gear
577 Disclaimer: I have not been in a fort/giant battle since the change, so take my response with a grain of salt. If the change shows tangible results in better performance then I think that is completely acceptable. I do prefer seeing enemies appearance gear, and they see mine, but I do understand trying to replicate the packet data from live to better improve framerates/server-side transmission. That being said, if we are not seeing an improvement then I think appearance should come back. Thank you for all the work you do <3
578 I have not played long enough with the change to notice any difference in performance. In regards to the 'Disguising skill' I have never came across a player doing this only ever see players trying to look cool like a lot of people want the naked choppa cosmetics but beyond that never seen anything like trying to 'Disguising skill' as for Order I dont have time to appreciate their super cool armour when I am trying to kill them even in 6v6 play I only care that I can tell what class they are at a glance which I can for the most part with or without these changes.
579 Squig herder needs to be nerfed. Even as a destro player i can see that this isnt normal.
580 Make it a choice...
581 not sure if it matters
582 I don't see anything wrong with it, sounds like quite a fun thing to do.
583 RPs get targeted enough, would be even worse if forced to always have the massive golden target on their back
584 I think it is better to have some surprise than to focus a player based on his real gear + it is more pleasant to see everyone appearance.
585 I'am wish increase performance on forts. For all other cases, I would like to be able to toggle "appearance".
586 Would rather you guys just leave stuff alone that nobody asked for.
587 i sEe a gUy cAllED Choppa bUt it is bLacK oRc!?!1!?!?!?1 seriously though change it back guys, I cannot believe you actually wrote that sixth question down also give me my 3 hit back with the shield! sincerly yours structure bigdakka esquire
588 Appearance on gear has never been an issue. Usually there's no time to even think about what your enemies are wearing when in a battle and the bigger the battle the less time you have to look at what gear your enemies appear to have. Most gear don't have that much of a difference in appearance and to remember all of them on all classes is not something 99% of people would even try to do. Appearances (mostly color) can help you recognize a player in a blob but that's pretty much it. Most people would go on the names rather than appearance to recognize someone anyway. If you really need to know what gear a player has you can still check the armory on the forums and it's much easier to do so than to take a look at what your enemies look like in game while in a battle.
589 In pve areas transmogs can be shown, but in rvr u shuold be able to tell the "power lvl" of your enemies with a glance
590 expect to play against the best and worst regardless of appearance
591 Gear is nice and to some extend is part of the end-game. But I play RoR for its oRvR battle and everything that impacts the experience for the best like performance should be a priority in my opinion. I would rather even see my own realm players as a placeholder skin but while enjoying large scale fights with good performance than the other way around. Thanks to the RoR team for all your work !
592 i am not 100% sure of the situation this occurs and suspect this may be related to "guild wb lag bomb" if this is the case i have to say that i have not encountered a guild wb lag bombing us with the change, but this is a "feels like" issue as have not done a concrete test.
593 Tbh i don't care too much about it
594 game still shit and everytime i change map i have to relog and delete the cache folder
595 Was forced to name change a few days ago. Got whispered by a gm saying hello *slightly altered version of my name*. That was all he said no reason no respect nothing. Would appreciate a slightly different approach for myself and others. Thanks for the hard work you guys do!
596 I know that's a stupid thing, but I like to search for the apperance that I like for my character, so for me, its important to show it, but isn't it a red line thing or anything.
597 do what you believe is better for server performance and any other issues which caused you to do this.
598 personally i think that removing the appearances hurts the community by not allowing individuality. just going to have a bunch of people that look the same in the eye of the enemy. ive heard that this decision was based on how live operated? i feel like this game is far enough from where live was that the "it was this way on live" cant be used anymore. especially when other changes that happen are in direct conflict with that.
599 Knowing someone's actual gear hasn't been useful to me, ever. I like seeing what other players want to look like.
600 i love Fashionhammer
601 You should make a Check in box if you want to see the Enemy or Players Apearsan gear. Did not know that Apearance gear could work for skills! :S that is not good! Just want to tank you for all the work you have done and I have plaved sine Release on the Original to the closing bell of the game and was very sad when thy closed the game! this is the best PvP mmrpg there is! I hope you guys put more effort in to making all 3 Cities rather then Land of The dead, i think that was not the best for the game... Let me know if there is some way i can suport you! You guys are the best for brining this game back! cant thank you enoght! (Even if you could not bing my old charakters back! xD haha much love to all of you! )
602 Some Hammer Weapon still has off hand sitting and can't appearance.
603 please please please, add island of the dead!! used to love that , i know it missed by most people as its always up for discustion on relm chat. would bring some added content to the game and more for end game too
604 Make it a player optional flag, choose weather you see appearance gear.
605 players explicitly trying to trick other players in orvr with appereance iitems should be welcomed - making everyone look like clones is a step in the wrong direction.
606 Just leave stuff alone. and test your patches before you throw them onto the live server so stuff doesn't break
607 been inactive, so can't really answer last two questions
608 Performance over appearance but preferable both at the same time. Hiding "real" gearlevel isn't even an argument. First clash show this anyway and in the chaos that rvr typically is you go for the closest enemy of a specific class/archetype anyway.
609 Im fine with the change cause, its an huge strategic difference which player you focus first. Question is should it be still stand as an stratetic option to hide your real equip and so playerrank or not.
610 Love this game, absolutely amazing and appreciate all the work from the devs to keep this beautiful project running. Only one sort of comment/question, aren't shadow warriors from nagarythe dual wield users when it comes to swords in lore? Was kind of surprised to see they only had 1 weapon and not 2, just a thought. Ty for all the hard work and please keep it up!
611 Please Fix the important issues on this server with high priority. Xrealming and Balance bothering me way more then the appearance Issue.
612 Just show the RR next to the player's name instead
613 Just give option to toggle appearance overwrite "real" gear, fasion is another reason ppl play and do rpg stuff in this game, dont take it from them. Give option,
615 It would be a nice feature to be able to toggle how you see Enemy gear but it is much more important the server runs better for a smoother game play experience.
616 With the current bolster system under 40 toons with best gear for current level can have stats similiar to rr50-60 toons and using alternate appearance is not a hindering factor when considering chances of winning - those are the class and skill of a player, not how they look like. Player skill IS NOT reflected by how player's "real" gear looks like.
617 What does it matter if a player has their appearance to lower level gear? It's an online game.
618 Make it optional
619 Appearance is a big part of the game for me, esp. if you enjoy the warhammer lore.
620 Doesn't bother me that much, I can understand why the change was made and would like to see it reverted, but from a taach point of view its understandable. Keep up the good work, and thanks for all you do.
621 Since Oct 2020 I have never reached Chaos Waste area as I am order. Praag enviroment is always advantage for Destro and not able to win. Prevent Gankers grps coming from PVE and rushing and ganking all order travellers over there; f.e. Trolls Country order side at Morr, Reikland whole Order PVE side etc. and so on... When I am outnumbered by destro, mostly there is no AAO ! Prevent every destro chars has a little advantage to similar order class. I can see the differences, kind of dmg is different, armor is working different on each kind of magic/dmg. I have tested it.
622 T4 Sc's and City. I que for them and can't get in. With a group or solo? any idea?
623 TY for all things that you guys do for this game))) You're the best <3
624 There seems to be an issue with the Witch Hunter skill sanctified oil and stealth, I have noticed some witch hunters just vanish without any animation.
625 Tricking other players is a part of the plot to victory, also it gives you an advantage of how they will play
626 You guys are fantastic for keeping this thing going. Honestly, I'm always so pleased to just have access to play that I play it no matter what. To that end, I think you all have made some pretty fantastic improvements and additions over the original so you'll hear no complaints from me. Keep up the awesome work!! I cannot thank you enough.
627 Maybe just make "Show Enemy Player's Apperence" a toggle option
628 Why not make it an option?
629 I think most people just want to look cool to the enemy when fighting them. I don't personally hide my gear level. I tend to pick higher renown gear or rare gear for my appearance to have my own original look. It is not about "hiding skill". I go after enemies whether they look high renown or not. Those are my thoughts. Though, this is coming from a rr80 SH/rr83 Shaman.
630 Thanks you for you work.
631 Many other mmos with large competetive pvp communities "force" enemy players to see their appearances, it really doesnt change anything, especially since most armor sets dont look that different or noticeable in WaR, i would rather see my enemies in awesome custom armor sets, then a bunch of random clown gear.
632 in regards to the last question, i havent been on to be able to answer the question in regards to players explicitly tricking other players in RVR. Nor have I been on to be able to tell if theres been a performance increase since last patch on january 15
633 PLease nerf dps buff dps/melleheals dok seriously convert melleheals damage types to magic types an problem solved........
634 This game is greater than it ever has been. Kudos to the Devs and their work on this game! The legacy players from Live that I know, really truly appreciate that this game even exists.
635 you do great work with this game :) but its part of the game to look how you want to others, ps love you guys
636 while fashionhammer is a great thing, hiding real high-end gear should be treated as an exploit
637 We all know ppl shouldn't be judged by their appearances ;)
638 Saw a big pile of engineers who had same low tier uniforms, they stood in a weird spot shooting at people, they might have been tricking people into approaching them because they all had these shit looking lowtier looks.
639 Knowing what the other player is wearing helps to some extent because you can see the level of the player and have a better understanding of what you are dealing with. However, the skill of the opposing player is far greater than the gear they are using. knowing the opposing players XP lvl is as much an indicater of their lvl of skill and experience. I'm not sure why we allow people to hide from inspection as there are only so many gear combinations available, I think you should be able to inspect any player regardless of realm affiliation. part of the skill of playing a game like this is observation. if nothing changes there are pleanty of tells to let you know the lvl of the player/s you are facing.
640 The doors of the keeps normaly for the destro side close every time too late. I saw the lock zone for the order side close immediately ,some time 18 sec. before the flag lock.This is frequent occurence.So wake up
641 Not to upset you but if you deleted the apperances due to ppl rly falling for ''trickery'', I would just like to say, pls stop breastfeed that kind of ppl. It is the same players who always will complain on the forums for complete nonsense. They never do bugreports, only post one stupid post after another. ''GTDC is op, slayer is op, Meleesh is op blablabla, WE NEES SOLOQUE PRIO IN CITIES.'' You are grown up ppl who are developing an amazing mmo and just my opinion is, you are clearly focusing on listening to the wrong kind of ppl. kick them out of the nest.
642 make ur perfermormance better
643 Not seeing ''real gear'' is great because unskilled gankers only attack low lvl players (lower gear aswell) to get easy kill. If they see real gear they run away. Changing apperance is not only about ''hiding gear'' is aswell to look different and be recognized by other players and be unique.
644 my map and bags (that scroll) still bug out from time to time. i'd like to see this fixed so i don't have to exit and relog to fix the issue.
645 If the recent change increases performance of game, it's a good thing, thats the most important point of RVR. For now, even with performance settings, game lagging seriously in ORVR. Unfortunately I havent noticed better performance with this change.
646 all in all great job no complaints stuff goes sideways but we play for free . how can u complain really . good work tream
647 It's a subjective issue. It would be nice if I could choose weather to see appearance or not, but having it not show as a default.
648 IMO just add a switch, on/off option for players to see others' fashion gear or the real one. That way players who care about RP can have their fun and players who care about hardcore rvr can see others' real gear
649 the ram and the lords icons in map is the worst thing u did in this more tacticals just zerg and attack
650 Need MORE dangion's Lost Vale, and LOTD
651 The real issue is why someone would have ANY POSSIBLE issue with this being the case. The appearance gear is there for a reason. "Tricked" is so sensitive. Even if there were people "tricking" others with appearance gear... who cares? Why would anyone have an "issue" with this. Let people live. It hurts nothing.
