Return of Reckoning

Rams On Maps

Recently the rams spawned were made visible to all players, including enemy players. This was to make fights occur more often outside the keep walls and to increase the interaction between players pre-siege.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Do you agree that the rams should be visible to both realms\' players?

Do you agree that the rams should be visible only to the allied realms\' players?

Do you believe if rams are shown to everyone, the campaign in general would be affected?

Do you agree that enemy rams need to be shown on the map to improve Quality of Life?

If we were to show the ram on the map only if specific requirements were met which should we consider?

Share with us your ideas (may be made anonymously public, do not include personal info)

1 I like the new feature of showing the rams on the map. Especially to allies. If enemy players could alert of ram position somehow, I believe it would be great to show the ram then on the map for them.
2 Maybe if there is more than one full warband of 24 players (Or some other threshhold) within a certain radius of the ram while it is being escorted it should show on the map.
3 show rams to enemy players only if there are people insight of enemy rams.
4 Kinde greetings. Forget that lads. Let the players learn how to scout, and play the game. Some tools is not helping simpley just killing the game. Scouting is an exiting part for WE's and WH's. Wher is the point to make visible the ram?? Dont support the players lazynes. Thanks and carry on. All the bests for the team. ^^
5 Make it so that you can buy a ram decoy that shows for map and you can buy up to 4 this way they need to be scouted and hit by an enemy player to reveal the real one from a fake one.
6 Just like in the middle of the map, in the middle of the way to a enemy keep, enemy should see it on the map. Thanks for such awseome work for this game!
7 The problem with showing rams is that the underdog faction is being weakened more. You can't even try to sneak it there and hope for reinforcements if the Ram is visible to the enemy. On balanced Zones, it would be encouriging to see the ram, because that would then give the enemy a chance to actually intercept it. But I think this should be a feature where I player can keep tabs on it (WH/WE maybe) and report on it's location or something. By no means should it be just a passive feature in my opinion
8 Streamers give always away the position of the ram.
9 Once ram is spotted by enemy player, it should show on map. Always show on map for same realm
10 Showing the ram on map for both factions leads to less opeen world RvR as opposed to more. Currently all it does is give the opposite faction time to reinforce the sieged keep, meaning less fighting and protecting the postern doors.
11 Now all problem is Ram on map? There is no more tank and healer on order side cause of your sh and destro tank lovers.... Nobody wants to play against superpowered shs and destro tank with fully nerfed order chars... Sorry, I dont care ram, do it whatever you want...
12 20 min debuff from login time to not show the ram on the map. Pros: -cant be sneaky with xrealming for spying reason - implement a 10min afk kick from the game - -still promotes communication despite english not being the native language to many of us - ez to ask ram?- -good visibility for people who plan to play more than 20 minutes Cons: - can't swap between alts or xrealm without using communication to ask for "ram?"
13 As long as you are ON the map that is under siege. you should be In Zone to see a ram in real time. Otherwise, I think its Awesome!
14 As a 5 year player on this server, and 5 years on live, no reason to show the ram. Focus on other bugs and issues IMO
15 Should be visable if someone from same realm has eyes on it and location lingers if vision is lost
16 for what i'm concerned, showing rams won't affect pre-keep attack zone life. what i think would be better is motivating people to go for more 6men. In my experience, 6 men tend to roam a lot more than warband does, So if you find a way to encourage 6 men, it won't feel like "empty empty empty BIG WARBAND empty empty empty" this is just a guess. and again: thank you for your work
17 stop this please Reverse everything done since chosen 2 handed nerf, guard 2 handed, classes changes, appearance etc , reverse every thing please.
18 -Suggestion: If ram passes enemy group/party (not warband) or captured battlefield objective too close it appears to map for short duration like it was scouted/spotted. Keep rank increases duration how long it show on map by x seconds.
19 id rather rams to also be visible by skirmisher and soloers in zone and avoiding guild only specific stuff, it will just be for the better for all.
20 I think the ram being on the map increases the likelihood of open field battles. Be great if there was a reward for killing a guarded ram.
21 i don't really care, the way u messed up tonight, i am beggninning to woder if you know what you are doing at all, kicking people for a scn update giving them a ebuff, how lame, if it is system kick it should be removed, server lag,, bag invetori doesnt work, i got no clothes on and your askign about a stupid ram, dont u have bigger issues to look at ???????? like even giving peopel a warning before updating the pug so they can leave?? if i had to pay for this game i would of qit along with other players as you and your as
22 If the ram is encountered by enemy Realm then it would be marked in the latest location seen on the map for everyone. Maybe the ram moves from there to another site, then if once again it is "spotted" by enemy realm then its location should be updated on the map for enemies as well. Just like it would happen in real life, if one sees the ram lets everyone know about its location. If you lose sight, the last place it was seen would stay there in the map, even though the ram might have moved. You need to keep an eye on the ram to have its location updated for your realm on the map.
23 BO control
24 population
25 if balance is not given, enemy ram should be displayed
26 Maybe a usable "siege engine skill" that lets everyone (allies) in map spot an enemy ram for X minutes
28 I think this could be a fun way for the underdogs to launch an organized attack on an incoming siege to shake things up. I could definately see this being frustrated as people seem to want to flip zones as quickly as possible but overall I think it's a positive change because it'll allow for some new gameplay tactics that could be quite rewarding.
29 Show near BOs
30 Nothing wrong with this new change, brings something different and i like it.
31 Ram
32 These zones are not nearly big enough to warrant rams being shown on the map. At most there are 1 or two dirrections to bring a ram. A lot of maps are a single tunnel/gorge or otherwise straightfoward path. Communication, Surprize, and coordination on both sides should matter. Showing the Ram just perpetuates zerg ball mentality. Let us bring some tactics by not showing the ram locations! Only show the ram if it has sat idle for 10+ minutes to help prevent greif mechanics.
33 Show the enemy realm ram if you have a (insert amount) of AAO due to being outnumbered.
34 It's interesting to consider perhaps a benefit of 3 star keep being visibility of enemy ram
35 tbh idk
36 Nerf SquikHerder
37 Only if it is getting spottet by some players from enemy side
38 Rams could be visible only for WH/WE classes
39 Control over BOs
40 Proximity of enemy players then ram shows on map. But I like the ram being visible at all times.
41 Maybe if you own the keep and upgrade to "Zone Scouts" at level 1 your guild could see the ram, level 2 alliance could see it, level 3 everyone can see it.
42 I don't think the ram should be visible to the enemy faction specifically. Maybe if the allied keep is like 3star+ or if a door is broken (obviously not useful for t2 due to single door). I think the problem with the enemy being able to see the ram as soon as it's spawned is that the enemy reacts faster. This is going to end up prolonging the t3 and t4 zones tug of war, further prolonging cities, I think. Thanks though!
43 Give stealth classes a "scout-skill" to mark the ram for their faction
44 I would generally say that it is a positive change but it is probably too early for me to tell. There is no reason not to show friendly ram on map, that just saves the need to write it in /1, as far as seeing enemy rams, I am not sure. It seems to help with defending keeps, that is you have more time to get in before the entrances are guarded. I like the idea of needing a certain keep rank (maybe 1*?) to see enemy rams to encourage ranking keeps.
45 Maybe consider making the rams visible at certain distances from the keep?
46 stop buffing SH
47 I like the idea, but think it should be tied to number of BOs held. If you hold 3 BOs or more, then the ram is invisible to enemy realm.
48 Not sure what the answer is but I don't think the enemy should just passively be able to see the ram. Maybe linked to keep level. Maybe linked to guild keep reward. Maybe linked to Bo Control. Maybe a notification that the ram is summoned but not show where it is. Whether it's visable or not, both have pro's and con's so I don't overly mind either way.
49 My side on this is more to the lines of, maybe we should be able to make dummy rams? Something to lead intercept parties on a false trail while the real one slips in undetected and catches the defenders by surprise
50 Scouting by people in your warband or group, e.g., if a person in your group is within a certain range your wb can see it.
51 I believe that the ram should be shown for a duration after a player has scouted it. That way if a enemy foe was to evade vision they would have a jump start on the keep door.
52 Squigs OP need nerf
53 Maybe have an RVR skill similar to mdps bypass defenses (perhaps for rdps or tanks) called "flare" or something like that. Basically an instantaneous locator on the map of where the ram is. But it doesn't track the ram - so it becomes outdated quickly.
54 A lot of Thanks for do Warhammer Online live again.
55 SH must be nerfed. Work for make rvr more fair when a faction outnmber the other too much TYVM for all the work u did / do and will do I love this game and i can play because of u BTW my wife hates u :) but who cares !
56 The main issue seems to be that people won't talk to each other and only rely on a dot moving on the map... A keep rank condition to see the ally ram sounds appealing since you have to fight on map to build up keep rank.
