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Former dev, happy for the Waaagh!

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Re: Former dev, happy for the Waaagh!

Post#71 » Fri Dec 04, 2015 8:31 pm

Kirk wrote: I think we're all jaded about the lay-offs. Ofc not as directly as the actual guys, but we felt the ramifications :(
I still think WAR would be big and alive and well today if they had kept on developing.
Some truly unique work that was done.
Thanks, Kirk. Yeah, the WH property is a really phenomenal setting (as is 40K!). It's too bad that the game didn't continue to perform how EA wanted it to perform. Many of us were eager to work on a 40k project if/when WAR did well. There were a TON of 40k players at our office. We even had a cabinet of armies, so that anyone could play the miniatures/table-top game after-hours.

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Re: Former dev, happy for the Waaagh!

Post#72 » Sat Dec 05, 2015 12:17 am

Knowing EA I am guessing anything below WoW numbers wasn't good enough :p
Blood Bowl that got me introduced to the universe back in the day.
Still got all the miniatures around, there is plans for a display case in my future :)
WH universe was a license that should be seen as gold from a corporate perspective.
So many possibilities for a huge gaming series of high quality and EA would be the once with the funds to get it going, if they had the backbone to keep pushing.
<insert insults about corporate management here>

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