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Re: [chosen] Oppression

Post#41 » Sat Dec 16, 2017 5:17 pm

Toldavf wrote:Chosen doesn't lack mitigation. While 15% off of everything with a potential 100% up time sounds nice, it seems like over kill to me.
it's pointless becuase CD prevent you to decide when use the dmg reduction(like vigilance), because is tied to armor buff, other classes have them split-ed, so you can keep up 100% armor buff while then decide when use the dmg reduction; since you cant right now and the averange value of the reduction ,as said multiple times, is lower that's totally normal that it get too a 100% updatetime.

Plus if you keep the need to hit condition that it get even worst, as long you cant self buff after any kd +focus you do not have certain chance to belive you will be able to dmg reduction; even if that was the case, oppression is not vigilace; you dont benefith so much after the focus is started, it's just counter-productive.

you either have always a 15% dmg reduction or is equal to not have it all. The highest moment of the burst is the only way to kill you no fluff dmg:

15% keeped up 100% of the time wont make you stronger because all the time you will reduces dmg ...
15% keeped up 1005 of the time will keep you up because when-ever the burst happen out of no-where in any situation you will have the dmg reduction up, they can kill you only when they burst you (as any tank), just some tanks have the tool to coutner the burst when they want chosen really cant atm have an effective anti-burst self protection

IB work this way and it have similar defensve stuff as chosen

2x avodiance buff (1x block, 1 x parry)
1 self crit reductiont(dmg while chosen chance)
1x dmg reduction(passive on tactic)
1armor buff(spamable as BO)

Oppression always was all or nothing thats why i said keep the need to hit condition which is harder for a panic button but make up for it with the skill work fine if the hit land.

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Re: [chosen] Oppression

Post#42 » Thu Dec 21, 2017 5:16 am

Chosen after the last patch is quite balanced as a class and is around the same level as current kotbs, and almost half of the classes have a 13th point ability that is not used for example;

AM- Dissipating energies
Kotbs - unbalancing attack
SM - crushing advance
Mara - wave of terror
shaman - da waagh is coming
SH - big bouncin
BG- force of fury
Sorc- shades of death

and some other that are discussible

To begin with chosen just have changed and some time needs to pass to see the results. Changing this ability in haste might disturb the balance that has been recently formed after the last patch and make chosen too op, even if u change this please dont go more than solution 1 and 2. In my opinion this should be put behind the schedule and first wait the other more important balance changes before touching this

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Re: [chosen] Oppression

Post#43 » Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:03 am

mid mastery is no where to be balanced, there is litteraly nothing that justify bring a MId masteryappart the common 3 sec KD all tanks and we/choppa have, i do agree that too many crit management on 1 class is not cool; i asked penril if i had to change the proposal but with no results/either no or he didnt red it

-The oppression situatione is not changed after the last patch; if not it got wost cripple strike change after change; now your only chosen dmg reduction is oppression since you cant benfith anymore from CS dmg reduction so is in dire need of a fix.

-regarding the secondary eff/group eff those changes and also BO thread yes hold a value in regard what should be give to make mid mastery more appealling in regard others mastery. Not argumenting against that.I can finalize soemthing else if is required.

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Re: [chosen] Oppression

Post#44 » Thu Dec 21, 2017 10:21 am

Would be more ”fun” to link 11pts tactic to a secondary friendly target enchantment on ability enraged blow (never used)

Cho can proactivly cover opression (and supression)

A tad less 1-button ravage spam

Mid tree gets a buff

Someone may use 11pts tactic for the first time since 2008

Cho gets a survivabilty buff to cover def morales being slower and CS converted from def to off

(The above enchantment ideally isn’t an absorb because they provide very little cover)

E: may be smart to wait a bit tho because of latest changes

E: no client ctrl could be a stopper tho
A reasonable RvR system that could make the majority happy http://imgur.com/HL6cgl7

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Re: [chosen] Oppression

Post#45 » Mon Dec 25, 2017 11:05 am

since this it gona lock soon and there wasn't really much discussion i'm try to finalize the whole thing

-generally speaking appart some derail the fix to oppression seems k:
ppl got divided onto the addition of a secondary effect (which would involve anyway 14pt investiment till oppression) due recent chosen changes(CS changes)

-i do think something to make the mastery more likely to be spec is required strongly, the only thing it's KD so even rework that as suggested by penrli would not make the mastery more likely to be spec; it alredy get spec for that in first place, let aside oppression still be lackluster.

-some pointed out that an additional effect to oppression could be granted by a tactic (which is corrupting power )which is lackluster(it really is) this is not imo wrong tough the thread was not for it but since the additional effect was suggested by penr then dev could also take into consideration a rework of corrupting power for an additional eff of oppressio to make the build have more requirement. (regardless chosen have 4 ap tactic and 1 ap aura thus that always was the last spec ap tactic)

-regarding the fix part i think is pretty self explicatory; regarding the secondary part both you got nuffin discussion and recent chosen may have a weight on any further change but regardless a 7% crit redeuction is in line with countering enemy crit stack.

Since i dont think there is no space for further discussion i also let other options as alternative post CS changes at dev discretion be them either for tactic or oppression itself:

A-as said above crit reduction in small range to counter mostly front liners(7%)

B-Instead Oppression could also dmg reduction half the value around him (so 7,5%), of course it will not stack with the fixed version of oppression: so chosen 15% and aroudn him 7.5%)

C-instead Oppression could also grant a snare effect around chosen (few feets ) passive for the duration of 10%

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Re: [chosen] Oppression

Post#46 » Mon Dec 25, 2017 2:48 pm

Time to lock.

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