57 personally i don like ram being spotted
58 I think this has pros and cons. It has led to good fights around the ram and means that people are much more likely to get to a keep in time to defend. But it is a sad reflection on the player base that this is needed when simple communication could of prevented the need for such a change. Overall I think it is a positive change but a sad reflection of the player base that it is necessary.
59 If a realm's ram is to be shown to the enemy, there should also be a method of "shrouding"/hiding your ram's location. This counter to spotting your realm's ram could be achieved via player spells and/or dependent on your friendly keep's rank. Say perhaps a rank 3 keep plus players casting a specific siege spell on the ram every few minutes on the ram could keep the ram shrouded from enemy map.
60 fgs do smth to help AM
61 if a player would scout enemy group with ram, that will be show on maps.
62 Ram should be visible always and everywhere on the map, people need to have the option to intercept it if possible
63 show cannons too
64 squig needs to be nerfed
65 If enemy targets Ram while it is moving, then it should show on the zone map. position should not Update.
66 It was bether as it was before, this "ram shows on map "isnt good at all
67 Where is Land of the Dead and the lost Vale? 2 weeks is not a valid response and we are working on it is not a valid response as well
68 All this is great but generally speaking the biggest issue remains class balance. SH are absolutely INSANE OP right now and you guys continue to do nothing about it.
69 I love the new feature. Not sure about me seeing the other teams ram but seeing mine was pretty fucking cool and made me smile when I saw it
70 sdfb
71 Maybe scouts w\o party can have an ability to expose hidden ram to allies for 15 to 30 seconds, or so. (Ie more campaign participation for any solo roaming class.)
72 Rams should be shown on the map when passing battlefield objectives in the lake. It needs to be impossible to 'hide' the ram, so maybe some kind of requirements to make it visible.
73 Quality of life? What?
74 It should be considered to have "Scouts" able to report the enemy ram's location to region chat when being close enough to it, so it could be a strategic task for e.g. stealth classes or small roaming groups. The own realm's ram location should solely be visible by manually writing in chat, to encourage planning with a region's groups and warbands.
75 If any enemy player can see the ram, it should be public info for the entire faction, i mean, if Destro pop a ram and no one order see it, no one see it (order side), but if any order player is able to see the ram (like a WH on stealth), the entire order should be able to see it.
76 How about a general area instead of a pinpoint location, getting more precise based on keep rank, population balance or other factors
77 Make endless T3 please
78 number of players of realm in zone (not only pvp area but complete zone). Kind of "Scouting"
79 show cannons too
80 No reason to show rams. Period.
81 Generally rams should not be visible on the map for both factions, it defies the purpose of reconnaissance to an extent and prevents sneak attacks. If at all, an enemy ram should only become visible after a scout has tagged it or as long as he is located within a certain range of it. However, in terms of QoL, I'd consider it much more beneficial to mark WB leaders on the map (not for enemies, of course) like in GW2 than tinkering with the rams.
82 Quality of life? What does that even mean?
83 A ram's lack of appearance on a map is NOT even close to a problem. Sure, its fun to catch a ram in the lake, and sabotage an enemy siege, but hand-holding the opposite realm to achieve this serves no quality of game improvement at all. You can have a nearly identical fight at your own keep, with the advantange of oil and walls.
84 Not really have any opinion about ram. It was slightly helpfull but it didn't change massively siege/defence.
85 Look at population ! Even eu prime time order has lack of player.... Ask yourself this question? Or i can give answer; Nobody wants to play with nerfed toons against superpowered destro toons... Nerf rsh, msh and chosens... Who cares where ram is? If this property implement, just destro benefice with it...
86 I feel like its much easier to defend a keep if ram is visible: either to wbs to focus and kill ram, melting the attackers possibility to take keep, or calling on /t4 to def the keep. Maybe increasing rams health should help attackers defend the ram. But, in the end, a specific requirement is needed in order to ram be visible to both realms is the best option.
87 Having the ram show on the map only when your realms keep is two stars plus would work nicely since thats also when one is able to spawn a ram. This would give the realm that doesnt have a two star keep to maybe get surprised attacked since they haven't done the work to get their keeps defenses up. Some type of roleplay thing where your realm sends out scouts to locate the opposing realms ram as its spawns happens at two stars (not that actual NPCs are sent out) would explain this feature to me.
88 - If you show enemy rams on the map, it becomes easier to prepare for a keep siege - If you show by default friendly rams on the map, it allows cross realmers to easier relay information back. - Show rams only to those in zone, participating in the siege (if possible). - Free information is bad. - Make players scout for the information they need to defend! :-)
89 rams should be shown at all times gives players something to fight for rather than just run to the keep and afk for gives players incentives to actually fight for zones
90 If an enemy ram is spotted it is immediatly called out in chat anyway. Its a helpful tool to see freindly rams but to see enemy rams is just inviting cheese. PS love these surveys keep them coming :D
91 It need to be spottet by the enemies first before it will be shown
92 Have not played enough with the new visible rams, don't feel I can weigh in yet.
93 O
94 If the rams are shown to both fractions, whats the idea behind the t4 chat? I personally think that the players should communicate more together, because it is a game based on teamplay.
95 I think that they should appear on the map for a limit time if spotted by your own realm's players. Sort of like an RTS style ping. A mark of some sort should be left in the place where it was spotted for a minute or two.
96 Ram should always be visible to the ownoing realm. I'm getting sick of the punishment minded thinking of the devs.
97 fix BW on single target because it is not playable
98 only show the location of the opposing sides ram if it is currently in view and remains in view, and have it clear off map once it leaves. I.E. Order has a ram on the map, a Destro player sees it and the location appears on the map. But once line of sight is lost the position is no longer shown on the map until it is seen again.
99 honestly I don't think you guys should be beating your heads against the wall for something as simple as "should rams be on map or not" Try beating your head against the wall on issues such as "City Que should work like this" or "Lets take a look at our pop imbalance and how we can help fix it"
100 From my point of view the ram must not be visble, because it takes away unpredictability in rvr, then you would find everything flat with the risk of monotony.Above all you should take into account the setting of the game, are theere satellites? No! If one wants to know where the ram is there are the players info.
101 How bout if ollision is detected
102 If the attackers outnumber the defenders witha great margin defenders will not try to hit the ram on the way. If the attackers have equal numbers defenders still want to stay in the keep for the obvious advantage. So letting defender realm to know when the ram is spawned will make defenders to go in the keep even earlier and make the atackers job even harder. Thus I think defender realm shouldn't see the ram but the realm needs to be visible to attacker realm to improve Quality of Life.
103 Just from my time with the new system it seems to have done the opposite of what you intended, every time I have been in a zone and spawned a ram the enemy realm have just had a head start to start running into keep making it harder to get a surprise seige going. I have not come across any WB's mounting an attack on the ram in transit to the enemy keep, I would love a system that promotes more fighting in the open but I dont think this is the system to do it. Thank you for taking the time to make this game what it is today, I know I may not like/understand every change but I appreciate that you guys are at least trying to make the game better which is more than can be said for some keyboard warriors out there. Thank you for your time.
104 Showing the ram on map is just preventing some "out of the box" strategies like counter siege or sneaky attacks. Tbh ram need a rework indeed, but not on showing features. Main issue with ram (and most frustrating thing) is the dismount feature. On open field is nice, the ability to stop a ram by dismounting the "owner" is fine. But when you are close to a door, that feature should be deactivated. Right now, as a WB leader i find sieging not fun at all most of the time because placing ram (for each faction) is painfull and the way to "abuse" that mechanics is too easy. Jump down, spam aoe and let the ram die under the door not even placed. If you really want to improve ORvR siege situation you should take that in consideration, together with adding new "way" to get inside
105 I thnk it should either of to...guild keeps or keep rank.... and that both should accomplish this.
106 unsure
107 How about rams are shown to the realm at all times, with perhaps a delay to count for npc running back and forth between the ram and the wc, relaying its whereabouts to the allies. For the opposing realm, a player must scout the rams whereabouts in order to display the location on the map for the allies. If players loose sight of the enemy ram, the map could display last know location of the ram, untill that specific spot is scouted with no ram in sight, or the ram is sighted at another location. Rams attacking keeps should be displayed at all times by both realms, since there are npcs at the keep.
108 back on LIVE their was gear that which had the alternate appearance of the opposing realm. Much like a shoulder item that gave the white lions fur mantle for disciples of khaine, would b enice to bring those back.
109 squigs need a nerf
110 like i said on my destro toon it depends on what u guys want if you want to eliminate the surprise factor than keep showing ram knowledge if thats not what ur after and u like surprises then u need to emove the apposing faction seeing it
111 I have never been able to see the rams on the maps after this patch - I even reloaded the client.
112 I think RAM on map should only be SHOWN to ENEMY realm if that realm Has a Player who can see the ram. This will allow WE/WH/roam groups to have another prupose to help the fight in the realm. It will also bring some creditability to showing it. For example its like having a spy versus a damn GPS satalite trtacking a ram.