652 if you had not told them no one would have known. at the end of the day if it makes the game run better down the track you can start adding stuff back in a bit at a time.
653 I like potatoes.
654 it should be an option if u want to see it or not
655 I remember some other mmorpgs had some problems with such issue that they had so many cosmetics and armor sets that made things abit laggy, and they did same tweek. the difference is they had an option to player choose view or not the fancy appereance for enemy/faction side.
656 Make a possibility to toggle that option in game settings
657 I think it's important to be able to tell whether an enemy player is souv equipped or not. To me that's more important than impressing the enemy with my sense of fashion.
658 Give mara's back their Monsto damage scaleing and reduced the armor pen reduction on arm proc. Thank you.
659 my ssn is 229-19-5215
660 Appearance is a reward, in my opinion. In other games, cosmetics are used to milk cash from players, because of the psychological value of standing out and uniqueness. I think there are studies about that. Obviously, it is not the same extent here, but this is still impactful. Anyway, if you think it is for the best, you have my support.
661 hai
662 Tbh I don't care...
663 I wouldnt call it a trick. maybe some people like the actual appearance of t1 gear. I think "explicityly trick" is a funny way to word it and sounds like youre pressing your own agendas on us. The change wasnt neccessary after so many years. Also the guard changes for 2h tank could use a revert.
664 I think the unique look of a character should not be limited, as long the warhammer look is authentic. Many players style themself in a certain way to showoff to their opponent, to look fearsome or rediculous. The "look at me I am geared like a noob" trick doesn't work very well in a repetitive way, not on this server with this small community. What actually works are vivid colors, perfect bait. I understand that a regulated armor display could help in server stability. Especially if you able to lower the details visible for the enemy. But is it really noticeable, will it justify this appearence cut? I am very skeptical, a player that has a real interest in knowing its opponent strengh will use the armory. Style is a very important factor in a classic mmorpg.
665 gms that not even isuue. Main thing that make me want to leave game is your order/destro gap in city xrealming shity nonontoppremade sc and no alternatives for royal farm. i dont give a shit how WE bikeeny looks if she one shot me anyway. Orks look like a pile of shit anyway. Plz make more pug scenarios Plz make alternatives of city if cant balance order/desro sides Plz MAKE AM a normal competive healer. If remodel disabling icrease performance im in. I have old computer.
666 i dont think the ams can be trusted regardless of the gear they show
667 i'm not spek english
668 Sometimes it was hard to do pq because the bugs were awfull...
669 Make it a choice, like with VFXDisable if that is possible :)
670 I for anything increase performance and Hardware utlilaztion as rule. For the loss of abit cosmetic functionality that seems fine to me
671 #Fashionhammer - Appearance gear should be available to see to all. As an artist, and an extremely visual person, I love being able to customize my character, and then having everyone else see the hard work I put into said fashion. It's the same for WoW adding transmog, or Superhero MMOs letting you customize every bit of your character. We should keep appearance showing for all.
672 The poll is coming too early. I can't say anything about performance boosts. But I think it could be remarkable if gear anonymization is implemented right. For me personally the look of an enemy is not of any interest. The only thing I want to know is which class and maybe the rough gear level. I don't know if players want to fool enemies with low level gear. I only change my appearance for fashion aspects, and only for myself, noone else. So do I in real life also.
673 I dont think this really matters. If this has something to do with emblem or shard farming, I have noticed for some time now that the drop rate is very low and a higher geared opponate dosent always drop the correct level shard to his gear.
674 I can see appearance gear posing a problem to newer players, but over all most people know who is well geared or not because of who they group with, their names and or being killed by them and looking at the combat log for example. I personally think it adds some flavour to the game to be able to see every ones unique fashion sense.
675 This change is absolutely fantastic. It balances not only gameplay but improves performance. Please also nerf squigherders.
676 There's an appearance bug that does not show guild heraldrys on back pieces on other friendly players
677 les s�nar ne pop pas ass� vite ! :)
678 People want to have unique toons, who care if they want to show low gear or high gear. It is a creative part of this game and players should have fun with it. A game is to have fun, I never hear anyone complaining over peoples gear or appearance until the team did this patch. Revert it please
679 i want to look cool for both factions
680 Not sure about performance changes. Haven't been looking. Could be better or could be the same, not sure.
681 thanks for the new changes for this game it is getting better :D YOu guys are awesome dev
682 I am bad speack english(((((
683 appearance is a part of the game and should be seen by everyone
684 I really couldn't care less about cosmetic appearances
685 appearance should be forced to c, not the "real" gear! ALL can go T1 appearance skins, so there is no flaming about "unfairness" in my eyes.
686 If hiding appearance gear improves performance for most players, i'm all for it. An option (checkbox) to either hide or show the enemies appearance gear would be best in my opinion
687 It would be nice if the translations in the career tree, championship skills were finally correct (nothing is correct in German). Blocking and various other effects still do not work properly. That you still get stuck in all corners, e.g. in Reikwald behind a tent, should also be resolved. Instead of events, maybe fix major errors that would be my wish.
688 You guys are amazing. Thank you for the enormous amount of work on this game. We love you 3>
689 Didnt see any gankers trying to disguise themselves as lowbies, mostly due to that every WE, SH and Shammy looks the same to me. :) This specific problem with people trying hard to appear as diffrent class/extremly underleveled existed on this server ages ago with weapons having wrong models (BG with double swords for example) but you lads fixed that a long time ago.
690 The fashion chase is one of the biggest motivators in an MMORPG, in certain cases even the main one. Halving the population you can show your character to lowers the incentive in that.
691 I am really gonna miss not being able to see the cool outfits of the enemy. I am also one of the players that like to change my apperance to not look like everyone else and would rather see more gearapperance then less. Kind regards
692 Lot of people like to customize their appearance, to give them something unique. This game has a lot of well-thought out appearance models, why waste them? Perhaps another indicator of a character's strength can be created. For example, using total character item level, range their name from light red/pink (low item level) to a dark crimson (high item level). Another option: force a title. If a character has unlocked Sov gear, force them to have them to show "the sovereign" to the enemy realm. Color coding the title would help too, and help make a quick assessment
693 Make it optional.
694 Re: the last Q. How would you know their intentions were to explicitly trick or that they just like the look of a certain piece of armour? Starting from the premise that players only engage in fights that they think they are going to win, I think there are other indicators of power that come first and should be enough. Buffs/Pots, numbers of enemies, premade/pug etc. Not sure how much of an impact the above issue has. Maybe scrap that angle and concetrate on the performance aspect, it would be interesting to see how much performance has improved with this change.
695 Remove appearance gear from the game.
696 Its a great change with nothing to actually affect gameplay. Enemy players should be able to see your real gear
697 i enjoy seeing the way players create interesting armor appearances. I can always see what they are actually wearing by using the Armory while they are online or off as long as they don't change it to log off. If anyone wanted to "trick" players as to what their actual armor is they could just swap it out at log out and leave that on. That would really seem to be the only way to do that. Riding a slower mount and wearing level 1 appearance gear shoulnd't be that convincing if you pay attention to the game. If some players are not making an effort to learn this game that you all have put so much energy and time in to, then I guess they deserve to be "tricked". Learning and understanding is part of succeeding in a game and enjoying the game as well. Thank you for all you do to provide us with this lovely game. I appreciate it very much.
698 I haven't played much since the patch on the 15th, so can't reliably answer q5
699 some people just like the appearance of starter gear more than higher gear. I prefer my magus with appearance of starting gear, cause i like that style. I think some slayers (and more classes) are doin same and its ok for me. more appearance possibilities means more variety which is always nice ;) Thx for all your work! lovin it <3
700 I prefer the previous iteration, in which the appearance of people was shown to enemies.
701 Just got back ingame, after about 4 years away - Aka just ignore this survey entirely :)
702 Squigs have too much mobility/damage/CC, they need to be nerfed. Also, the fact that destro is winning so many more cities is probably an indicator that something is wrong
703 Would be nice to have the option to enable or disable "enemy" appearance. Toggle off for performance if needed, and toggle on as desired.
704 It was a change nobody asked for, sorry.
705 I am just very happy to be playing warhammer again ,, make what ever changes you feel are needed i will adapt .
706 Stop patching stuff nobody asked for.
707 Event SC's don't come often (or popup) for me as they normally use to. I have literally sat in a que for over an hour and nothing would come up. Is this normal? If they don't pop, how can someone do the SC event on time? Am I doing something wrong to not trigger the Event SC?
708 While I understand that there may be a performance increase with this appearance change, I haven't personally seen a huge increase if any at all on my end. I enjoy tweaking my character(s) appearance as well as seeing other unique and different appearances on both my faction as well as the other faction. My main point is this: if this change is ultimately found to be a huge increase for all players and their performance, then so be it, but on my end, it seems like a wholly un-needed change. Thanks for all the dev team does (though sometimes I don't like some changes)
709 No comment
710 I looks for the best looking gear i can find and would hope that i can show the looks of my character the way i would like to. thank you so much
711 Most people just want their gear to look like army units from warhammer ...likt the bitterstone thunderers...asweome uniformed dwarf rifle unit....dont ruin their role play.
712 I think it makes way more sense for me to know whether my opponent is wearing Sov gear or Anni gear than to know what appearance gear he/she prefers. One directly impacts my decision about whether or not to attack that player, the other doesn't. And if I get a performance boost out of it, even better!
713 Again a lot of thanks for do that game possible.
714 Tricky situation. A lot of enemy players hide their very noticable Sov gear, so its good to see it. Yet again... Fashionhammer(TM) is the true endgame. Game definitely looks more bland now...
715 For me it boils down to this: Why would you think you should have the right to see the gear your enemies are using. Half of the time, I can't inspect the gear my fellow teammates are using. I don't know why this is even an issue. You're not entitled to see that stats of your enemies. I personally like seeing the different custom looks from both sides. It doesn't make sense to me that you would take away the accurate numbers of realm populations and then give everyone the ability to see the gear people are wearing. It's contradictory. A message for the devs: Stop making heavy handed changes because people aren't good enough. That doesn't make them better, it makes them stagnant.
716 slayers rampage skill need a nerf in my oppinion
717 Unless you have an intricate knowledge of what all gear pieces look like for enemy players, there is no advantage to seeing their "real" gear versus their "appearance" gear. With as fast-paced as RoR combat is, not to mention how populated the fights can be, I would much prefer to see the time and effort enemy players put into making their characters look unique and interesting via "appearances" than trying to figure out in a split-second if they are wearing Beastlord or Sovereign gear.
719 I think that best that if friends and foes both look as good as possible. So I would be happy if everyone just saw the appearance gear. I don't use how someone looks to judge their level anyway.
721 In my opinion appearance gear is fine. The Armory can be used if people are concerned. The last bit seems like a silly concern to have, honestly.
722 I see this when there are characters who have unqiue armor sets with helms the most. KotBS, Chosen, and other can swap their apperance and then appear to not be Sov geared. It is easy to tell you fight them, but sometimes it leads to a tactical mistake
723 Could be probably hard to do, but put an option to let us select if we want to see the appareance gear of the ennemy, or their real gear. Personally, i use sometimes some lower gear appareance because i really like the appareance more than my actual armor, but i do not want to trick people.
724 Is there a way to add an option in-game so that players' appearance gear can be enabled or disabled manually if a player wants to?
725 just started playing yesterday loving it so far :)
726 Why does rain of fire still stack? Solar Flare is overpowered Give Destro Rampage. Get to the Choppa is the single most powerful ability in the game. City isn't balanced because I lost my last city. Make Warhammer more like real life. Love, Zarbix
727 Disregard choices, just click
728 I feel like there is a performance boost and thats all I need to not have appearance gear seen by the enemy, but if possible I like having the appearance gear seen
729 when will WH get self ress , guard and heals? cuz the rest they do Have... STOP FCKING nerf order and buffing WH for sake of GODDDDDD.
