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by ReturnOfReckoning
Sat Oct 08, 2022 9:16 am
Forum: Changelogs
Topic: Patch Notes 08/10/2022
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Patch Notes 08/10/2022

Highlights Weekend Warfront: Raiders of the Lost Pyramid Treasure hunters have long been drawn to Nehekhara and the grand tombs of ancient kings. The promise of plunder has led many to ...
by ReturnOfReckoning
Sat Oct 01, 2022 12:15 pm
Forum: Changelogs
Topic: Patch Notes 01/10/2022
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Patch Notes 01/10/2022

Highlights Weekend Warfront: Battle at the Gate The Phoenix Gate guards the entrance to the inner lands of Ulthuan; soft rolling landscapes where in more peaceful ages the Ellyrion Horsel...
by ReturnOfReckoning
Fri Sep 16, 2022 9:58 am
Forum: Changelogs
Topic: The Feast of Shoika
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The Feast of Shoika

We have made the decision to extend the double XP / influence / renown bonus through to Sept 26th 12:00 Altdorf time to coincide with the end of the Feast of Shoika event. Live Event: The Feast of Shoika The summer sun has reached its zen...
by ReturnOfReckoning
Wed Sep 14, 2022 1:00 pm
Forum: Changelogs
Topic: Patch Notes 14/09/2022
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Patch Notes 14/09/2022

Highlights Content New Player Journey Two new quests have been added to the Chapter 1 Rally Masters. The 'Scenarios of WAR' instructs new players how...
by ReturnOfReckoning
Sat Sep 10, 2022 10:39 am
Forum: Changelogs
Topic: Patch Notes 10/09/2022
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Patch Notes 10/09/2022

Highlights Weekend Warfront: Factory of War The Reikland Factory is one of the most important manufacturers of arms and ammunition for the armies of the empire. Without it they will be forced to fi...
by ReturnOfReckoning
Sat Sep 03, 2022 11:38 am
Forum: Changelogs
Topic: Patch Notes 03/09/2022
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Patch Notes 03/09/2022

Highlights Weekend Warfront: Scurvy Dogs The seas run with blood! Dwarf ironclads, streaming out of Barak Varr, carry legions or blood-mad Slayers to raid and plunder the enemy's ships an...
by ReturnOfReckoning
Wed Aug 17, 2022 7:54 am
Forum: Changelogs
Topic: Patch Notes 17/08/2022
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Patch Notes 17/08/2022

Highlights Weekend Warfront: Guns, Shrooms, and Steam The trains of Kadrin Valley are carrying gromril back to Karaz-a-Karak night and day. Work on the Doomstrikers is well underway, but now ...
by ReturnOfReckoning
Thu Aug 11, 2022 6:23 pm
Forum: Changelogs
Topic: Patch Notes 11/08/2022
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Patch Notes 11/08/2022

Highlights Weekend Warfront: The Curse of Khaine The broken land of the Blighted Isle bears the scars of history, scars that divide the elven race to this day. It was here at the Shrine of Khaine t...
by ReturnOfReckoning
Wed Aug 03, 2022 6:43 am
Forum: Changelogs
Topic: Patch Notes 03/08/2022
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Patch Notes 03/08/2022 Weekend Warfront: Foray of Fate Stumbling upon an unusual network of tunnels beneath Praag, a small band of Order finds themselves within the slumbering walls of The Eternal C...
by ReturnOfReckoning
Thu Jul 21, 2022 7:31 am
Forum: Changelogs
Topic: Patch Notes 21/07/2022
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Patch Notes 21/07/2022 Weekend Warfront: Unforgiving Seas During one of the recent battles upon the Inner Sea, one of our vessels found...