113 whoever you are from DEVS stop playing WH pleaseeee
114 Some sort of Scouting or spotting action on the players part would be nice
115 It should be "spotted" first , how this is done is your choice.
116 Renown abilities (like Bulwark from tanks) for some classes should be useful to reveal enemy ram (existance, position, health). That's the only way, as I see, to save the game logic and make renown abilities more useful.
117 It's fine as is right now, the only thing you have to realise is that zone locks will be harder, which is great news for someone who wants to fight rather than siege(like my friends and I), but it does hinder gear progression.
118 i would appreciate it if the cap. from magic power * meele power * range power.increase or omit altogether i know that 330 magic power is the maximum with my char is what he can have. I think it is the same with the others. sorry for my bad english *G-translator.. and TY
119 If it was in the vicinity of , at least, a small group of allied players, a little bit like if a scouting party was telling the info
120 Ram position should be communicated by other players, putting emphasys on scouting and communication. Using a UI element makes it artificial and promote lazyness.
121 The problem with showing rams is that the underdog faction is being weakened more. You can't even try to sneak it there and hope for reinforcements if the Ram is visible to the enemy. On balanced Zones, it would be encouriging to see the ram, because that would then give the enemy a chance to actually intercept it. But I think this should be a feature where I player can keep tabs on it (WH/WE maybe) and report on it's location or something. By no means should it be just a passive feature in my opinion
122 Hide the ram if you have AAO
123 I don't like the ramsd appearing. That's what scouts are for, WH/WE. Perhaps it might make things more interesting if it was a feature for a keep upgrade, so that it could happen occasionally, but I don't like it happening all the time, bc as I said it takes away need for scouting.
124 Enemy ram only on own keep and own everywhere
125 Invisible ram if spawned at a T3 keep or higher.
126 It should be shown when it is a specific range from the Keep.
127 buff the mobility of casters so they are at least remotely close to squig if you wont nerf squig back
128 Warbands should have people scouting and providing intelligence. If a ram can be seen as being carried (similar to the way supplies are) then that is the right way to deal with this.
129 21321321
130 Give full revert of rSH please so i can play my SH again :)
131 I think is not a good idea to can see enemy ram
132 maybe, the realm with less players should see the ram so they can avoid the zerg and snack others who not runnin with the zerg :D
133 if you can spawn multiple rams at once ie 4 star keep gives access to 2 rams and 6 star keep gives 3 rams, but once only 1 ram is on map for that realm then it wont show to the enemy
134 maybe make rams show only on enemy map that would create some shannigans ;)
135 Honestly, I don't think showing the enemy ram on the map is a bad idea, but considering currently how RvR keep sieges are largely won by the defending side, allowing both realms to see rams just further buffs defenders and makes their lives easier. Basically, I think in an RvR world where keep sieges have a 50% success rate for both realms when attacking with even numbers, displaying the enemy ram would work well and create interesting gameplay on some maps. But as of right now, with defenders having an overwhelmingly high win rate for keep sieges even before this change, this does nothing but give them even more extra time to stack on the walls early and wipe the attacking realm.
136 game si dyign because order quititgn and goign destro coz of nons top gm and dev buffs and odrer nerfs, remove pulls from game
137 I no care
138 With huge numbers, it doesnt matter at all... enough WB's will protect ram. But will lover numbers you have chances to slow the siege beside standing at keep. Would be nice if holding BO's by itself heals the keepdor, so it forces the zerg to defend some BO's while attacking keep. It feels more and more that the goal of RvR is who has the bigger numbers and not who is smarter or more organized..
139 Perhaps rams are visible if there are sufficient players in range or in the zone, to indicate the presence of "scouting parties", even if there is no communication in region chat. say, if you are within 500 ft of the ram, it is on the map for everyone on your faction. in any case i dont mind if it stays or goes, but it will certainly make destro mad.
140 If it is scouted by a player. The ram comes withing certain range of a BO controlled by the enemy realm.
141 I believe showing the allied ram to your own realm is a positive thing.
142 Most of the time with even close to even numbers the only way to take it is to get past outter quickly and cover posterns. Once the funnel with even numbers happens its usually a bust, like 100% of the time. Seeing enemy ram all but ruins trying to quickly get past outter.
143 Always show
144 dont show ram to the enemy but allies is good
145 I dont care if rams show on map or not
146 You just made FoW very horny
147 Introduce spotting mechanic where a player of your own side have to tag it(like a spotter to uncover it on map). Like a spyglass with which can spot enemy rams/other equipment.
148 Players and player controlled opbjects should be visble on a map if you have someone actively scouting. No vision then nothing on a map.
149 SQUIG OP!!! ram on map should be open to enemy as a bonus ie r4 keep
150 it's a qol change no need to bind it to a requirement, it will make less comunication in /t4 needed and be replaced with a visual element and moreover it will prevent abuses, and to do so it's only required to be show to your own realm so always " on "for your "own realm only" of course.
151 We got still not used class skills like damaging or protecting siege stuff, so it might be place to tie ram visibility with. I believe if ram will be allways visible for both sides it might lead to heavy zerg situation, so friendly ram should be visible, but enemy ram would need some way of scouting. For example - some classes (not all) should have their class skill rebuilded to something like "mark siege Engine" - to make ram visible for a short time (20-30s) on map
152 Thanks for asking! I think showing the allied ram can be usefull, but ppl can just tell where is the ram, to much assisting is not encouraging for better coordination. Showing the enemy ram is worse, scouts and communication should be important to locate ram and win fights. If you decide to show the rams at least make it with 4* requirement. Or maybe just an announcement, but I prefer that players are more involved.
153 is one of our player in the near of the other Ram we can see it
154 consider the advantage between the realms. there obviously is an issue with one overpopulated realm over the other which creates futher imbalance in the game. consider a buff towards the weaker underpopulated faction, maybe based on the advantage one realm has over the other that would really make the game more fair, balanced and interesting overall and maybe an character/class creation restriction
155 Guild keep feature and/or Keep rank could work. Or adding a new point to fight over in the RvR lake which would give intel of Ram position.. and possible any spawned siege weapons, or general enemy presence. This would depend a lot on which PvP lake it is thoguh as some would probably support this better than others.
156 There could be one way for people of the opposite realm to be able to see the ram: If the ram is attacked (maybe when damaged for 2-5% ram hp) on its way to the keep it will be shown on the map of the opposite realm (Enables some scout mechanic and motivation to engage the enemy forces on its way to the keep)
157 This is a new day for return of reckoning!
158 Witch hunters can only see it maybe
159 It needs some thought cause it removes from other aspects of the game like scouting and reporting for your realm, which are already not very appreciated.
160 I suppose showing up ram to the same faction as an option to buy/upgrade as guild claim feature would be alright.
161 I think after a period of time after a ram is spawned it should be shown on the map. my reponse to question 3 is meant to me more of a neutral option since positive and negative are happening at same time as knowledge of the position of X ram is now known by all on the map.
162 nerf sh and bring back SW normal knock.
163 Everything above was listed in this context. I feel it would be fantrastic for quality of life, if you can spawn a decoy ram, either individually, or alongside the actual RAM. This I feel will add a more Dynamic ORVR.
165 Give the ram like a minute or two before its revealed on the map?
166 Why are the majority of the engineer tools inferior compared to his mirror class magus? For example blunderbuss blast to daemonic lash, making one doing flat normal damage and the other doing spiritual damage. Cheers
167 if a player sees a ram he should be able to mark it on a map
168 Don't like the ram on map idea.
169 Ram seen only when moving. (Like when its mounted and pulled. This way you can still hide a ram if its not moving
170 Thanks for give us Warhammer Online again.
171 Each realm should be able to trigger a spell or mechanic that hides their own ram and that exposes the enemy ram. The game mechanics involved that hide your realm's ram or that show the enemy's ram on map should NOT JUST BE DEPENDENT ON THE RANK OF A KEEP beacuse the zerging realm with the most numbers of players would easily dominate this mechanic. Thanks guys for what you do! RoR team FTW!
172 Maybe if an enemy player has LOD on the ram, it shows up for a certain amount of time on map.
173 Quality of life? not really....
174 I think it makes sense to be able to see your Realms ram on the map so you can easier support and assist escorting it. But there is no reason imo that I should be able to see the enemy ram. Only way i should be able to know the location should be through player interaction such as people spotting it and reporting it in region chat.