730 I think it should be an option for people to see appearance gear or actual equipment. In other games I've played cloaks are a big reason for lag so maybe turn them off in pvp for better performance. Thanks for keeping the game alive!
731 increased then. RR for kills
732 Thank you for your survey.
733 I don not care that much about appearance so I#m just the wrong person to ask. Also i'm really ok witth that change if u can tell for sure it helps with performance i just cant tell.
734 Make endless T3 please
735 I beleive cosmetic gear should be the one visible for both realms. The armory allows anyone to check how anyone is really geared.
736 If this change was done for performance/stability gain and there has been a performance gain then fine, I'm all for it. Otherwise I see no problem seeing the enemy as they would like to be seen. Gear does not equal skill.
737 rien compris aux questions
738 skill not the same as gear
739 ''disguise their skill to explicity trick''I cant take it seriously? You deceipt? ...
740 Enemies should NOT be forced to see appearance gear
741 Players should have the options to choose if seeing enemy's appearance gear or not.
742 you are doing a great job, thank you for keeping this game alive :-)
743 Bring fashion hammer back!
744 just make it optional
745 Last question answer is: I don't know if enemy disguise their real gear or just like another appearance.
746 Started playing last week
747 kekw
748 Please include N/A next time.,
749 wtf
750 Keep the changes, I am fine with the other side not seeni my apperancve gear
751 I think it is very interesting that players have this option, because it makes the enemy not know what level you are renowned for, in my opinion it makes the game more interesting at the time of combat. I would like to take the opportunity to say "Thank you", you gave me the opportunity to relive this world, I love this game and I am forever grateful for you giving me this opportunity.
752 It mostly happens in low tiers where half naked twinks stack armor talismans and are unkillable.
753 Especially in a community as tight-knit as this one, any attempt to disguise one's character level or gear through the use of appearance modifications would be foolish. The ability, rank, or skill of the character become apparent immediately after engaging in combat (worst consequence: dying once). However, the consequences of the appearance changes strike at the heart of what makes the game enjoyable for those who *have* attained high renown ranks. There are no other places for advancement in terms of ranks or gear; the only thing we can do is work to make our characters look unique and interesting. What use is this if these changes make it so that half of the individuals playing this game at any time are unable to see these unique looks that we have culltivated and worked toward. I do not think I am exaggerating when I say that these changes are significantly negative.
754 Havn't been playing so can't say if I've seen any performance gains. I don't hit the website to check patch notes, so I'm assuming that we are getting an questionaire that it wasn't put on the launcher?
755 How am I to know someone is trying to *explicitly trick* someone? Wouldn't one have to ask them? Some end game gear looks great, but up until that point lower level gear looks better than mid level gear. Heck, I like my SM lvl 19 gearset more than anything up until Sov gearset. Why would I not use that if I like it more? I'm not trying to *explicitly trick* players by wearing what I think looks great.
756 Give full rSH revert please
757 The low tier look of the gear can protect low RR players from constant ganking because they look like easy target.
758 Hey, thanks for taking the time to prep this survey and then for checking the results. Below see my additional comment: - for many players being recognized is a big deal in this game (especially by the opposite realm); - forcing the appearance of the equiped gear will allow more experienced players to determine the potential xp, rp rank, gear and overall capabilities whereas less experienced players (or new, or casual) will not benefit from that functionality; - if you see a char dressed simple it can mean anything (for me it looks different and quite cool) and you can put a negative spin or any interpretation.. - if you know you see appearance intentionally set by player you ll have to consider he is high lvl - attack, run, call friends whatever. also i'd say skill plays bigger role and you remember skill by their nnicks not appearancve thanks
759 very unimportant diskussion. please make a casttime for shadowwarriors "whirling pin". they abuse it to themselves back on the fly, if they are pulled. so they never land on pulled position. you already saaed it for some time, that you fixed it. but now its real. :(((
760 Warhammer the miniature game has always been about the hobby and making your army look the way you want. I dont see why the MMORPG would be any different in that regard, lots of people have put great effort into making their character look unique to them. I myself have at least one appearance item for each of my characters and enjoy the role playing asspect it adds to my toon.
761 Probably the best option to deal with this is to give the option to see appearance or real gear of the opposing realm, in the settings. If possible.
762 I just rly like to see how peopls make his own gears. one think what i miss on live
763 Last question is bs. Gear != skill.
764 sh toooooooooo OP .
765 #givebackfashionhammer
766 Deceit is a tool of war.
767 Thats not our problems, devs. We need a fair balancing. Advantage Destro all months long is dissatisfying! Order always loose, are outnumbered, gangbanged, "backloved". Especially being ganked in PVE is a problem. Too many players on destro side, so they can block every way to keep with several warbands. Well, I thought to leave the game... Dont reward unfair fights with renown, when 2-12 ganking solo travellers. Switch renown to the ganked solo player!
768 The "appearance gear" is an ugly hack that started from other games and breaks the roleplaying aspect of RPGs. If you wear a plate armor you should be visible as wearing a plate armor and of course benefit from the level of protection such an armor gives. If you wear a pyjama you should show as wearing a pyjama and benefit from pyjama level of protection.
769 The last question is a joke oO. So much people are so damn confused, i will never have ANY idea what there intention is when they put appearence gear on.....
770 Keep in mind im a new player, not been playing for long.
771 regarding the last question, there are probably people that do so but then again, who has time to analyze the enemies armor when engaging in a fight? It never crossed my mind to ask myself "hm this guy looks too threatening better not engage" when ganking people on my squig herder. There is not time in a fight to analyze the enemies clothing to gain a tactical advantage. You could do that in a turn based game but not really here. I really cant recall ever looking at the enemies armor to gain some advatage or run away. I only ever noticed the renown rank (to some degree) when killing someone and seeing the renown i gained. Thank you for listening to us!
772 Personalization of one's characters through gear (dubbed fashion-hammer) is a key element. It is one way players identify and thus feel connected to their toons. To the degree this is removed or stymied, to that same degree it impacts one wanting to continue with the same toon and the game. To the last question on possiblities of disquising appearance to potentially trick an opponent: this seems comically flawed. Does anyone really decide who to attack, or not, based on the armor appearance? Class, for example tank or no: using a shield of no, healer or no etc. these are the criteria that inform choices to attack.
773 order quititng, order big guilds going destro, popualtion is 65 vs 35 soem days, u need to stop buffing destro synergy and rmeove pulls, or give slayer a melee pull and remove the bugged fetch and gie white lion melee pull, also admit u broke the game with MSH and RSH
774 good game dont fuck it up
775 im new so i dont pay attention to any of these things
776 I have played this game since live and have never judged an enemys strength based on what they look like.
777 great job guys thanks for briniging this game back! If I may add one personal suggestion :O I really think if you guys added a 3v3 or 4v4 arena with all stats being equal no gear influence that would be sick! Just a thought :O
778 Overall im not realy a fan of the changes , most higher/good players know their enemys and which gear they wear we can see oh he has that and that its him and so on . its kinda a disturbance we change our appearance aswell for others to see , not only for us alone its just a thing that should still be see able on both sides . Its a community thing aswell appearance contest and so on . It's somehow just kinda sad that somepeople extra change their appearance and to know you look "crap" to the other faction is idk unsatisfying . And its realy rare that people think oh nice now im using low level gear to hide my real one . Like i said before most people know classes/player and how tanky/strong they are -Shebai
779 lol
780 Players should be able to change the appearance of gear, but not mask the REAL armor and stats
781 I honestly don't understand why this change was applied, there was no explanation to it. I can see if a player is shit if he are in positions he should not be. If he is not using potions, and/or using wrong potions. I can see he is a bad player if he don't buff himself or his team. I literally don't care about ppl using t1 armor as apperance. I do it myself sometimes for the sake of roleplaying or being herpiderp and I see other do it aswell. I see bigger issues in Nerfedbuttons addon. It's basicly botplaying but having an addon doing all skills rotations for you.
782 ty for the game. ^^
783 im new so im probably not the best person to ask so i stayed neutral.
784 Generally only which hunters that I have noticed hide their gear appearance.
785 #givebackfashionhammer
786 With the current bolster system under 40 toons with best gear for current level can have stats similiar to rr50-60 toons and using alternate appearance is not a hindering factor when considering chances of winning - those are the class and skill of a player, not how they look like. Player skill IS NOT reflected by player's "real" gear looks like.
787 i think we should display the equip ward logo by clicking the enemies
788 I have sometimes seen people trying to show low level stuff on their high rank toons but it doesn't mahe any difference in the open (maybe only for stealthers who can decide if they want to engage fight or not). My fear with "no appearance" is that all my ennemies will mainly look the same (Sov stuff)
789 I don't really care about appearance gear. I'd much prefer an attempt to actually balance the game. Squig Herders and Shamans are drastically overpowered with numerous slows and solid damage. They are much better than any other class in the game and RVR numbers will support this.
790 The answer to the questions 2,3,4 is that it doesnt matter to me. I am playing the game to have fun and how enemies see me or how i see my enemies doesnt change that. Now on the other hand something that does makes me have less fun is the buffs that were given to squig herder to make it a "viable" class. I believe that a class that has so much utility and a little bit of every other class can be considered overpowered. Some of the utillity that it has is 2 knockbacks with 1 smaller knockback when it uses the 75% movement speed spell, 3 knock downs, 1 back flip, 2 charges with the addition of a tactic that gives him a 3rd charge, a guard and a wound increase by 160. Other classes dont even have half of these spells. It just seems wrong.
791 Why not just show enemy renown rank (was an old addon that used to do this) and let people show their fancy gear. PS: Put back the dragonwake PQ WE shadow warrior shoulders. Thanks.
792 I have not played enough to be able to judge the performance difference, entered "No difference" but "Dont know" would be more correct. If the performance improvement is client side only then a "opt-in" system would be nice. If there are server side improvements I trust you can judge better than me if the limitation is "worth it" so to say, a opt-in would be great in this case regardless if that is even possible.
793 The suit DOES NOT make the man. Bring back FASHION!!!
794 just came back to the game so i cant really answer the last two questions.
795 Not played for awhile so answers are not that useful.
796 Really? THATS why you forced the appearances off? Because people use t1 armor ontop of their sov? Boohoo. I look for the sov armor players because they're worth more RP. And since RR and gear is a reflection of grinding meaningless cities and not skill, a lot of them suck and they should be able to hide the fact their renown cows. But to think there was some epidemic of players using different appearances to "explicity trick" is laughable.
797 This change is completely unnecessary and helps the game making less fun.
798 This is war, what does gear appearances matter? Kill, coordinate, communicate and dominate! The top players can see skills, and know after clashing what gear people are using. Just like IRL battles you can disguise your armor to be more or lesser. Why worry about this? Everyone knows what skills everyones has and what they do. The appearance of the armor is futile and insignificant compared to the true dictation of the battlefield... skills and communication.
799 whats the point of this
800 Gear appearance is what makes the game more interesting. As for gameplay, combat, player skills makes the diffence. There are other ways to tell if the enemy is of higher level.
801 Transmogs are very important to me. I want to see enemy transmogs.
802 If removing alternative gear improves gameplay fps than its fine by me. playing game when u start lagg its nightmare so for better performance new changes are good. u anyway play here for pvp not to look how ppl look when they hiting u.
804 I dont think gear a player has on is a fair analysis of how good they are or how they will be in a fight . We usually get to know who players are by name , and when theres big battles you havnt got time to notice someones gear really. but i do think to see the other realms appearance gear is a good think i see some cool looking armor i think wow im gonna make that class they look awsome . When a game looks good its just better ;)
805 mainly i like the gear i have chosen and wish it to be viewed as such... The only reason i wouldn't want them to see my appearence if it makes the game lag. I don't believe any one who says they only fight low level gear wearers.... no one plays that way... and it's a poor cry for change. The only reason why my zealot (Tpe) wears the gear i do is because i like the look of it.
