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Former Live player

Post#1 » Tue Apr 10, 2018 1:49 pm

Hello, I was in Darklands and Dark Crag server on live. Been through being outnumbered or the other way round. Raided and defended cities. I'm a fearless player and my main is RR76 Archmage healing the front lines. I'm flexible when it comes to targeting if I play dps. Not some usual pugs that hits anything in front. I can play any class. Sad to see this game go.

I've stumbled on this server when I search about any news about WAR. Nice to see this game is alive.

I always join the less pop side. So probably I'll be playing Destro since Order outnumbers on this server.Hope to see some great battles in the future.

Gave a few spin and feels like AP regens slower.
Veteran of Dark Crag and Darklands official server. Formerly RR76 Archmage


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