175 Show ram for everyone when it gets attacked .. let it desappear when out of combat.
176 make it so only specific classes can see the ram example WH/WE for some kind of spying mechanic like when the ram is spotted it would be visible on the map but if noone sees the ram coming it would not be visible on map
177 My ideas for rvr in particular to keep sieges would be to have race and guild specific bonus siege weapons. For instance Chaos/Greenskins could have Siege towers. I am aware there is no order equivilent, so therefore I would provide them with sapping where they tunnel under the walls as a mirror. Or change how the Volleygun and Organ gun fire as a way of providing a counter to siege towers. For elves they could maybe have chariots which would in effect smash into people doing huge damage and knocking players down. For the guild siege weapons if you earn enough currency you could buy for Greenskins a giant, and for Empire a steam tank, Dwarfs would get an Anvil of Doom, Chaos could have a Slaughter beast to which you could use the Blood beast skin and Elves a dragon/Hydra.
178 squigy needs to be nerfed.
179 make reckoning great again (a player that pre ordered the orignal)
180 Guild CLOAKS should be shown ALWAYS
181 Anything adding more open rvr situations is good for the game. More action around rams on the way count for that.
182 I believe it should be both guild keeps feature or keep rank
183 Some sort of spotting/scout mechanic. someone sees it and scouts it
184 No rams on the map
185 I think it should only be shown maybe halfway towards destination
186 The problem with showing rams is that the underdog faction is being weakened more. You can't even try to sneak it there and hope for reinforcements if the Ram is visible to the enemy. On balanced Zones, it would be encouriging to see the ram, because that would then give the enemy a chance to actually intercept it. But I think this should be a feature where I player can keep tabs on it (WH/WE maybe) and report on it's location or something. By no means should it be just a passive feature in my opinion
187 Squig OP. AM in warband warplay pretty much is only rez bot with little survivability
188 3rd time filling this out, survey keeps resetting. Show ram only if seen by opposing faction member that survives coming a set distance from ram for a set amount of time, or makes it to a captured BO and/or keep/warcamp.
189 Please disreguard my answers. I have no idea what I am doing.
190 Server population: uneven distribution of active players amongst factions causes serious issues for the outnumbered faction in attacking keeps. Faction with lower population requires intelligent play such as the element of surprise to overcome the enemies numbers. Stealthy engagements with a ram are significantly more difficult when going against an opponent with superior numbers (read: map coverage) and omniscnent knowledge of your location. I experienced this when raiding in MoM where the enemy successfully set traps at tunnels for our warband w/ ram at the exact moment(s) we attempted a push to strike their keep. The purpose of ram visibility is likely to further instigate conflict in the lake but it seems to have significant benefits for the faction with superior numbers rather than the faction with superior tactics.
191 Give other casters some more escapes to make them even remotely comparable to squig
192 If a keep is claimed - the guild that claimed it and all allied guild members should be able to see enemy ram at 3*+.
193 I feel that being able to see the enemies ram is just going to encourage players to run straight to the keep rather than fighting out in the lakes to cut them off. But I do like the idea of there needing to be some requirements in order to maybe get an idea of where it is, rather than exactly pinpoint its location.
194 Requirements : Keep Rank, or the number of Battle Objectives a realm have (if it have the majority of them, he can see the ram)
195 If you want to "make fights occur more often outside the keep walls and to increase the interaction between players pre-siege", i think you need to get rid of the box-spawning & -running system on the BOs. The implementation of that mechanic brought with it, that warbands dont care for BOs anymore; gone are the days, when the factions had to split their forces to control the BOs and communicate & assist each other to keep them controlled and in order to rank up the keeps. Making the rams visible to everybody takes a good piece of finesse out of the lakes/RvR.
196 The main problem is Order realm mentality. I know about it, because i played both sides extensively. Order players prefer RDPS and tend to funnel inside the keep. If we speak about Order pushing zones, it happens only in EU non-prime time.
197 Good change in my opinion
198 Sorry, don't have any worthwhile input as I am a new player and haven't participated in any larg scale rvr yet.
199 Maybe players should hit the ram to everyone see it
200 All of they above should go into a requirment. I belive it should be possible to spot a ram, then it shows on the mpa. Making it possible for both allied and enemy players being in conflict in and out of the keep spotting rams and running down people that are there trying to flag it on the map. I also belive that there are some guild keep features that should help with this on both sides if possible and keep rank should go into play with how easy it is to spot. You are not going to spot something like a ram through bushes sitting ontop of a tower. :thumbsup:
201 A ram should only be shown on the map if an enemy has struck it. Eliminating zone chat to a minimum for late comers and keeping it somewhat tactical on both sides.
202 Allied ram should be visible but enemy ram could bring up benefits. So in the case that im a destruction, if enemy is hiding the ram behind a house or big object, we could still see it in the map, so there's no reason to "hide it". So that's it.
203 Good feature. You should also make cannons on the map as well.
204 when you can see the ram all the time. you can not snek it or hide it. It might make it to easy to find the ram, when you have to wait 10 min for the next ram. so ranking keeps or giuld upgraded zone might be a better ideer. I don't know. I just thing it makes it to easy to break a seig before it started. and if a new player spawns a ram without suport, he can fuck a zone up for a minimum of 10 min
205 Enemy Ram shuold only be shown if a realm complets a certain task. If the enemy realm has a method of spotting your ram on the map, there should also be a counter, as in a realm should be able to complete a certain task or set of tasks in order to hide their rams from the enemy realm. Something besides the status of stars on your keep. Something where the underdog has a chance.
206 I like to attack the people with the RAM!!! Please Leave it ... I enjoy it
207 .jhblsdhgosdv
208 I certainly like the idea of Rams being visible to allies. Despite my selection.. to a degree I can even see my way to agreeing to enemies seeing it. It should come at the cost of a three star keep however, otherwise the counter moves are far too numerous and then there is a lot of stagnant field fighting which in large scale RvR is fun.. for a little bit, but loses its luster rather quickly as it just devolves into waiting for Morale bars to fill for charges. So.. locking it behind three star limits that, and incentivizes raising it above two.
209 If an ally has eyes on the enemy ram he can mark the location for the allys to see on the map and it would count towards contribution.
210 I think ram on the map does casued zerg mentality but I also know live it showed as I perfer faithiful to live to an extent but zerg mentalitiy is problem
211 ram 99% defended by blob of sieging players so no big dif. it onlyy afects organased wb who can atack that blob. Not often we can see such events so no big deal
212 Ram should not be shown at all. This loses the element of surprise.
213 I think there should be a significant reward for killing / destroying enemy rams that are well guarded and in transit. This will help increase fights away from keeps.
214 ALso you what you need to do is make it so ppl cant steal the ram and cause players to lose motivation. For example the inner Keep Door was 8% today (01/22/21) and someone stole the ram and killed it. To me fixxing the who has control over the ram is more important than who can see it.
215 It encourages battle around a specific objective. Bigger battles instead of sneaking the ram to the keep as everyone spreads out to look for it, never finding it in time. Bigger battles are always better.
216 There must be an option for keep battle objectives to reveal it or maybe tie it to 3-4 star keeps. I don't think it should be an option to the early game of 2 stars tho.
217 Mark all the rr80 full sov players on the map as well. Then you can revert your appearance change without problems.
218 visible only to 2star keeps(the rams)
219 Perhaps a combo of Guild Keep and Keep rank in order to see the enemies ram.
220 Some sort of scout feature. Like a Battlefield game would be nice. Would also be nice for showing large enemy groups. No idea if it's possible though
221 Get Keeps and Warbands greater than 24 PLayer of one realm on the map to avoid being zerged! thank you. its no fun to run into or get farmed by it.
222 spies
223 AAO more then 100%
224 showing friendly rams is a great idea... enemy rams im not so sure about, maybe with some kind of spotting feature that allows realm to see ram for 1 min or so until another player can spot it...
225 I think rams should always show on the map for the allied players nd only show for the opposing players IF / when at least a party of 6 from the opposing side has LOS to said ram of 125'. That way a bunch of solo WE or WH can't just scout everywhere with impunity, defeating the reason to have it hidden.
226 I'm new and honestly have no idea haha. Sorry!
227 I like the idea of the ram showing on the map for everyone since I think it increases overall action in the zones specifically outside of keeps as stated. I think both sides will come up with interesting strategies to attack and defend moving rams and perhaps the zerg won't feel too too safe anymore running 200 ppl with ram. I'm not opposed to the idea of in the case of a faction having a 1 star or below keep that they cannot see the enemy ram on the map, I think that could makke sense. Overall I think it's a good change and with time I think it could make rvr more interesting.
228 ram passing trough checkpoint should activate some information but not precisely
230 A fog of war suggestion... ram not shown on map until attacked by opposite realm. And even then, should only be shown on map for a small amount of time.