806 People who fight warband in a 2-2-2 setup, are going to fight whether or not enemies are in appearance gear. People who roam for skirmish, be it solo or in group, are going to fight whether or not the enemy is in appearance gear. Pugs... well they just want to siege. If it is possible, maybe the players can toggle this on and off? So that whoever blames the appearance gear for getting smacked, can turn it off and blame something else... Thank you! (everyone working hard to keep this game alive) For your hard work, and dedication to the game and the players.
807 Regarding the last question, never seen anyone disguise himself, but have already seen players picking target based on gear.
808 Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies. We should be able to see appearance gear/dyes for all characters make the realm more fluffy for all to see.
809 Please fix the important issues on this game before you try to fix such minor stuff. Balance would be such an issue,.
810 I would hope no one is choosing a target that looks like t1 armor going "oh he's under geared and squishy hit the tank!" . Personally I enjoy the lv1 armor with kosarr helm on my chosen makes him like a pirate. And my enemies should enjoy that too!
811 Nerf Rampage :)
812 BS bug snif ! You are doing a great job! Continued like this;)
813 fabulous work. Great dev team... Hurra!!!!
814 I don't play often enough to really hold value to these questions.
815 kekw
816 Nice effort for literally a first world problem. If you want to survey the playerbase, ask them how they feel when the timer door of your faction reset several times for an hour straight while the opposite faction has theirs closed before the timer runs out.
817 Keep up the great work, appreciate all you do.
818 IMO the best would be the 'toggle' option most other options would make a chunk of the playerbase unhappy
819 Been playing around a year, mostly order, I have compared both factions and must say order is underwhelming in most aspects of game balance. Last Squig Herder mega buff especialy range and the pet is not doing a favor for players to enjoy a healthy pvp game. Best regard and keep going with your great job!
820 Would be nice if the white lootbag also had some for Talisman making not just for Cultivating.
821 You should make this per acct. I have over 100 toons. This is going to offset your results/
822 Players SHOULD be able to camoflauge themselves via appearance. This is a legitimate RL tactic and the world of WAR should emulate that.
823 I just wonder why destro shooters can delet a caracter so easily. Mono engee cannot make a dual vs a sqwig
824 Immunities aren't working in Kadrin Valley?
825 wow
826 my opinion, people are free to see enemys appearance as is right way for a game. expecially when the game give us all the chance to do it. so i dont see anything bad to leave all as before. ty for your job. game need to stay alive cause people love it.
828 Not really, I just wanted to say thank you so much to the whole team wo made it possible to still play this awesome game!
829 thanks to you guys that lisen to people and trying to make the game run beter and stuff! <3
830 Again thanks for all.
831 I would WANT to be able to foil the enemy's expectations by my appearance, and to allow them to do the same. Ask Sun Tzu: All of war is a deception.
832 weird questions but ok
833 I am a recently returned player, not yet skilled enough to notice the differences.
834 I dont think people are really tricked when they see a poor little DOK running around by itself in lowly appearing gear. If people are really upset maybe tinker with the bolster or again to make it so a rr80 full sov cant go 1v4 or 6.
835 you guys doing a great job.. thanks alot
836 For example, me as RP healer, i am using different appearance on back, because without it is like satelite and enemies are focusing me more.
837 Players should be able to have the choice to either display real gear or appearance. Thank you for this survey.
838 I feel that having the apperance on enimies is a good thing.
839 Im using a very high end PC so am unlikely to see any difference in performance.
840 game is amazing! Keep up great [email protected]
841 Please try to make playing after rr80 interesting.
842 How do I know someone's intent to 'explicitly trick' without asking them? WTF kind of loaded question is that? Else, I like the idea of appearance gear being an option to turn on/off for enemy faction to see. Some gear is terrible for the fact that it increases the ease of the opposing faction to target them.....HUGE problem in examples are slayer sov cloak and rune priest sov cloak....the enemy would have a horriblly unfair advantage at targeting them.
843 Play to warhammer's strong visual strength, let people express themselves through armor and dye! Memorable enemies creates fun rivalries and good fights!
844 Great job you are doing to keep this game alive. Thx!
845 Maybe, there should be an option that you could choose wether to see enemy players, and friendly playes with the standard armor, appeareance in order to improve fps
846 I understand the logic behind your descicion about the appearance of sets but please think of it again. I mean, if im no mistaken, Warhammer or SWTOR was the first mmorpg that introduced that feature and then WoW followed, which gave HUUGE boost to the game (WoW), up to this day! Even to RoR, no matter if, unfortunately, there is no great Role Play activity, still, players spend alot of time and gold to get their favorite looking set so they can have a better immerse feeling and be able to show it, not only to their own realm but also, to their "enemies". Appearance change in mmorpgs, might be only one single feature but it gives a great prospective and also keeps people busy and happy! As i usually say, is one of those things that maybe sound simple, but once you experience it, you cannot imagine playing without it, in its full form.Thx! ThankoThxu!
847 nobody except solo players are gonna cherry pick fights based on appearance.
848 Things happen far too quickly to make deliberate decisions about gear that people wear in RvR. It is certainly nice to e.g. hide the lampshade on the RP to avoid being a target (thanks Mythic bad gear design) or to paint myself bright orange as a Black Orc for shits and giggles. It doesn't make an practical combat difference though imho. If there was a way to optionally switch it on and off than for sure this is no problem for me. I like to see people's personalisation. It is a very small community after all.
849 As long as people are seeing a performance boost then I have no problem with it. Could you guys make it a toggle/chat command?
850 showing gear to an enemy means that focus will immediately go on weakest person. that will take much healer time to heal and res them. also if a person is able to modify his appearance the way to look low lvl to provoke enemies for attacking or ignoring is a part of basic tactics. pls let appearance to be shown as its owner wants. i understand that it takes a part of computer resources, but from tactical, estetical side it is absolutely needed.
851 Thanks very much for your efforts. Excellent server and excellent work by your team. You deserve more praise. I think the majority of the server welcomes your efforts to try improve things for the player base. I find the team quite open and again just want to Thank you guys.
852 There's literally no problem with people not being able to see gear. If they want to see the actual gear they have, stats and all. They can click on a player, right click the character porthole, and inspect. Then they can see their equipment. Just let people be creative with their appearances.
854 you are doing a great work thank you for keeping this game alive
855 Fix lag from blasting pots.
856 get more lag/freeze and why make the sc event for only premade ....
857 I think it doesn't matter what kind of gear players are wearing, if you have enough experience within the game, you should be able to tell which class/even spec (2hand/snb) your opponents are
858 Don't worry about gear appearence in combat, we play for fun. We like to look cool.
859 Squig OP
860 Make it optional in settings to chose if you want to see the real enemy gear or the appearance with default you see the appearance. Most player will go with the appearance and if competitive matters like in small scale rvr or cities - palyers will mostly likely change it. Thanks for your work - appreciated.
861 Love your work guy's!
862 Knowing an opponent's specific gear choices is more knowledge than is necessary to engage them in battle. Moreover, what people do with their gear to make it seem more or less powerful than it is, is a tactical decision made by the player. Sometimes I dye lowbie gear Slaanesh pink to scare my enemies into thinking im a twink alt. The system achieves its own parity by working in both directions. The only system I have experienced which gives an idea as to opponent power without spoiling any tactical advantage is the Dark Age of Camelot system whereby all opponent names are altered to be [Race] [Realm Title]. In my case, an Order character would see "Elf Dark Lord" indicating to them that I am somewhere in the renown rank 70s.
863 Thank you for the close work with people.
864 I always assume everyone is in full sov and appearance matters little to me. Dye's is where it's at.
865 buff sorcerer damn you
866 I do not know English. I speak Russian.
867 I was wondering about the Blackguard as a class, are there any plans to look at the dps or the way it works as a tank? I feel that the skill feeding on weakness could be better as an ability. Perhaps improving the healing aspect of it with 100 hate it heals for 150% of the damage. Another alternative would be the less health the blackguard has the more damage that feeding on weakness deals, or a combination of both. Also would it be possible to get blade of ruin back as a skill that is available at rank 40?
868 Maybe there can be an option to allow each player to choose whether to view the enemy "appearance" or enemy "gear." I think once the advantage of disguising your true gear becomes less reliable, appearance will once again be primarily for FashionHammer.
869 Restrict realm hopping to 24hours or even more!
871 people spend a lot of time customizing their appearance's. This is done for many reasons, none of which in my opinion is to hide skil level or gear level. It is simply an extension of themselves into their characters.
872 to notice enemy class, all you need is race and weapons. armors are to show personal character. i never thought it were disguise, i thought it for unique fashion. do you think ppl run from sov look? or rush to t1 rags? maybe... even if they do i don't see the problem. ppl will soon notice disguisers name. or learn to not underestimate low lvls by look. with client patch can we have both performance improve and fashionhammer?
873 I would apreciate a same aproach concerning the Balance issues of classes, TY
874 skins are totally usefull for yourself and others . If people play differently against a non geared enemy and against endgame geared enemy and get refkt, that fine . if you force people to see real gear, you will have battlefield full of Clones and its like u put a giant target on new player with bad gear . REALLY BAD IDEA .
875 This game has been wonderful to come back to! Ive been playing with my dad, uncle and brothers during our quarantine and i just wanted to say Thank you! =)
876 I think people work hard to make their character look a certain way. Everyone else should see them how they want to be seen. It adds so much to the game when you can think "I hate that purple orc" or "I'm going to get the goblin with the skulls on him". Thank you for all that you do and this survey is a great idea!
877 Please keep this change implemented. It is a great change.
878 With the current bolster system under 40 toons with best gear for current level can have stats similiar to rr50-60 toons and using alternate appearance is not a hindering factor when considering chances of winning - those are the class and skill of a player, not how they look like. Player skill IS NOT reflected by how player's "real" gear looks like.
879 Seeing both your friends' and foes' appearence gear should be default for the following reasons: - Lore-wise - Leaving the ability to align Armor pieces for cosmetic reasons (which goes for dyes, too) - Making players able to cover their gear tier to not get target-picked solely because they wear lower gear; the above choice "To some extent" is already covered with e.g. the Armory and during fight with add-ons like Enemy (e.g. target defenses) or simple combat log reading
880 Warhammer is about appearance, otherwise all the tabletop minatures would come pre-painted.
881 Lot of Bugs since the Patch. Leaving in a sc and get ported in front of the enemy capital city isnt so funny.
882 hoping you can make scenarios that cater to pugs and soloers, premades should fight orvr or premade scenarios only. allow marginalized players an opportunity to have a better experience.
883 Melee SH is ridiculously OP, I leave scenerios when I see them
884 no inglis mi spain
885 Gear is a players choice as should be the apprecance
886 I wouldnt have the faintest idea what the oppositions gear looks like at different levels! Since patch there have been pauses or mini freezes. They seem to occur when doing things like mounting up or moving from pve to rvr areas.
887 appearance for flavour is nice. Being able to better read the opponents powerlvl in never bad. Ive never noticed someone trying to "trick" me or others by "twinking via gear". On the other hand i havent used gear to assume power on this server like i did on live, since appearance was for both realms. Best option would be to have a toggle option for ppl, let em chose if to see enemies actual gear or appearance. If that aint possible, imo let global fashionhammer come back would be the best compromise.
888 Do your best, real skins for the win. Appearance is facultative and doesnt matter.
889 I think a way to see what level certain enemy characters are is a better alternative than forcing all players to be seen as default by the enemy faction. Alt appearances are a great way to personalize your character and it's a waste if the enemy sees you in a default look.
