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Greetings from Burlok, Karak Norn and Karak Azgal veteran

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Greetings from Burlok, Karak Norn and Karak Azgal veteran

Post#1 » Sat Oct 24, 2020 8:36 pm

It is awesome to be back after so many years! I´ve been poking around also earlier, but back then RoR seemed unfinished and I always left shortly. Glad to see that RoR has developed so much! Huge thanks to the developing team and I wish there was a way to support your efforts!

I never was a prominent player or the best of my class, just a casual player who had a lot of fun playing with like-minded players. Maybe some old friends or alliance members are still around who will recognize me or the guilds worth mentioning here.

I started to play on Burlok in High Elves only roleplay guild The Lost Guard of Tor Anroc as Taelarion, the Swordmaster of Hoeth. Our guild was in The Conclave of Light roleplaying alliance: Eighth Moon, Grom Karaz, Iron Stone Guild, Legends, The Helstrum Society, The Lost Guard of Tor Anroc and The Olde Contemptibles.

From Burlok we moved with the whole alliance to Karak Norn where The Lost Guard of Tor Anroc slowly faded into myth.

After LGoTA disbanded I moved to Karak Azgal where I joined The Silver Dawn, led by Senthoi, and started from scratch as Aethelion, the White Lion. We were in alliance with StoneShield Clan and Temple of Sigmar. We had a lot of fun RP, RvR and PvE events.

Developed especially close bond with Dawi from StoneShield Clan while roaming T4 lakes with our small team. Riotous, inappropriate and cheerful bunch! :)

Later moved back to Karak Norn and joined Blade & Quill as WL Meromir and WP OttoKarl.

/salute to all players I had the honour to fight alongside with


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