231 ty
232 The problem with showing rams is that the underdog faction is being weakened more. You can't even try to sneak it there and hope for reinforcements if the Ram is visible to the enemy. On balanced Zones, it would be encouriging to see the ram, because that would then give the enemy a chance to actually intercept it. But I think this should be a feature where I player can keep tabs on it (WH/WE maybe) and report on it's location or something. By no means should it be just a passive feature in my opinion
233 When spottet by enemy player it will show for enemy realm
234 Rams should absolutely be on maps. It promotes challenging the ram vanguard, it promotes defending your own ram. Sieging should be a concentrated group effort, not sneaking a ram round the edge of the rvr zone past your warcamp. Hiding it behind a keep rank would be acceptable, keep ranks need to mean more in general.
235 Need to be show on map all the time, like we see right now.
236 Showing a ram to your own realm is a good idea, since people struggle with following it or knowing where it is, but showing it to the other realm would remove any kind of tactical siege ninja play that makes this game so great. So please foe the love of god do not show the ram to enemy realm.
237 Holding a certain BO near enemy keep for x amount of time to be able to see enemy ram, till its passed that BO. Holding three or more BOs for x amount of time reward time that enemy can be seen on map. Allow a "scout" team to be able to report back ram postion/location. As long as scout team is within a certain range, ram can be seen. Mount a telescop on every keep, returning a supp = time that ram can be seen via telecope in keep. The "spotter" could ping the RvR lake, which would allow ram location.
238 Ram only shown to opposing realm once a certain number of enemy players have spotted it. Not just one person but maybe a party (6 players)
239 I put not affected for the campaign as the option I would prefer being I'm not sure how it would effect it.
240 buff zealots attacks, or give more int to their guys know how buffed shield healer dps is and also the other healers am and shaman, but we get ridiculed and ostracized for playing what a small silent minority want to play. maps on maps and appearance gear are such minor frivilous concerns.
241 only for your own realm.
242 You generally know the ram will be going from point A to point B, but it takes away the mystery of finding it, the teamwork involved in taking it out before the keep. I could see if the rank was 4 or 5 that it would have the ability to expose incoming siege weapons on the map, but only at the higher ranks. I know an announcement is made when its deployed, I wouldnt mind something that indicates on the map or zone info that it is deployed, just not where unless your keep is 4 or 5.
243 I dont understand why the ram should be shown at all, and mostly why enemy ram should be shown. I dont want to know where it is unless an actual player spots it and reports it. Makes the games MUCH more boring.
244 I like the idea of allies seeing rams, but if the enemy sees it I think it hinders the fun. Maybe the enemy can gain the ability to see it by owning a keep or some other suggestion.
245 players must have line of sight of the ram for it to show up on the map. once the ram gets far away from seeing range, it no longer shows up on the map
246 sounds like a lot of fun!
247 Just fix citys for org wb's stop being lazy cunts who does everything for the solo streamers, org wbs dont rly push anymore because there's a big chance we wont get into a city. goddam fools man.
248 Not sure if this is already an option in the game, but would be nice that when questing there was an arrow pointing in the direction of the quest. This would be a feature that could be toggled off and on of course in case the player wants to be in the area without focusing on the quests on that area of the map. I know that when you open the map you can hover map areas to see what taken quests are nearby but I feel like unless you know the map super well you have to constantly open it which gets in the way of the player's visibility when moving. Thank you for all the team does to make this game possible for all of us, the hard work and dedication shows!
249 Realm player spots the ram maybe. Not sure I do enjoy the added effect but also feel the zerg negative. I'm positive to keeping the change but giving a pre req for it to show. So showing ram is not default.
250 i would think if keep is rank 4 it could spot enemy ram... deffending keep that is.. there are small bonuses for each rank but nothing to special at rank 4
251 There needs to be a nerf to squigs
252 Im not sure if this is possible but attached each Flag/BO to a vision zone. If you own that zone you get to see the siege move in that area. Once it leaves that zone, say to the other factions controlled Flag zone, they see it but you dont. LIke Scouts I guess.
253 Distance based
254 enough pq fixing and other area's 99% of the commuinity wont see and work on end game, dungeons n the like
255 only if specific requirements is a very good idea! Maybe Player-specific + keep rank
256 Please put $6.99 into my bank account in order to access my Opinion DLC.
257 Sorry, it's my first day and i have no opinion on it:(
258 The zones are too small to warrant the need to track a ram on the map. It takes away from the suprised and communication required otherwise.
259 WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA TO BEGIN WITH? RAM KAMIKAZE IS ALREADY RAMPANT PLEASE STOP. ps. maybe doing these surveys before you implement these changes??
260 If a player comes within visual (or harder if yu want, attacks the ram), then it becomes visible for 2 min
261 Keep up the good work guys!
262 enemy realm player has to be close to the ram and interact with it in order to designate it as visible to its own realm
263 Would it be possible to create a skill for a Class that reveals the location for a period of time? (for example wh/we - usable while in stealth)
264 for owning realm only
265 Maybe if a player of the opposing realm interated with/damaged the ram it shows on minimap for 10 seconds?
266 Keep rank OR Some sort of keep upgrade feature should unlock seeing the enemy ram
267 It is WARhammer , why should enemy/other side , get that advantage ?
268 Take away defence ticks and you can show ram too both realms, if not then all showing enemy ram does is cause more turtling inside keeps and showing enemy rams for free without actually doing anything is kinda cheap too whats wrong with scouting the rams like we did before. it use too make the differnce of maybe actually taking keeps
269 if balance is not given, enemy ram should be visible to the outnumbered side
270 WC and Keep Lord campers should not see ram and whats going on. Only participating/active fighting players should be rewarded with ram sight. And work on BALANCING. Too many players and Xrealmers are the real problems. Suspend unfair Gankers, and give renown to their victims!
271 I think friendly ram showing would be useful but enemy ram shouldn't show, takes away from tactics. I haven't actually seen the icon yet since the patch, it doesn't seem to work for me
272 Rams now to squishy thats is biger problem
273 It is a good idea to try and draw people away from keeps for more open rvr fighting as just sitting at a keep is boring gameplay. While the idea is good, I think that making rams visible to enemy realm would generally mean the defenders go sit in the keep sooner than normal rather than drawing out people for a fight. I dont know how to achieve this, but perhaps there can be some sort of "stronger" supply that gives bonusses to siege weapons or something else that can be made visible on the map that people will fight over. Generally I think supplies/BO's should be more valuable to encourage fighting/keeping them even during sieges maybe. Or, I know there was talks of siege ladders or siege towers being implemented at some point (not sure if still the case) - may be good to make something like that visible to enemy realm to encourage warbands to try and fight over it
274 Rams on map = no tactic and cross realm for information
275 enemy ram should be visible if the keep is level 4 and the defending player is within a reasonable proximity of the ram but the map shouldnt show the ram moving, just where it was last detected by a player and it should also have a limit to how lomg that exposure should should be on the map.
276 allow enemy players who see ram able to mark it
277 Thank yoiu for all that you do for the game and the game itself. imo, rams should only be visible to the faction AND within a certain range. IE prevention of warcamp xrealmers that "tag" watch (in gw2, other accounts use to info enemy realms where the commanders were). if a ram is spot or engaged by the enemy realm, it should be visible
278 Lol what? How about just adding an autoplay so when we go to bed our character continues to run around and get renown. No need to actually play then.
279 Letting the enemy see where the ram is on the map is silliest idea ever! As soon as ram shows up on map, enemy either runs to keep for defense or tries to gank ram enroute. Gone is the attackers ability to try and sneak the ram to the enemy keep and then set up guards on posterns to prevent defenders from getting inside. Gone is the usefullness of WEs/WHs to scout keeps to see when a ram gets spawned.
280 Ram could be shown only in a specific part of the map e.g. next to the keeps
281 You detract from the game when you just show people everything on the map. Showing ram gives away positions of enemies and allies alike. I don't see a use for showing rams at all... and if rams, why not cannons? cannons on keeps and at warcamps are basically useless now btw... whatever you changed with them (especially the aoe cannons) they don't even shoot anymore. The only good thing coming out of showing ram on map would be to see what the person pulling the ram is doing, since lately there have been people pulling the ram into enemy wc's it seems.
282 great idea not sur eboth sides need to see it
283 keep rank and or guild feature is a good idea.
284 The enemy shouldn't be able to see your realm's ram. It completely negates the idea of choosing a longer, but less dangerous path such as in KV where you don't want tor un by the enemy warcamp.
285 When ram is left unattended (either hidden to prevent others to spawn one / use it, or taken away by someone who disconnects) it should appear on the map of the allied realm. When the ram is used or moved by someone on a mount, it shouldn't appear anymore.