890 balance in this server is fucking horrible get someone balancing the game instead of making bullshit updates
891 The suit DOES NOT make the man. Bring back #Fashionhammer
892 Squig needs nerf
893 slayers rampage skill needs a nerf
894 Hi. Pls more recolored zone for some class. Mara and BG can recolor full armor(maybe other class same, i dont remember what can recolor other class). I mean BG chest, recolor body place, arm place but lower place in front between 2 feet(grey triangle) cant re-color, so cant doing full black BG.( not big problem just little need for me and sry for my english)
895 The whole idea of tricking players using appearance is an odd stance considering its ultimately up to the attacking player to decide whether or not they want to engage, having their "real" gear shown may in theory make some players decide against engaging, but then what is the point of having end game gear if it can make players have less fights, do people actually study each gear set to know what their enemy has? And at least in my case, the only thing that happens when sov is shown is that enemies are more visible due to the unique and usually larger cloaks/helms, my choice to engage more often than not is based on what my class is, if im solo or in a group, and what class my enemy is, not what everyone is wearing. my vanq witch elf can kill a sov white lion or slayer not due to the gear that I see but do to what classes are fighting
896 this is the 4th time I have had to fill this out. Appearances make no differences to game play other than the stickiness of the characters for the players
897 am not play so much so i cant tell you the best option
898 Zero performance increase. Who cares what people want to look like? Did a dev get killed by a a chosen in a tshirt so they decided this would be a great idea? If you play the game you know who's what RR and what gear theyre likely to be in. Was this chance really implemented to help brand new people not attack people in Sov armor? If sov is so OP then nerf it. No one else cares.
899 I'm probably not observant enough of familiar enough with enemy gear appearances in order to be a good judge of any of this. Seems like something for the super-dedicated players who put tons of hours into this game. Me, I play about 2-4 hours per night, consistently.
900 I haven't tested enough to say if performance is better since the change or not. All I can say is that if this change doesn't improve performance it should be reverted in my opininion. Thank you for your hard work! Keep up the icredible job your team are doing!
901 Lol no one looks at appearnce for gear really, its only easy to tell if they have sov cloak or not. and does it matter if you do recognize it? People spend plenty of time making their appearance just right and for their enemies to see their flashy fashion hammer, whats the point if no one can see it of having appearance then
902 A lot of players, me included, take great pride in how the modify their appearance so that they do not look like their fellow players. The creativity, and the pride felt in something like that, should be shared with anyone and everyone.
903 many players within their own realm either hide or use different gear appearance already, some is fashion/better appearance and some is to hide their skill/RR/gear level
904 if the devs think it's best for server performance i have no problem with the change
905 Love to see more appearances - even unique cosmetic sets such as making classes looking like NPCs for more flavour, I feel like more appearance options will be better for the game, i know many players that will do dungeons on lock for months just for a mount. This would give much more reasons to play the game when we already have Best in slot gear
906 This is a bit off topic as the numbers have increased. Would it be worth trying to put T2 - T3 back to normal state or even in SC making them T2 only and T3 only i understand the bolster effect but ive seen a massive diffrence in Bolstered players to high lvl players with more abilities and renown points in skills
907 I think if you can make it so it's a toggle option that would be nice, but if you can't then fuck seeing the enemies transmog
908 The recent change to how the enemy realm views your appeance is very disapointing. It really hurts character personalization which is very important to people. I have not noticed any performance diffrence after the change. I also have not seen many cases of people "disguising" themselves to trick newer players. In the end, I think it was a bad change and should be reverted.
909 Make endless T3 please
910 For the last question, I have seen some people who would have their appearance in lower tier gear, but always thought of it as a joke or because they enjoyed the fashion which I definitely had no issues with. I would also encourage players to use the Armory to actually know what their enemy is geared in. With that though I think the armory should have to include changednames instead of just the name they were created with. I would love for enemy players to be able to see my gear but don't think they should be forced, but I don't believe players should be forced to see their actual gear. Someone mentioned on the forums potentially having a setting for appearance and real. Other than that, I personally believe that someones appearance and fashion plays a huge part in their character especially when considering someone like Krubs.
911 -Do you think that in a game in which my character dies instantly, it is important to arrange a survey regarding appearance, not balance? I don't care what the enemy looks like, because this game is about endless war, and such a survey undermines the very spirit of the game. Better return the characters of destruction to their rightful place in the rvr! No one considers what the armor looks like on an opponent other than a Witch Hunter, and nothing is more disappointing than the apparent lack of balance in the game! question # 6 is not correct! The appearance of the character is not an attempt to mislead, but is the right of the player! But the survey is perplexing, as if you want to get consent from the players to deprive them of their rights!
912 Would Suck to get Targetted as a low level just cause enemies can tell what gear you have on.
913 This was a fantastic change. Please do not undo.
914 buff dok...nerf am
915 Appaerance gear is a nice feature which makes every player unique, either for their own realm as for the oponement realm. Since lvl 16 players already play between the lvl 40's wich can be tough, they now even get more targeting becouse they stand out due to their low gear, now you are certain you jump a lowbie instead of a disquised high lvl char.
916 I can understand to some extent that a player might be disguising their experience with lower gear appearances but that could be solved to an extent by displaying RR instead of just "40". TBH, past basic gear post 40, I have no clue what each armor set looks like on my side much less the opposing side. I personally like seeing what choices even the opposing side makes for their gear but if people are actually using it to fool the opposition then I don't it. Also for anything that helps server lag.
917 it's very important for the roleplay, maybe the best solution would be a switch togglable with a cmd?
918 Yes,Nerf shamans..Your first priority xD..To disable the transmogs or the appearences isn't so big deal..i mean the game was created like this and it's good to keep this as it is..(Its best to see their transmog not real gear,after all its a gank game so what that will change? groups can gank each other or in roams)anyway Nerf shamans,lot of ppl asks for that..OR atleast nerf their dps,not anything on em..Class is broken. Thanks and sorry more information..
919 thx for work you all do
920 Thank you so much for making, support, and running RoR.
921 Thanks Devs for your Work <3 i truly love what you guys do for us, thanks <3 sadly i cannot donate to you guys
922 ty for your time - best to you all and your families in 2021
923 Toggle between forced only the gear theyre wearing, appearances showing, and performance
924 With the current bolster system under 40 toons with best gear for current level can have stats similiar to rr50-60 toons and using alternate appearance is not a hindering factor when considering chances of winning - those are the class and skill of a player, not how they look like. Player skill IS NOT reflected by player's "real" gear looks like.
926 If the removal of that feature had a significant performance improvement I agree that it should be kept, it could only benefit new players and the arrival of new players through positive advertising. But if it didn't (and of that I really can't tell having a high end pc) I think the removal of the crossrealm appearence just hurts certain aspects of the gameplay for the wiser players that choose to use it as a way to improve their pvp experience overall (i.e baiting in orvr, missdirection in ranked solo)
927 With the current bolster system under 40 toons with best gear for current level can have stats similiar to rr50-60 toons and using alternate appearance is not a hindering factor when considering chances of winning - those are the class and skill of a player, not how they look like.
928 I want to perceive enemy players as they want to appear to me. Part of what makes warhammer pvp great is faction rivalry and identifiable rvr "regulars" such as guild/warband leaders. Graphical performance hasn't improved and it's not an effective pvp "deception" tool anyway.
929 I believe that NOW is easier to target the most weak target of a group/warband, while not being able to see if the enemy has top gear is trivial. I also think that I should be unique and able to distinguish myself from a crowd, as I choose to make myself appear. Off-topic maybe, but there is no balance. The mandatory skills are better distributed in destro than order. In addition tanks are shitty dps and healing classes like RP and AM are dominating. SM for example is a better tank than live, but lost all it's offensive ability. Heaven's blade for example should return to it's original form. I have more suggestions and no more word limit here :)
930 please a better matchmaking! anytime solo que and i get a premade and all enemys rr70+ vs me rr40 with randoms wtf
931 let people choose
932 Question 5: cant say anything about it. Didnt played much since the changes.
933 Only started playing again recently so no comment really.
934 Let people choose
935 make it optional
936 appearance gear is for personal joy and to show off your character with those that your playing / talking with in a fashion that you choose, if removing enemies ability to see it increases overall performance that is a far better option.
937 If the gain in performance is great then il gladly accept to not see the enemy player appearance.
938 I dont understand this change. You guys dont understand the whole point of an MMO is being able to show off gear (ANY GEAR) you worked for. Appearance is a big thing in an MMO. Also while on this topic I've had ZERO improvement to my frames.
939 I haven't played for a while, co I cannot comment on any increase/decrease in performance, but generally as long as it makes the game run smoother during large-scale encounters, I don't really mind. Besides, I don't really have time or need to observe what type of dusgusting scrap that one orc managed to ducpate on himself thistime during a large-scale combat.
940 To me this is part of a RVR game like ganking. I don't care. You always need to be careful that bunny may be a vorpal bunny
941 np
942 Appearance is a really important aspect of any game, keep it as it was. Cmon, wake up!
943 This last question is missleading. No one is trying to trick anybody.
944 As long as it increases the performance and makes ppl crash less in fort def, I am absolutely happy with the change and since the apperance I choose on my characters is in most cases for my own enjoyment and perhaps to share it with my guildmates, I do not care about my visual apperance to my ennemies. :)
945 Enemies should only be able to see your real gear. You should be able to know how powerful a player is based on how their gear looks. I should not be best in slot, but have my starting ghear appearance so i look like a lowbie. I rather enjoy the idea of everyone being able to see your alternate appearance gear though, so possibly find another way to identify players power level. Maybe all players get a little dot by their name when targeted. Green dot for RR 50 and below, Yellow dot for RR 60, Blue dot for RR 70, and Red dot for RR 80. Then you can have players use appearance gear.
946 I haven't notice this being a real issue, but if it is the change makes sense.
947 #changeitback
948 Question about this. Will we be able to see dyes on the opposing realm's gear? Or will it show as its default colors?
949 I dont do high level ORvR so i dont know if the gear sets have much of an effect (like some of the sets in WoW (sorry for bringing up another game)) but a toggle option seems like it would make sense. NO idea how hard that would be to implement though.
950 fashion is important
951 Nerf Squig
952 i ate some pancakes today :P
953 I DON'T LIKE WHITE LION'S CHANGES. you wasted the soul of white lion
954 It's part of the fantasy and personalization of the game. It's an MMO made of unique individuals. Give an option to toggle on/off.
955 Should be an option if you want to enable *real* appearance, if its possible
956 If someone is lvl 16-39 you wont get fooled by 'gear' someone is wearing. If someone does it @ lvl 40 its pretty obvious
957 #StopBashingOurFashion
958 Personally, but could be a personal limit or a characteristic of the healing profession, I don't have time to actually see the gear the enemies wear. About detecting if that is a sovereign or a ruin: impossible as I don't play other side. I consider the whole matter an aesthetic issue. And I like aesthetic issues, meaning that I would like that anyone, friend or enemy, will see, if interested, my aesthetic choices. I don't think it will make any difference in orvr: if you enjoy playing you will play independently if the enemies are geared to the teeth or not. Instead, I would remove the possibility to HIDE friendly profile: if you HIDE it then your *real* gear is shown.
959 #StopBashingOurFashion! It was very unpopular decision on live. And will be same here. You guys more than any other people know it has nothing to do with "performance" as community defines this term (big FPS, no stutters, no freezes, no lags). And its not cool to make questions in survey in such way. They are very misleading.
960 If possible, probably make a setting for players to choose: "Enemy Appearance gear" *SHOW* & *HIDE* Have a good day...
961 Off Topic but for class balance the Arch Mage and Shaman both are really lacking in the healing specs. They are fine in DPS spec but it noboby wants either off healer in a city because they would rather have the 2 other heal classes in thier realms. Both AM/Shammy could seriously use some healing love.
