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by Dwanex
Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:35 pm
Forum: News
Topic: Server is online
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Re: Server is online

Server down or just a reboot?
by Dwanex
Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:15 am
Forum: Greenskins
Topic: [Black Orc] Talk bout da builds ere.
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Re: [Black Orc] Talk bout da builds ere.

Is it worth to run a SnB BO? I've got my BO at lvl 31 for years now (T4 wasnt even out back then) and I dont know what changed, what the pros and cons are for 2h and SnB, if he can deal serious dmg as 2h and/or will I be usless till a specific RR with 2H? I'm a bit confused regarding 2H tanks since ...
by Dwanex
Sun Apr 07, 2019 10:18 am
Forum: Suggestions & Feedback
Topic: Suggestion to revert RvR lakes to RR ticks from BO's
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Re: Suggestion to revert RvR lakes to RR ticks from BO's

The entire argument of people AFK'ing and being rewarded is a false one. It never ever happened. As per game mechanics, if you are flagged AFK you do not receive XP/RR/INF ticks. Is this a joke? Most people sitting on BOs are AFK, that's a fact. Nah, he thinks when you press a button every one or t...
by Dwanex
Wed Apr 03, 2019 11:51 am
Forum: Dwarfs
Topic: [Slayer] Actual BiS gear?
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[Slayer] Actual BiS gear?

Hey, I took a short break from RoR after the 2X week (I pushed my Kotbs from Level 1 to 40/70) and decided it's a good time to start playing again... now with my Slayer who is staying at 40/40 and unplayed for like... forever :P He was my main when T4 wasnt even released. I know the standard build (...
by Dwanex
Tue Apr 02, 2019 6:01 pm
Forum: News
Topic: Server is online
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Re: Server is Fine, for now...

Seems like server broke. Can get to character selection and from there on i get a disconnect trying to log in a toon.

Checked on Twitch and every streamer got the same issue

Edit: Only characters in BC seem to be stucked
by Dwanex
Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:48 am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: How has your week gone?
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Re: How has your week gone?

Started with level 1 and ended on 40/60 with my kotbs. It's time for a break now! xD
by Dwanex
Wed Mar 13, 2019 4:22 am
Forum: High Elves
Topic: healer dps duo's
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Re: healer dps duo's

Out of the three tanks I would go IB for this, but that just might be my personal reference... Idk.

2H kotbs seems more like an "enabler/buffer" for other melee DPS and SM i just dont know enough about for this Duo Setup.
by Dwanex
Thu Oct 18, 2018 12:06 pm
Forum: News
Topic: Bawon Sanmdi
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Re: Bawon Sanmdi

OK first of all i was reading Bwonsamdi and was curious if I was hitting the right game forum here :P
by Dwanex
Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:21 pm
Forum: Changelogs
Topic: Server Patch notes 29/09/2018
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Re: Server Patch notes 29/09/2018

How long will the 2x Event go on? I was super busy this weekend :( Hopefully it will go on for atleast a few more hours or even days :P
by Dwanex
Thu Sep 27, 2018 12:32 pm
Forum: News
Topic: Ups...
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Re: Ups...

Is that going to stack with 300% extra, or whatever it is, you already get for killing quest NPCs? I'm guessing it does which seems pretty cooooo. Uhm wait what? I havent been playing for a long time. 300% more xp for killing some NPC? Tell me more ^^ Quest npc kills and quest completions in your r...