286 i think you should have the ram show on the map, as its an amazing feature. but showing where the ram is for the enemy is just silly, show it for allied factions only
287 I like the Keep rank idea, but I also would like to see thoughts and ideas behind player limit in the zone affect whether or not that factions ram shows up on the map for opposite faction. Point being, if there is far more numbers in comparison, the realm with the lower amount of players should be able to see when they have a ram up and moving. If player count is close to even then no added bonus of being able to see it for either side.
288 too ez if ram is visible for enemy
289 within a certain distance
290 There could be a skill like "Forward Observer" or "Reconnaissence" to allow players to specifically scout for rams, if needed. But showing them by default is limiting the possibilities for some trickery gameplay.
291 Allow the spawning of a decoy
292 Rank 5 star, not less.
293 I dont really have a strong opinion on this topic, but I have seen people attempt to intercept it a few times after the change which I think is a good thing. More fighting outside the keeps is always welcome. Other than that, seeing your own factions ram on the map is a great QoL improvement.
294 maybe have a consumable (spyingglass or something like that) to allow players ram spotting, with some decay timer on it... would create even a bit of scout gameplay.
296 squig herder needs a nerf
297 Players can already report location of enemy ram in region chat.
298 Nerf SquigHerder way too strong
299 Ram does not encourage the fight in RVR zone. The issues lies many enemy will sit in keep early and wait for siege and defend till 1st door is downed and earned the defense tick. Need to rework on how the siege and defense reward system.
300 Hiding the ram from the opposing faction should be a buff that should be purchased from a guild claimed castle (available after it reaches 3 stars)
301 Player specific action- WH/WE marked this for example
302 while insight of players
303 Please, propose the answer "I don't know" .. because i'm noob and my opinion = 0 ......
304 I think rams should be visible on the map if certain conditions are met, such as keep rank or BO control, but not always passively shown.
305 This is a great feature. Enjoy the simplicity of our ram moving and the strategy for the enemy ram to be shown as well.
306 d
307 Take squig herders ranged knockdown, and their knockback not AoE snare
308 gotta say thanx to all of you who work on this for free played it when it was live and loved it and now thanx to all of you i get to share this awesome game with my 10 year old son so thank ya so much love the game bugs and all
309 Scouting mechanism to tag the ram on the map for a short time. Could end up effectively keeping ram visible on map always with the right dedicated active scouting, but must be a thing players intentionally do and not just an automatic thing.
310 Allied rams should be visible on the map regardless. Enemy could be visible under certain player conditions. One idea is if it has been targeted by a player. I don't know if thats a workable trigger or not. Could create a new ability to "report" a ram to your faction which would light it up on the map. Maybe getting within a certain range like a BO?
311 imho ran shown on map is bullshit
312 An idea to further bolster the usefulness of WE/WH in RvR would be to give them a skill that temporarily marks the ram so that it is visible for a limited time. Skill should have a fairly short range and not be usable in stealth.
313 Only if the position of the opponent's ram is revealed by a significant number of people
314 Keep the rams visible, but in addition make their movement speed dependant on the number of BOs you own. No BOs? 15%, 1 20%, 2 35%, 3 65%, 4 100%. That could help split the blob on both sides, as it's painful enough for the attacker as well as the defender to get them to take action. (Also please fix chosen's dire shielding tactic :P)
315 A combination of things - like show on map if enemy in sight range (encourage roaming). Keep rank would be good, maybe a combination of things. But think the ramshould only show at intervals so you can mask approach. On a realted note - improve defensr awards to encourage a) defense b) activity (not standing just outside WC)
316 1. as long as someone can see the ram 2. if an ally is near it
317 Spotting a ram should alert your team/realm otherwise should not show location to other side imo.
318 1 STAR
319 pls make standing in que as group only in ranked bgs
320 Warbands in area
321 If possible it should be visible, when it's taking inactivity attrition or when seen by players of the opposing realm
322 i personally think that we already have enough blobs. Showing the ram just makes them more focussed on one area. That�s why the amount of player were removed from SoR, right?
323 I really like the fact that using chat can tell you the location of ram, so not need to see it. Chat need to have as many uses as possible so ppl have to communicate , this is a MMo game, game making us communicate to play better is reasson to play mmo, negatives like fake location goes to the community of the game and are small price that has to be puyed to have chat alive. Chat aside the message that ram spawned and siege started are more than enought .Simple the fact that communication between players is rewarded over a map icon makes game have less communication is the reasson i not like the icon. But ofc would love see more reasson for a guild to claim a keep.
324 I think the good option is to make a choise to show or not the ram. Or for example if the ram follows the tanks it can be shown, follows the damage toons and be stelthy or something like this. I always play destro and never order and for me the visible ram is more reason for order to set in keep and wait until destro start atacking. Thank you!
325 adad
326 Shown when ram is within visibility of enemy (say 600ft).
327 Thanks for your effort
328 please make it visible on keep rank 3 or 4 and when a guild wb is out to claim the zone. i think thats the most viable option for both realms they have to control the zone in order to get benefit from it, which in turn leads to more fights and skirmishes all across the zone.
329 I believe the two factions should not be able to see each others rams. It takes away the 'tactics' factor, as in one realm taking a non-standard route to the enemy keep, hiding with ram if opposing force reinforces keep while for their own reinforcements, etc. As for Guild Keep feature I would suggest that after a keep reaches at least 2* (the rank needed to spawn a ram) then there could be a Guild Keep upgrade that reads something like "Deploy scouts", "Hire Spies", "Bribe Skaven Underground Network" in order to reveal enemy ram. Same faction should be able see their own ram without any type of upgrade though.
330 Not sure how performance would be affected but as long as a player is targetting it from your realm, it should be visible or if a keep is below lvl 3 or 4, it should be visible at all times.
331 Good addition
332 Ram could eventually be shown on map to ennemy realm if someone scout it but definitly not moving, only a kind of mark on the map. Which could be realistic because players can communicate through /1 and /t4 so its pretty much the same than giving coords of ram to others players, just an easier and more clear way. But at the end, my opinion is that is much better to not see anything at all and count on communication and coordination.
333 if by "Visable" you mean just on screen then all rams should be visable Rams should not be on maps though, war is element of surprise, use your scouts, already we can communicate across zone in a instant as it is a game side note from last servey on gear appearance, my Helm pixels at least should be whatever I choose and trophys should show up as well
334 remove bombs from battlegrounds
335 Only visible to opposing realm if you control a certain amount of flags, lke sentries..
336 BW solo paths are unpl.ayable compared to WarhammerOnline. Who hates BW so much that he has to spoil the character so much?
337 If you want more interaction between player's rather than just sieging, I believe the solution lies in the importance of BOs (making them both important for offensive and defensive side). I don't think showing the ram on the map adds much at all.
338 I just with aoe potions would be removed from the game. It's causing too much lagg.
339 I think some reasonable ways to do this might be 1 - if a ally that is either in a warband, party, or solo see the enemy ram it should be shown to all allies on the map, possibly after a certain amount of time to make it seem as though a courior bird or something is bringing the news to everyone else of the rams location, but only for a brief time, and then there should be a CD say a minute then if another ally sees the ram it will update its location. So its not constantly moving on the map, but if allies keep eyes on it periodically all allies will see its movements. 2 - Not sure if this would work in all of the maps, but you can also just have it update when passing flags that allies control. if it is an enemy control flag position will not update. -
340 Who hates BW so much that he has to spoil the character so much, BW solo paths are unplayable compared to WarhammerOnline
341 Make endless T3 please
342 Hey, can you fix the salvaging issue? There are quite a few players having an issue where nothing shows up in the salvage window. Reinstalling the game or repairing does nothing. And rams showing improving the Quality of Life?? What kind of question is that??
343 I think to allow attacker stealth, we need to have some form of player reporting. One option is go the Google/Waze approach of reporting traffic accidents and then having other realm members validate the reports. I think the better/easier approach would simply be that if a memeber of your realm can see (within range of) the ram, it gets automatically put on the map, its position is updated accordingly, and it gets removed if it is seen having been destroyed. Once no members of your realm can are in range of a ram, it automatically drops off the map in X minutes. This solution makes intuitive sense that players have some mechanism of reporting scouting data but removes the drudgery of it to keep folks in battle. Hope this helps.
344 in my opinion its even worse than before , enemy had to scout for ram---now they just wait in warcamp and watch map, when ram pops all go keep, they dont try fight, atleast in general
345 pls no rams on the map at all, this limits the tactic of the attacking realms and prevent sneak sieges
346 Would appreciate not having to do a survey on each character and just have it account based. Thanks
347 class specific actions found on WE/WH (could be extended to other classes for campaign relevance) : x feet range (not too far or close, can be used in stealth) spy network/cult infiltration flavor
348 Maybe the rams should be shown to the enemy party too if the numbers are not equal in the zone. The side that has the bigger population and is trying to attack the keep gets shown. If the underlying side trys to attack, it should be hidden to the enemy side.
