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[Chosen] Rending Blade

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[Chosen] Rending Blade

Post#1 » Wed Mar 06, 2019 10:27 am

Historically Rending Blade (RB) was an important tool to reliably spread the Crippling Strikes (CS) debuff. After the changes and implementation of Wasteland Ruse (WR) its purpose remained was the same. Instead of spreading a damage done by the target debuff it could be used to spread a damage done to the target debuff.

Identify the issue:

With both CS and WR gone, the ability has become much more of a fluff aoe damage ability with no real purpose.
One may argue that it is a viable tool to keep the new Demonclaw tactic up, but after testing it with and without RB, i can say it makes pretty much no difference.
Also investing 14 pts without getting any group utility out of it makes no sense.


Following the historical premise, I would like to see it become a debuffing tool again and give the 2h chosen some utility back.

1. Make it a debuff wich increases the cooldown of enemy skills by X(5) seconds for Y(5) seconds. (CD of skill 10-15sec)

2. Make it a debuff wich increases the amount of ap an enemy needs to spend for their attacks by X(15) for Y(10) sec. (CD of skill 20 sec)

3. Make it a snare of X%(40) apllied to Y(4) enemys hit for Z(10) sec. (CD of skill 15sec)

Values in () are my suggestion.
Removing the undefendable status with these changes i leave open for debate. I think it should be decided on how strong the debuff effect will be.

30/12/2018 RIP 2h Chosen

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Re: [Chosen] Rending Blade

Post#2 » Wed Mar 06, 2019 1:07 pm

Discussing this one internally now.

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