962 Revert the change to keep a huge part of the rpg element of the game...
963 If this change really improves performance i won't care about appearances, you can even remove appearance function completely as long as the lag gets fixed too
964 Appearance creates character, dont let complainers ruin character. When people enter fights the appearnce of the enemy gear is rarely an indicator of how good they are or what level of play they have. The only people that would call foul of appearance would be WE's and WH's and whpo gives a fuck what gankers think
965 I think it would be better to be able to see renown rank of enemy realm players instead of *real* gear. I dont know looks of most classes' high rank gear and i dont think majority of players do. But if it is this important for fair play, I think its better idea to make it switchable in game options. Knowing that appereance can be changed, I was always keeping in mind that enemy I see could have any gear: the best or the worst, regardless of gear i see (imo most players know that too). And myself, I prefer to be seen with my *apprarance* gear (fashionhammer reasons) - looking good is important to me.
966 ok
967 This is one of those things were if there is a noticable performance gain at the loss of some appearance than performance should be priority over cosmetics
968 Hey guys, I'm brand new to this so I don't have any firsthand experience to base this survey off. However, it sounds like the changes you made are a step in the right direction. I believe it will make the learning curve steeper for new players like me, however it will reward in-game knowledge and savvy.
969 About the last question, when someone encounters an enemy player (normaly at high range) and his further actions are infulenced by the gear he can not even clearly see from that distance and not by the lvl that is clearly shown ... something is really wrong. That might be a thing for stealth classes, but why should only they benefit. Additionally thats only important for 1vs1 so not important at all.
970 I only just returned to the game; I have no idea what any of this means. But people should be allowed to RP their appearence but not hide it from paperdoll or find a work around to show strength, maybe colour coded hp bars or...? But either way, make account recovery easier; was a bugger to restart the client!
971 Never seen appearance disguse as a "thing". Usually you see if the enemy is good or good geared by the dmg they do the first few hits.
972 o yeee nah ye nahh ye ye nahh fuck owfffff, i been a sparkie for 15 years
973 I haven't played much since the change so can't speak to the performance gains (selected No Difference). Unless they are drastic though, making appearance items faction only is a buzzkill.
974 I liked seeing opposition players with their gear choice, it adds character to the game.
975 Personally have no problem with this change at all. If it doesn't influence everyones gaming expirience (aka. server load) than maybe there should be an option to switch this. My personal expirience was that, if destro rushes us, I've never had time and possibility to look wether or what gear he wears...
976 I'm not sure how many players changed gear apperance to "hide" their level as, imho, a part of Warhammer is to look beastly and have cool looking gear. However I'm sure some players have done so but then again is that they just like "plain" gear? I think it is possible. For me, I understand both arguments however and accept whatever the decision is. I do like the idea of enemy players seeing me how I want to be seen though.
977 must be optional, and as most of the people dont know hows gears by tier looks like that dont make difference!
978 Thank you for all the hard work !
979 If it has a vast improvement in reduced Lag then iam for removing it otherwise let those who want have it remain
980 Love the game, you are doing Great!
981 Game is great, but please fix solo que for sc`s especially t4. Its impossible to make it to a fight if you are solo atm. Also the contribution system is kinda strange, people are pushing boxes just so they can get some roll for the bags, totally disregarding the realm war effort (pushing boxes even as our side is sieging). I understand its made for lowbies to be able to contribute, but it should result in less overall contribution compared to the guys who spend hours of fighting. For exemple a healer would snatch a box and leave his party undermanned just so he can get contribution. This is a bit awkward in the mechanic. Also as tank, I experience the strange thing of being rewarded much better when I play 2h dps style rather than help my mates as a tank. Even tho I spam challanges and bellows, swap guards I get the feeling that 2h is much better
982 i have no problems with people diguising gear to fake people out.
983 who the fuck has time to look at enemy's gear appeareance?
984 I no care
985 Known for a fact it does not improve performance. Why you lying? If you're going to pug solo the game, at least assume everyone is vanq+ and not in starter gear because it's easier to dye, and don't make excuses as to why you make changes no one wants.
986 I feel it should be a graphics setting that people can switch on or off if they want to.
987 Squigherders have amazing CC and mobility, but also very good damage with armor penetration. It is frustratingly imbalanced. Ranged knockdown, knockback, jump away, single target ranged snare, aoe melee snare, ranged morale snare, silence, disarm, and thats just in ranged form. They need to be addressed
988 I did not even notice this happened until it was discussed in chat. One of the great things for me about warhammer is the attention to detail and the character appearance. The appearance is a big motivator for me in which character I play. I think how you have your appearance set should be how everyone sees it. Either way i'm just happy I have Warhammer!!!! Thank you for everything you do!!!!!!!! I appreciate you all !!
989 didnt play for a long tme, had a break :) so no idea about the performance increase and in the past I didnt see any "disguised" players
990 Hey! My character loves to RvR naked! If you make it so appearance gear is not available to enemies it makes me a HUGER target! I have contigincies for being a target but not to the extent i will now face!
991 more important things
992 I'll admit.. I'm not the target person for this as I only recently got back into this. I have played games that you can do this in before though and I see the argument on both cases.
993 This community is not one which often has playersd attempting to "game" the system through trickery as most fights here are too large to notice the tank with a wooden shield or whatever. In reality it is more likely that the strong playes attempt to make themselves more recognizable to ally and enemy alike because the nature of game encourages you to gain renown in more than a mechanical sense. One thing I think should be changed around this discussion is the ability to stop realmmates from inspecting your gear; it's counterintuitive and just a strange feature to have.
994 expect to play against the best and worst regardless of appearance
995 Just started playing
996 I work hard on my fashionhammer so I won't like this change, probably ever, but I understand why the change needed to happen
997 Appearance doesnt matter. Perfomance matters.
998 dont "fix" something something thats not broken leave gear look alone ffs And why in the fuck did you break the crismas Stein???
999 This survey needs n/a options. I haven't played enough to really make good judgement on these questions.
1000 Everything that improves performance and FPS improvement is IMO a priority among other things. Seems that appearence changes does not really affect it. If the code is now easier to read and/or edit and that opens new opportunities to reduce lag, then go for it. Also, allowing enemies to "appear" or "disguise" themselves as stronger makes focus the weak player not a thing and make them quit. Also the armory never lies :) Thank you, devs, for caring, surveys are allways welcome. :)
1001 AMs are a joke for heals, when are you goign to put soem time into AMs heals and surviveability? also u have really messed up the game with nerfign weak shadow warriro but strangely buffing nons top string SH.
1002 Honestly, it has never been an issue that was very apparent to me, so I can't comment very in-depth. If it helps people, fair enough. For me, personally, it doesn't matter.
1003 Fashion is part of the experince and should not be removed. There are other ways to see how well ur enemy is geared (Titel). Good players are easier to reckonize if not everybody looks the same. It's a shame to remove one of the best parts of the game, just cause of some small performance increase or "the intention of tricking" somebody (which is kinda redicueless).
1004 Just leave stuff alone unless its actually gonna improve performance
1005 there should never be a problem on how a person chose to make their character look. in 80% of the cases the players in low tier appearances use outlandish bright dyes so that should be a hint on how long that character has been around to obtain those colors. in my strongest opinion if people dont want to see the game for what art it has to show there should be a toggle option in the menu so both sides of the party gets what they want. im pro appearance because it gives every player on the enemy side individuality, when i kill and Order player its more satifying fighting an enemy that has a unique sence of style it gives the world more character and depth.
1006 Appearance is a good lookin' feature and visually appealin'.
1007 I'm new and don't play as much or during 'prime times'. So. Take my poll with a grain of salt.
1008 thank you for letting us play this game. i'm new and it is a lot of fun. i'm sure it's not a huge deal to many, but the public quests being broken really takes a lot out of the game
1009 If it help perfomance much better-its git gut. If it pursues a goal just a "some ppl hide their sov at low lvl setgear, and some newbies cant see danger" its a bed changes, because for newbies problem not in gear, but in understanding the game and this dont help them. For some lowbiekillers who like kill players unable to identify danger- so it's their right. Mb its not good, but its their right. And 100% ohers ppl who like their appereance, mustn't pay for this.
1010 I don't know that I'm well versed enough in gear appearance to have noticed anything anyway. I do think it would be nice if this were optional though it's not a game changer for me by any means. You guys are doing a great job and I REALLY appreciate all that you do. Thank you!!
1011 I don't care much on this issue but it it's doesn't effect performance then I'd leave it how it was were you could see appearnace armor. If you could toggle it on depending on the individual player that would be best.
1012 osef
1013 For me it's no matter about gear it's more about situation (attack or not to). I personally tryed to find things for some of my characters and i would like everybody include other faction was able to see my character appearance that i chose.Players who interested abot real gear can use armory .
1014 I am fairly new so I dont have alot of experience with appearance gear yet.
1015 not an issue to me. Melee SH is broken and order classes continued to be nerfed to allow destro to win fortresses while order still loses 70-80 of city instances because of imbalances.
1016 I don't know what you're talking about lol.
1017 In my opinion players shoudlbe able to chose. Checkbox in options menu should be great: - show apperance gear on enemies - show apperance gear on friendly Everyone *should be forced* to see how player 'painted' his gear. Thank you for letting me state my opinion Best regards
1018 I think it should be an option to be able to see the apperance of other players gear. INCLUDNG enemy gear as a whole it would be easier to do that and I do not understand why it is not one already
1019 i think that being able to dress yourself yourself the way you like is a great thing and i don't like the idea of the opponent seing you differently than what you wanted them to see. if someone is "punished" because he thought he was targeting a weaker opponent, that sounds like justice to me. in my exeprience, nobody's looking for fair fights in open rvr. If people want fair fights, maybe getting rid of gears and leveling would be a much better solution? i have this feeling that people wanting to see the actual gear will never be happy unless one give em invincibility. the only problem i have with this game is the drastic fps loss when around keeps or huge groups of players. btw thank you guys for all the efforts you put into this.
1020 First time logging in till the patch...
1021 In all my time playing this game, I have never heard this to be an issue and I have played in bothsides. All the banther from chat, never once seen anything about appearances.
1022 I enjoy the looks of enemies as much as those of allies, a pretty much samey group is boring.
1023 For the appernece there should be a toggelable option to ether have the enemy apperences off or on depending if people dont mind seeing what outfits they made and admire it while fighting or those who want to see the true gear they are wearing
1024 Please revert back. I do fashionhammer mainly for the opposite side to see me.
1025 You did a shitload of awesome work. Cheers to you motherfuckers !
1026 Compare a squig's survivability to a sorc. Knockdown/silence/disarm/ranged snare/melee snare/jump away/knockback/speed boost/armor vs silence/root that breaks/disarm with a cast time/snare with a cast time. Its ridiculous how much the squig has
1027 Fashion is really important to me.Me and some of our guild members have spent hours and a lot of gold to customize our characters for that specific reason.
1028 Archmage looked like a healer but it was a dps in disguise
1029 Give the option to see appearance gear by default and/or only make it visibile in scenarios
1030 Even if they did "trick" other players, why would it matter? Even if it should be a big deal, you will learn after the first time meeting that player.
1031 let us see what we want them to see thats how online games should work.... if you attack someone that looks like a new player you are the coward, if he is in disguise its your fault
1032 I can't be sure if ppl like diffrent looks or are "trying to disguise" their gear. Doesn't matter anyway, RR exists, and if you go to attack a player who looks to be in low level gear, aren't you just being cheesy for attacking the weak? It cuts both ways, and theres too many assumptions made about why ppl have different looks. Now, if it helps preformance, by all means do it.
1033 I think it keeps things spicy for players to be able to disguise their gear. Being able to pick out a disadvantaged player with bad gear can in some situations just be a cheap shot and isn'nt necessarily good strategy.
