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Howdy from the JunkYard

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Howdy from the JunkYard

Post#1 » Mon Sep 20, 2021 3:06 pm

I used to play Warhammer ONLINE. Excited to see there is a way to come get back into it ! I have a twitch channel I plan to play this game on while I stream. I am using tixati to download the torrent.. but it is super slow.. is this normal ? I have very fast internet. Anyway in a day or two at this rate. I might be able to play !!

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Re: Howdy from the JunkYard

Post#2 » Mon Sep 20, 2021 3:34 pm

Welcome. Good time to join; dev team just released two brand new cities and will probably implement them to the city mechanics soon.

Torrent speeds vary, depending on the time of day and where you and the seeder are, but it will download. Better than the installer imo, which for me tended to crash.

Know that once you get the game, you will have a LOT of patches to install. And sometimes the launcher will act as if it's all caught up. Don't believe it. Close the Launcher and open it again. When you open the Launcher and no more update bar appears that means you're ready to play.

Happy hunting.
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