349 I think that rams should be visible to enemy players only when they are certain number of players currently on the map. If a faction is outnumbered, it would be positive if they could see the enemy ram on the map, to stand a chance against superior numbers if they are too few. On the other hand, if there is enough number of players on both sides, it would be better if they are not able to see the enemy ram. Otherwise the ram could not be sneak to the enemy keep and it would be too easily destroyed, even if reasonably protected.
350 If an ally sees a RAM and keeps in in clip plane, then the enemy RAM could show on the map.
351 I think it need to be spotted before been show on the map
352 Thanks again and the best of luck for do that game possible again.
353 if you cant show numbers of players in does this follow? I kinda understand if its allies only but to show the other realms goes against what you are arguing for not showing exact number of players in zones..
354 i feel enemies shouldn't be able to see ram's up to their team to talk and scout for it. BTW ... the game is the best it has ever been ... and i like all the survey's.
355 Skaven scouts :) Maybe one day ...
356 Squigs are overpowered
357 Visibility based on the player numbers in lake.
358 Could you make it a feature that Witch Hunters and Witch Elves have while stealthed. Like the Gutter Runners had in Live.
359 Showing rams on the map for the enemy greatly discourages realism and slows zone flips down. That being said, if seeing the enemy ram was a reward for a high-level keep (4 star keep) I could get behind this change.
360 Blanket showing the ram on the map is actually hurting the outnumbered faction even further. If rams are to be shown it should be by scouting and player action (for instance by WE/WH in stealth or something like that)
361 In the crafting it feels like I do not get much benefit from using watering cans fertiliser and soils. It would be nice also if the higher the level of cultivator the better the crit chance when growing also more benefits to using the equipment for instance soil could increase the number of plants you harvest, watering cans really reduce the time even more and fertiliser gives a second crop. In addition, I would like to see the cost of apothecary ampoules brought down 100 coins from the vendor is far too much, I feel they should be 20.
362 You already made Destro Superpowered, cause of rshs, mshs and overpowered chosens, no order wants to play heal or tank... Why do they want? For more ego to destro? And you wanna give destro another positive spec... All of you know that this spec just good for destro... Why? Let me thell you one more times... No order wants to play against Superpowered destro toons with fully nerfed toons... So i dont care ram... Do it or not
363 Having things like this takes away from the social aspect of an MMO. I haven't seen a single case where someone hasn't went out and scouted the ram and announced in realm chat.
364 not bothered about any of the above. BUT lol, allow visibility according to Knowledge held by players, eg. if one player can see enemy ram then the info would be passed to all shis party, band, guild and so visible to them all on maps. just a thought. keep up the good work guys. manan
365 That the enemy ram gets only revealed by entering a certain distance to it
366 When it is under visual contact by an enemy player, like a real warfare survalence would be done. Some roguish types will scout the enemy and hence our realm will know the whereabouts of the ram. Also a good mechanic to counter that would be suitable as long as a certain class has better detecting skill.
367 Only when the ram is not used (eg left alone to decay in a hidden spot) but not when hitting doors or harnessed to someone mounted
368 Allied ram - always Enemy ram - if allied keep has more stars then enemy or static 3 stars
369 Ram should be shown to enemy realm if 24 or more people are without X distance from it. Similar to the fighting X's on the map.
370 In earlier times in history, watchtowers were increasingly used to monitor areas as well as places. I like the idea of introducing such watchtowers as a new BO concept. Such towers could be positioned in strategically important positions on the RvR maps. If such a tower is in possession, it monitors the an area of the map, that means you can see enemy units/players and also a ram. Such towers could also be accessible (maximum of 6 to 12 players) to make them easier to defend from the top. Players should be able to destroy the door to claim a tower. You could also upgrade it - with fewer resources than a keep - to increase visibility or the number and type of visible opponents. Of course, I don't know wheter such an intervention in the RvR card and mechanics is possible. Otherwise I would define the radius of the visibility based on the keep rank.
371 A keep rank 3+ should have the altar of favours where there is the option to send spies to spot the enemy's ram and siege weapons.
372 Showing rams to both sides may help the underdog and possibly help level the playing field to a degree. This is a very good thing.
373 3 STAR KEEP to see the ram
374 - I also prefer to resist if the enemy rammers are only attracted when they belong to the enemy scouted and only as long as the enemy sees them - But please do not take out the function that the ram is no longer visible, we have so often that someone runs away with the ram intentionally to sabotage the siege - I would like a better way that the ram can be set up more easily at the gate
375 A ram should be visible to the enemy on the map as soon as there is more than X players around (maybe 6, or 12 ?). This could lead to some risky strategy to sneak a ram with fewer player, and offer more way to do things than just zerging.
376 I've been hearing about order rams being pushed and spawned, it helps us prpepare for a siewge and how to counter it. I am glad for this change. Thankj you for the time you put into making this feature
377 In order to find a middleground on this topic, maybe it is a good idea to introduce a two star keep requirement for your realm to see the enemy ram. I have experienced these last couple days that thanks to seeing the ram earlier, it is easier for your realm to call in the troops for a keep defense, before the posterns are guarded and the enemy is in position. So we probably should reward leveling up your keep with said visibility of the ram.
378 Rank 4 keep and higher
379 buff fucking sorcerer to bright wizard levels thanks
380 Only show ram to friendly realm. There is no good reason to show it to enemies.
381 From what i have experienced, the change does not increase fights outside the keep, it does the opposite , it gives the defending side more time to turtle down in the keep.
382 Thank you for your service <3
383 I think showing the ram to the enemy takes the strategy out of the game. A good strategy has players assigned to keep an eye out for enemy rams after 2 star and report to your side. This just dumbs down the game and takes another element out of what can be played and planned for. I like the idea of teams having roles and ones of these roles is keeping an eye out for enemy rams.
384 i do not like orvr.just play sc's mostly. you could put a ram blip on the map that shows only every 8 seconds for 1-2 seconds total.
385 Maybe a map objective, guarded by NPCs as well as the players, that if captured by the other realm, reveals ram locations. There's fun to be had trying to sneak a ram about, and fun to be had scouting for an enemy ram. However, if the ram gets hidden for too long and nothings happening, having something that can reveal it would be nice.
386 Dont show ram location to the ennemy realm it's gamebreaking imo.
387 Keep rank is a great idea, or personal contribution in a zone, possibly run a supply box to a cartographer like character in your keep
388 Wrote it on my shaman (Waaghinator), make create some shannigans and hide friendly ram and show only enemy ram ^_^
389 You could put ram to be visible for enemies if the beeing attacked keep has 3+ stars, for exemple
390 I was thinking that the enemy need to scoute the Ram out befor all the enemy can se it. Or maby even klick on the ram, sacrifice youself for the grater good sort of thing. I like the ide of trying to make the Relms fight more and not go from siege to siege. but hey, what do i know. =) Ty for trying to make the game beter! <3
391 A ram should be shown on the map as soon as an enemy player gets close enough to "interact" with the ram and thereby designate it as visible to the enemy realm
392 I like the effect that the realm gathers better to a siege, so i enjoy the upgrade and I really like the icon, it's just a nice rollerskating wooden triangle. :)
393 I think if enemy players can see the ram, it would make it too difficult to get a ram to the enemy keep. Harder than it needs to be. Also, it's nice if you can see your own realms ram on the map, simply to gather "pug-players" at the right position, so it would be easier to include everyone in RvR. The icon is awesome, btw :)
394 ty
395 1) The ram should be visible to allied realm 2) the best idea would be to make it visible to all ( your enemies too) if the enemy tags/hits your ram even once thus marking it on the map for all to see. Thus, if i hit or "tag" the enemy ram, it will now show to my realm and we can proceed to hunt it down before it reaches the gates or at the gates!
396 identifying the location of the ram when its coming to your keep is part of the fight imo, putting a big spot on the map just ruins any kind of tactical need to locate it and makes things to easy.
397 In general i agree rams should be shown to allied players of the same realm to improve quality of life. But not the enemy rams of the opposite realm cause many times players do "smart" plays with the rams hiding them etc etc.
398 WH/WE should be able to see no others
399 Having a ram show on the map is silly. Might as well show eneny players themselves on the map, which is silly and a bad idea.
400 if an enemy comes within a close range of ram, then it has been spottted and will be on map for a short period of time. simulating a scouting report that will quickly bemome outdated. maybe a region announcement "Enemy ram has been spotted", but only on map for maybe 10 seconds.