1034 people playing should expect to play against the best and worst on the server regardless of what they look like
1035 Just restarted so probably not very helpful info.
1036 i have no problem with people disguising their gear.
1037 One of the most un-fun, needless changes ever.
1038 I don't think the change was necessary
1039 To add to my latest survey, I had big stutters over the weekend.
1040 hey thanks for doing all this, the game is a great time.
1041 I think that it is part of the game that some people use apperance gear to trick others, however I understand how disappointing it may be to some, and how unfriendly it turns this game for the new players. I beleive that this is a minor issue which is nice to discuss, however I do not see a clear answer for this matter due to the fact that it has always been a part of RoR/AoR, therefor the only decision there is for me is to make it optional in the visual/graphics menu: Do you want to see real enemy gear - (tick box) Do you want to see enemy apperance gear, classic/vanilla way - (tick box) or something like that. Sorry for any orphographic and other mistakes, English is my second language. Thank you! =)
1042 The removal of appearances makes no sense. if you seriosuly have fallen for someone using t1 appearances then I am highly doubtful that you would actually be able to tell a difference with the sov sets etc. Sorry but thats the saddest excuse in the history of excuses.
1043 Why worry about such a thing? Players make their appearance based on their personal preference and what they want their character to look like to everyone. In RvR, everyone RED is your enemy (technically)...who cares what they look like. If you are "duped" because you think they are an easy kill due to your own assumption based on their appearance...then you deserve your "ass" handed to you.
1044 Gear Appearance is really important in the world of Warhammer, just remember that it was the essence of the game IRL when we can paint all of them as we wish. So i think it's a bad idea to stop this. We know if enemy is storng by the name, cause we know all of our enemy or so. Don't worry
1046 im super new so i dont actually knoe anything about the world
1047 Keep up the good work guys!
1048 I like the fact that you can see peoples "real gear" since it shows their ingame skill and level
1049 Always a positive in mmos to create an appearance that makes you unique to your enemies, to lose this would be a shame imo.
1050 In my opinion this is a great feature for the role playing community. Maybe this could be enabled if not flagged for PvP.
1051 This subject is only a concern based on its impact on performance. Approve of this, and any update that improves performance.
1052 Make it optional
1053 You guys are awesome, I appreciate all the time you donate to this community!
1054 Haven't really noticed any performance improvements since the change. But I really dislike seeing all enemies looking the same wearing generic looking gear. It's taken away a lot of the flavour and soul of the game
1055 Der Beruf Verwerter funktioniert nicht. Es �ffnet sich ein Fenster zum ausw�hlen des Ertrags, ist aber keine M�glichkeit vorhanden etwas zu w�hlen und man muss abbrechen.
1056 I see both sides of the argument but the way the game works I don't see how it's realivant, you get caught off gaurd you're dead eaither way, you fight someone better than you then there is an opportunity to learn and grown from the expierience rather than get bitter about appearance. In every game of this sort players are trying to look like a noob but it never really makes a difference in grand sceme of things. If it turns out it affects the game in a negative way then remove it. Now lets get a survey going for LV or LOTD lol
1057 why dont the cannons work at the cannon battery in ekrund? they used to be able to be fired, but now they cant be :( .
1058 show appearance in scenarios and/or have an option in menu to not show it in rvr
1059 I don't care
1060 Thanks For Nerfing KoBS to oblivion. Rolling over order now is so much fun!
1061 N/A
1062 Non important issue like x-realming
1063 show the equip ward for the player when clicked
1064 I think the displayed realmrank titel is more than enough to give players an adequate idea of their enemies gear.
1065 MAKE THE SURVEY ACCOUNT BOUND not character specific. I have altitist
1066 Appearance gear is a great system, and it should not be changed. What you call "trick" is something that no one cares to be honest.
1067 Dont take a part of fashion hammer away from us. Most people use low level gear as appearance because they just like how they look, they are not trying to trick anyone and even if they were.... the server is tiny everyone know eachother, if you really want to trick people you also need to change your name. My recommandation on that matter is to add the Renown Rank of the player above their head like name, title, guild. If you want to have an option to toggle on and off the enemy gear appearance, its fine too.
1068 zSDFGhbgfdjfghj
1069 You shouldn't be able to inspect other players either. Figure it out yourself or work with others to figure it out. GET RID OF THE ARMORY TOO! I wear War-Torn on most of my 65+ toons 1) it's simplistic and I like it. 2) it's so ppl think they have an edge over me and find out that they are wrong and going crying to mommy when the "under-geared" man touched me in bad places. QUIT BEING A BABY & LEARN 2 PLAY
1070 Thanks for continued hard work.
1071 Who cares?
1072 Thanks for running this game. It's awesome and appreciated.
1073 thanks for the game i know u guys are workin hard keep it up
1074 A toggle option would be best, then you can choose whether you see an opponents 'real' appearance or not. No idea what the last question is even meant to be getting at lol.
1075 I can't see what the appearanc of gear matters. Who cares? Whether I can see their gear or not won't change the outcome of the fight. If they're better, they'll win. If I'm better, I'll win.
1076 Armor buff and armor pots dont stack on my DOK, and Str buff and Str pot dont stack on my Chosen. Also today I spent 3 hrs waiting for sc t4 with my 60rr dok and litterally got ONE sc pop with full party ..... Please give people chance to play rathar then appearence abusements!
1077 In my opinion...during a fight, I have no time or the ability to admire the equip of an enemy.
1078 Personaly I do not care too much about appearences and definitely care about performance, so if this increases performance I am happy with it and would request the change to stay. I do not mind people trying to disguise skills with appearences and dont mind high-gear players appearing as if they are in starter gear Possible solution for people who care a lot about their appearance could be to make it a toggle button if thats possible
1079 If the change is better for the performance of the game i would say too keep it otherwise i think it can be fun too see appearance gear on players. Some ppl are quite creative:)
1080 *explicitly trick* is a harsh term. Just because I turn off my Sovereign cloak and the enemy can't see the giant thing sticking out behind my head, doesn't mean I'm trying to trick anyone... I just don't want to be an easy target. And what about those griefers who *explicitly target* low level players? It's nice to surprise them with my lvl 82 power when they think I'm an easy kill. Appearance gear has been a factor of play since day one. Good or bad, FashionHammer should stay.
1081 Can you just make it an option you can select? Let the individual decide. I'd rather see enemies real gear.
1082 If it helps performance, I'm all for it. Guys should look how they want. Wether its elaborate or like a tool new character to "disguise" their level of play/gear. Classes are still easy to determine based on weapons/race.
1083 This survey was filled with loaded questions. I know who players are by name and how they play. I cant be sure if a player changed their appearnce to trick people, or they just liked the look of the lower gear. If this improves preformance, I'm all for it, but I haven't noticed any improvment. If it's being done so that ppl won't be "tricked" thats a silly reason. Thx for the survey!
1084 Return fashionhammer pls)
1085 For real is this really an issue? or is it yet another change from the dev side that's being hidden under the guise of "we saw literally one dickhead complain about it so it must be a real issue"
1086 Not played much so no real opinion.
1087 Intresting change, i cant decide if i like it or not, if it has a positive performance effect on the game, than i vote to keep the change.
1088 It would be nice to have a toggle to allow custom appearances be used for the enemy faction, even if only in role playing areas (not flagged for pvp).
1089 honestly I rarely pay attention to how exactly each set looks like, I just look at their visual the same way WoW does to players, I just try to remember some names that do alot of damage and have high RR. But if such changes are made to make this game runs better, I approve it anyway. Because its sad seeing forts or keeps insanely drop frame like if the game were so heavy and ultimate mmorpg that requires top tier pc. I know we had such problems at another old mmorpg which were famous too like Nexus the kingdom of winds (aka as baram at korea) was one famous like Ultima online at that time. They had some big issue with the sounds each skill provided, and when lots players gathered together to fight it was a massive sound lag, they remade something under their systems to fix such thing. I dont kno
1090 I want the game performance the best that it can be. Not all people have super computers. I love rvr and i will take a better performing game over looks any day of the week.
1091 Sorry, did not even notice that change. Don't play long enough to be able to tell one set from the other just by appearance. :)
1092 This absolutely makes no sense... You people are overly concerned about useless things. How about fixing gear bugs where people are stacking stalwart stones into gear and crushing people. Seems like you can't "patch" anything without breaking something that was working... and this is shown throughout WAR history over the past several years. I would like you to quit "fixing" things, because the game has been broken multiple times since inception, due to y'all "fixing" things. Just make it so everyone can play without grief. It's obvious you favor Destro and want every character to have other characters abilities... If you want those abilities, roll/play those characters, not fuse them into one. Thank you for your time.
1093 I just want to say I love the game and its awesome that ya keep it alive! I hope it comes back in full glory some day! Keep up the great work! -a new and loyal fan
1094 the game works just fine
1095 Appearance gear is a great feature in this game and shouldnt be restricted in any way, that includes the enemy faction. E.g. I always loved to see that dwarf guild with their "B"-shields.
1096 already answered on alt
1097 sh is tooooo OP
1098 i dont care.
1099 Hi there and ty for the survey as well as good job on this nice server. Not sure about the last question about if I have come a cross any ppl that have tricked, I prob have but not pay attention to it. However imo the gear shoud be at its orginal look to enemy, to avoid it if thos tricks will be more and more common later on.
1100 Not sure if my feedback is relevant as I have only been playing for a week. You guys have done an amazing job and I'm having loads of fun though. Much love from Australia.
1101 Make it optional.
1102 I am well aware of who enemy players are and their skill / gear by knowing what their appearance looks like. Unique appearances are better indicator to me of who is who.
1103 Thank you for your work
1104 More appearances are needed for this game and you ennemy should see you gear according to your appearances. There is no trickery here. Removing the point of appearances will cause many people to quit, especially Roleplaying guilds and others who want to look unique to their friends and foes. Anyone offended or tricked by ennemie's appearances shouldn't be playing this game as you can easily check a person's gear ingame or on website. Implement more Appearances, not less, its been over 3 years the community has been asking for them. Please and thank you.
1105 Actually working out what gear someone is in at a glance is pretty much impossible anyway and if you're trying to kill based on enemy gear level then chances are you're looking for an easy kill. Let everyone look awesome and tell players to assume everyone is in Sov.
1106 Appearance and interaction with other realm players is always a big deal for me thus i do not support the recent change. As for performance improvement i can say there is no difference so far first model loading timers are same about 2-7 second delay depending on population.
1108 I clearly understand this game is shit, but just cant stop playin
1109 Nerf Squikherder.....Destro-class way to strong
1110 if its really a discussion make it an option
1111 i feel people who gear in low looking gear arent trying to hide their skill more than ust liking how it looks, same as old bugged appearances. I feel its quite easy to find someones level and class without visual aid of how their gear looks. For performance ive not played this weekend till now so i just picked a random one.
1112 ppl who are chosing to play zeal with harbringer of doom get a good deal of ridicule and resentment, maybe buff is in order to make order fear our glowing hands instead of laugh at them
1113 get some lag/freeze after the last patch when they are lot of people , and before never get lag/freeze
1114 Disclaimer: I have not been in a fort/large battle since the changes, so take my results with a grain of salt. I think that if there are significant performance increases from the change, then it should definitely be kept. And if performance increases are not a result, then I think showing appearance gear is in most players interest. But I do understand the desire for better server-side performance and attempts at mimicry of live's data transfers. Either way, thank you for your work <3 Not all of us are whiny babies :) the worst customers just tend to be the loudest
1115 i literally lag so hard in forts i doubt whether i see enemy gear or not really matters, its the stupid collision of having 300 people fight in a very small area and all the incoming dmg and debuffs that make it unplayable
1116 Why does it matter? Appearance is the endgame, and players put effort to look different, also disguise is part of the PvP affair.
