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Hail! WAR newbie returns (but older)

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Hail! WAR newbie returns (but older)

Post#1 » Sun Sep 01, 2019 3:27 pm

Greetings, warm winds and hello!

A long while ago, WAR was with EA and when I just started - only then reaching a lofty level 20 - everything was shut down. :cry:

Being a Warhammer Fantasy player (Dwarfs), I called it a day with a lot of "what if...?" Now, with RoR, we can finish what we started and explore the world that I never got to see! I am starting with my basic Bright Wizard build (BW is the shorthand I think) - appropriately Wanderlust - to get the gist of things where I last started off but I have nearly forgotten everything so I am kinda having the odd "duh" moment when exploring.

So many things I have to learn (the hotkeys, how to do PQ's, what the stats do again, how to craft potions/talismans, etc) but I am hoping, once I am up to scratch, to get back on my horse (I love the fact that we have the horse from the start btw, I was on foot up to lvl10 until I got 5 Gold in the old days) and take to the field.

Either way, I am on UK time so I am not always around but here's looking forward to peeps online soon!


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