401 if it can somehow be manually targetted and "spotted" i think that would be cool. So the ram shows up on map for like 30seconds or 1 minute and then needs to be "spotted" again
402 Too ez if you see the ram as enemy
403 Keep rams invisible. The game is better that way. That's it.
404 Enemy realm should just get info that enemy ram is on a map
405 a combination of the above
406 "The Ram has been Spotted" If an enemy placer has selected the ram the ram will be visable for as long the player have seeen the ram. or in combat, If the realm is not paying attention it shoudl be rewarded by zerging the ram
407 the game is better if people talk or can talk to each other through discord ect. allowing the enemy to see the ram.... makes the game worse... due to the fact's babysitting ... they need to send out scouts to report back. if they don't they rightly don't deserve to know that an attack is near... the element of surprise is a cool part of this game...don't ruin it by hand holding the enemy.
408 visible to enemy player
409 Limit realm hopping to 24hours or more.
410 Players should make the rams visible or even invisible. Perhaps with an item (a flare or detector). Perhaps a Dwarf could be able to place a suspicious barrel with a more tiny dwarf in it, that makes the ram visible if it crosses a specific radius around the barrel.
411 why would you hide a ram that is used to assault keeps? we should just let stealthers go in and kill the lord without a ram if yall do some stupid shit like that
412 There should be a way to scout and mark it on the map for x minutes by purchasing spies or actually observing it and using a skill while targeting the ram
413 If enemy ram get spottet by 1 player - a "scout", the ram will be shown on map.
414 Just let it Hide on MAP when y show evrey KT will go there then unlock will be harder and longer this not funny :).who can deff deff who can lock this game
415 Not sure if I'm understanding correctly. The Ram should def be visible to everyone(ally and enemy) in the immediate area. The Ram should be visible on the mini-map to everyone (ally and enemy) in the immediate area.
416 I don't think it makes any difference.
417 Population / AAO / Realm Ratio
418 FOr me the ram should be see on the map all the time by the faction have pop it, for the enemy faction, the ram will be see on the map for X min after some one have see it and tag it. That will give more importance on scooting, the scoot can give the ram position and the last position will be see by the faction for X min
419 you cant surprise and block off a keep very well anymore if this is what your trying to accomplish then yeah this is a good change but if you want that element of surprise then you should revert it or make it so only the faction who spawned it can see it.
420 BO number 2+ it means there are enough scouts to spot enemy movement.
421 Could we get more options in the barbar surgeon, I would like more tattoo colours for the choppa and the option of more scars on my blackguard.
422 Make endless T3 please
423 i dont speak english sorry
424 Mix of Keep rank and player/group play. Maybe Keep Rank so that this will push the resource game, costs a little resource to pay the player(s)/group whom scout the enemies ram (some medallions [scout's] maybe with a cd), then this could send the ram packets to allies in the lake. That would encourage roaming groups to scout. If shown to all; effect will be to more blob v blob (at least it might get order out from turtling in keeps) Should not be Every player action feature (spam inc not to mention xrealm problems will end up with thousands of ram icons).
425 bring back the appearance items
426 How about this requirement: The opposing realm needs to have members of theirs within a certain proximity of the enemy ram to have it show up on the map - makes scouting and actually being present within the zones worthwhile.
427 Great mod not sure if both sides need to see the ram. I think allied side only
428 the ram on map for players if t h ier groop can see the ram is better.. but.. the issue is the item inbalanace with order they have t he items... i could be rong but.. there is an issue Love yall work there is no salt in my comments. I think you guys are doing amazing work wish i could help. LOve Yall!
429 Make it a specific ability set behind a Renown Rank, like 75+ or so have an ability to see it or activate a power so that allies can see it.
430 please do smth about the growing numbe rof destro players mainly dark elf doks and dark elf witch elves who pull the plug out of pc rather than be killed please stop destro premade guild grps queueuing simultaneously for pug scen please renerf SH liek u did to poor shad, its broken and every1 knows it please revert white lions back insteda of this vendetta u have against any order mdps thank you for your time
432 I like the idea of them being shown, it eliminates some of the trolling when people take it and hide it. Also, it benefits both factions... Attackers have the ability to see where the ram is and escort it or start killing incoming defenders. Defenders have the ability to either get to the keep and get ready, or to venture out and try to disrupt the escort or maybe even kill them all.
433 I know this could be tall order. But i would like to see sort of spotting mechanic about rams. Like if player targets enemy ram. It will be highlighted on minimap for briff moment, lets say.. 10-20s.
434 ??
435 Im not sure about this since again i haven't played with this feature but i did enjoy people writing in chat where the ram was going and how to dodge the enemy faction.
436 Give WH and WE a new ability that let's them tag enemy rams and siege equipment so they are visible on map for 1 minute. Huge range ideally, 200 ft or so. Would let them be more useful in Orvr to an extent.
437 Some sort of scout tower or diving orb that is activated for a specific amount of time, or active for one team if controlled like a BO.
438 If ram is attacked then it should show. Otherwise i think its good to have it hidden from the other side while on the move.
439 Sounds interesting, but not sure at all, havent play enought to have a clear opinion. Its a huge bonus and should not granted for free at start. To bind this on Keep rank seems to me the best solution...may 3 or 4 Stars. All players could participate.
440 Dont fuckings care.
441 hiding ram or sneaky manuevers with ram is part of the game i belive. seeing enemy ram will help nothing but zerg. kililng ram is more than just delaying enemy for 10 minutes . it demoralizes them and turns the tide . so making ram obvious target will improve nothing.
442 WH/WE ability to mark rams? (just an idea)
443 If you can, please let the map RAM be displayed when keep 3 stars. In addition, I suggest that you can add a fortress-like "bird" in the defender's WC. If the order has 1wb playing the castle and 2wb blocking the way , then we (DES) How to advance to the castle? Destruction experience!!
444 On the whitebag include even for Talimanmaking not just cultivating.
445 Not sure if it is possible but maybe give wh and we the ability (from stealth) to tag the ram to show it on map for an amount of time.
446 Guild keep rank up feature only
447 Would be interesting Guild keeps features to encourage using the feature at all.
448 The reason I am against enemies visually seeing rams is based on the following: 1. While I understand more interaction will occur on the field of battle to pressure the ram from entering the keep, this defeats the whole purpose of players on the opposing side forming their own search and scout parties and organising their own ambush positions. 2. Solo roamers (or small party roamers) may feel less oblighed to roam in RvR lakes when rams are spawned (and can be visually seen) as it could act as another mechanism for "zerging" of larger warbands.
449 And please, roll back appearance changes, my appearance being available for enemies to see was first best change from live
450 maybe it is visible every interval of seconds, if technically possible.
451 Rams should not be shhown. If players want to know where an enemy ram is, then they need to recon it.
452 Some osrt of scouting function
453 I have no strong feelings one way or the other. I think it somewhat slows campaign progess down but i dont think it changes the eventual outcome of a zone
454 Make endless T3 please
455 Show Ram on map after desginated amount of time; 30seconds or 1minute?
456 All my ideas get shut down on the Forums by management, so I won't bother.
457 What exactly does "Quality of Life" mean in context of this issue? Regardless, I do not feel showing the ram location will affect overall play to any significant extent. The maps are not so large the time factor would be much of an issue.
458 Showing enemy rams on the map takes away from the feature of players communicating and the value of intell is lowered. It also takes the potential of suprice sieges and blockading defenders getting ready with siegeweaponery + oilhouse control before the actual siege has even begun. - bombling
459 Helpful mostly for new players that might be a bit lost. It also promotes stopping and protecting the ram
460 I guess rams hive GPS' now?
461 When an enemy player is in sight of it, maybe 200ft range? Maybe he also needs to press a button to make it visible for all.
462 I think if it maybe got spottet by some players from the opposite side.
463 There is absolutely no reason that enemy rams should be visible - it reduces already limited strategic play.
464 Visible rams take away need for scouting. It might be ok for highest keep upgrades or somthing so it's only occasional, but all the time no.
465 If the ram gets scouted - then it could be broadcasted. But it just limits gameplay by broadcasting the Ram location to everyone at all times.
466 flagged for RVR
467 Only if spoted by ally
468 In addition to answers and about "Quality of Life", in my opinion too many features kill community communication and lower the "social" part in MMO games. We can see those negative effects in poplular games like WoW with tool for dungeon groups that simply killed chats.
469 Ram show on enemy map 30s-1min only if spotted by enemy players.
470 I imagine rams being shown on the map had the intention of creating moving fights away from keeps and BOs, but with how fragile rams are and how long it takes to spawn a new one, the only way I would support rams being shown on the maps are if the siege weapon abilities are added into the game, so that players could buff/shield/heal the ram like on Live. Currently, it is way too easy to attrition-down a ram.
471 I would prefer the system that was last active on the live server. The visibility of the ram is similar to the number of players in a zone. It is not possible to lock a keep easily without drawing the attention of everyone. It was nice that it was possible on live to take a keep without the need to killing a lord.
472 show allied ram at 3 star, show enemy ram at 4 star