1117 Thank you for your service <3
1118 With the current bolster system under 40 toons with best gear for current level can have stats similiar to rr50-60 toons and using alternate appearance is not a hindering factor when considering chances of winning - those are the class and skill of a player, not how they look like. Player skill IS NOT reflected by how player's "real" gear looks like.
1119 no problems at all. Thank you very much for spending your time to develop this cool game for us!
1120 I usually don't really take the opponents appearance/visible gear into account when fighting a rank 40 enemy, I treat all enemies the same regardless of how their gear looks. I think it wouldn't be that bad to have appearance gear show for all, regardless.
1121 Just as a clarification I answered the 'peformance increases' based on the game 'play performance' not on any class performance changes.
1122 Fix the PQ Please
1123 All i got to say is y'all are doing a great job for what little time you got. Keep up the good work and without y'all we would not be playing this game to this day.
1124 only like the new change by big difference in performance. before was cooler
1125 Just bring old pe,pb back
1126 #UnchaintheTerrain
1127 I am new and really do not know what I am doing so disreguard my feedback.
1128 i difinately never care what people putting on
1129 Haven't played in a while but i have mixed feelings about this, but you can do what you want i wont complaign ;)
1130 #givebackfashionhammer
1131 Pleaes return it.
1132 :)
1133 this is silly, you need to stop it.
1134 Population wise order side is having problem to compete against destro. Xrealming should be restricted even more to have good rivalry in place. Since Destro classes got boost all the time, order population has started to diminish. I wish you a great day Kind Regards. Grama
1135 Why not add something to their name plate to identify gear score. Or set a limit on what items can be changed by and what.
1136 this one time in rvr i saw a shaman hiding in the bush so well that everyone just walked past them, think he had even green painted gear. dont think such sheet engines should be allowed, it gives unfair advantage to destro because order cannot hide in bushes
1137 Why is this even a thing? Gear = skill, seriously is this what your saying with these questions? I dont care what the gear of the enemy is, I can just look it up on the armory anyway if I want. I dont understand why changing Apperence is a problem, alot of ppl do take pride in collecting gear, even RP around it. So because I made my Black Orc Yellow and want the enemy to focuse in on me as a Tank instead of my backline, I may be considered an "Appearence Cheater"? LoL Why is this even a thing? Big oooooof.
1138 I think the main issue with performance comes from blast pots and nerfed buttoms it is where I get most lag when I face some they use it
1139 Appearance is great for flavor, but perfomance is also a priority. Good luck figuring it out, much love to you all <3
1140 Thank you for this great game. I do feel that there is a need for balancing some classes, like to overpowered SH.
1141 i can see how this may ruffle some players feathers, but the reality is this only has an effect on players who are solo roaming. "disguising" your gear isnt really gonna hold any real influence in the big zerg fights or even small man fights. your not gonna cherry pick fights by looking at appearances unless you are solo.
1142 perhaps like the vanity pets; outside of ORvR pvp should allow their apperances if they want to rpg / dual / events etc. But for 1 performance 2 rvr, appereances should be there so you can decide on the fly which one to detaunt/disrupt etc. in mad fights its easier to see whom your up-against than trying to read their overhead names. nb: First time logged in since patch so no idea on performance increase; expect it will be improved greatly.
1143 I have always judged my opponent based on the color level bubble on the character potrait. If the concern is players trying to 'hide' their gear level just look closer into level bubble color. My suggestion would be something to the effect of a lvl 40/rr40 player in Annihilator will see a purple level bubble on someone rr80+ in Invader/Sov gear, which should tell them they out of their league.
1144 i believe SH needs proper fixes to tune it down ... and order has not been able to have people online enough to push zones because of the buffs/nerfs thats been happening with the class balance issues...
1145 You game, the best
1146 I didn't play enough after the patch to be able to tell if there is actually a difference. The performance seems to be better than before though. I didn't pay very much attention to the appearance of enemy's gear, but I have noticed cases where appearance didn't match the actually level of gear. Keep up your good work :)
1147 Saw a RP wearing red tier 1 looks, making him look like Santa Claus but he might have been wearing some tier4 gear, which made me question if Santa is actually real or not, since I no longer can see Santa due to latest patch
1148 performance issues are the dungeon related. unsure if that was an issue from the pathing.
1149 We have more serious issues, appearance is not my at top list
1150 I am too new too be able to tell gear lvl by appearance, that said making it a toggleable(I guess that's a word) feature seems ideal too me, this game's esthethic is a very important part of the experience and you will never get 100% of ppl to agree. tyvm for your work.
1151 Increase time for crossrealms. people are switching size immidietly when they loosing what makes bigger unballance.
1152 People tend to put alot of effort into how their character looks and it would be a shame that the enemy cannot see how they had envisioned their character. I have personally found that being "tricked" into the skill level of another player based on their gear doesnt work. As long as they're 40, I'll fight the blighter!
1153 Make endless T3 please
1154 Even if people -disguise- themselves via the appearance system, isnt trickery and treachery an integral part of WAR?
1155 I think the appearance feature is very nice and enjoyable. I personally don't think I NEED the opposite faction to see my appearance but I like the option. All things considered, I really only care if MY faction can see my outfits and such
1156 tbh i don't really go by player gear to evaluate their difficulty. if i get melted i might notice, but if i get melted that hard it's usually a guild or players that i recognize anyway
1157 Sometimes I like to see the fancy colored enemies. I used fastest performance so there is no difference to see the enemy appearance if they are high rr or low rr.
1158 Hmm this is a complicated thing to consider, since some smart players use the disguise trick to hide their true power. I think you made a good decision in that way but people playing this long term game (including me ofc) are very attached to the gear appearance. For now it's fine
1159 I haven't played long enough to have any opinion on the last two questions.
1160 Honestly, appearance shouldn't be a thing to disguise what you have. I'm the kind of guy that uses whatever that can give him the advantage so I would make my gear look like less. But I also agree it shouldn't have to be in the game. Keep dyes and stuff though, it's nice to recognize people based on their specific looks.
1161 i like cows
1162 Please let us keep appearance gear visible cross realm. One of the things I enjoy about the game is being able to wear cool looking apppearance gear of my choosing that is also visible to my enemies. It is part of a player's identity and serves player goals, adding longevity to the game. I would rather take a perfomance hit than remove appearance gear visibility between realms.
1163 expect to play against the best and worst regardless of appearance
1164 Ahh the last one is "Smurfing" , sure it is possible that some one use it but i dont looking for such things sry Thank you for the Work!
1165 Just ban all kinds of trickery? Like postern games, kite games etc. I see ppl try disguise their skill by acting dumb on purpose to get attacked, then they completely destroy their opponent. Its the art of war. I often trick other ppl to attack me by acting scared, chased or even stupid. Its a game of war. It's not the gear that will make me choose to pick the fight or not, its about all things going on around me and the player I want to kill. This change is fairly out of place. It sounded more like a personal change and opinion? Sry just imo, nothing personal. I just wasnt ready for this random change out of context.
1166 NERF SH
1167 they also used lower tier mounts to fool people , my frame rates have impoved.
1168 please dont ever change jokey stuff like this again please, this is what seperates RETURN OF RECKONING from WARHAMMER ONLINE.. its the small things that count..
1169 I honestly did not know this was an issue and have no character higher than level 20. However, if there is any chance at all that appearance gear can be used to gain unfair advantage in RVR, then it should not be allowed.
1170 I would like to see my enemy's FashionhammerTM and for them to see mine. If at all possible, a graphic option to choose one way or the other should be implemented.
1171 With the current bolster system under 40 toons with best gear for current level can have stats similiar to rr50-60 toons and using alternate appearance is not a hindering factor when considering chances of winning - those are the class and skill of a player, not how they look like. Player skill IS NOT reflected by how player's "real" gear looks like.
1172 Please see the first survey submitted by this account to evaluate
1173 With the current bolster system under 40 toons with best gear for current level can have stats similiar to rr50-60 toons and using alternate appearance is not a hindering factor when considering chances of winning - those are the class and skill of a player, not how they look like. Player skill IS NOT reflected by how player's "real" gear looks like.
1174 Yes, for christ sake please fix sorceress class to bright wizard level. BW have dispels while sorc have not. BW got fireball barrage and bw dont.
1175 I am more worried about people slotting epic talismans in gear and weapons such as WL cloaks and FORT weapons. I am also worried about the long going duplication of GOLD bags (royals) using the inventory overflow system and loot bags. This seems to be like an issue nobody wants to talk about or address.
1176 server performance should always take priority, whats the point of looking good at 18fps. id rather show off some level of skill at a playable fps. performance first, glitter after..... fivenine. x ps keep up the good work.
1177 Keep up the good work, this game is amazing!
1178 People may use appearances to hide their true gear, but I always go in to a fight assuming everyone has good gear and then you're never surprised. It take a big ol' bitch to only fight poorly geared players, and to run from Sov toons.
1179 in addition to last question - gear to disguise Rank is more appropriate, skill and gear are not the same thing. I use various types of outfit for aesthetic reasons, not to 'trick' anyone. But it has crossed my mind that my 'naked' style for my choppa and shaman could mislead an enemy yes, and i quite enjoy that idea - but not even 20% of the reason why i do it - it is so i can look unique. One of the differences i really really enjoy, from Live to RoR, is this appearance thing, i never liked that to the enemy we looked different. I think it is especially nice to use when one finds a 'bugged-skin' like Mara shoulder on a Chosen, or WH hat on a gobbo etc. Those kinds of 'bugged' items i feel are like easter eggs, and maybe should be used for that and not fixed or even intentionally put in place - maybe this is another way of introducing new appearance only gear for players?
1180 Maybe a GM got tricked and that's why this got implemented. But seriously, appearance is very important to idenfity players, also a lot of people invest time and effort to get the appearance they want. Revert it!!!
1181 It's what difference a player in the server, if you remove that it would be cookie cutters.
1182 Continue the great job !
1183 hello, excuse my english, i play and i love my witch elf, but the new ta pounce dont work fine, you jump a 3 meter of your target, and this opener is a little useless.... could u do something for that. Maybe an aptitude useful for the groupe like for the witch hunter, in fact, some wb dont want witch elf, they consider that its a solo class.... i love this game, thank u so much for your work :::)))
1184 Love the game, keep up the good work!
1185 Using lower level gear appearance has been used as a disguise for a long time. I have heard, on both sides, discussion regarding hiding ability behind low level gear. I have never used any alternate appearance, on Live or here. Why should you be able to disguise your level from the opposing realm? Personally, I don't give credence to anyone's appearance. If they are in the lakes, you have to believe they are top level until they prove otherwise. Unable to comment on performance changes with only 10 minutes of play time since the patch due to increasing frustration regarding balance issues providing Destro advantages and I have both Order and Destro.
1186 Thanks a lot for do that game possible again. Real Heroes :)
1187 The game is great! Thank you for all your work!
1188 If this makes the game run and preform better then i am all for game play and preformance of looks. I dont care about looks i care about how the game plays and runs in rvr lakes.
1189 I think one of the appeals of playing on a small private server, is that you can make a name for yourself and people will regognize you in the lakes, and appearance plays a big part in that in my opinion. I never experienced anyone deliberately using apperance to trick people and get an adventage, nor have I experienced any performance increase since the 15th. If technically possible, I would suggest to make this an option in the settings to toggle on/off for those who feel like they are at a disadvantage when playing with apperances enabled. If not possible I am all for reverting the change back to it's normal state, eventhough I appretiate your effort to improve performance. I think the games and servers performance as this point is great and sacrificing gameplay mechanics for a tiny bit of increase is not worth it. P
1190 Comment didnt managed to play enought to notice performance changes since the patch.
1191 if this change improove the game performance its fine by me