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Improving the ST of BW/Sorc.

These proposals have passed an internal review and are implemented in some way on the server. Review for specific implementation details.

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Re: Improving the ST of BW/Sorc.

Post#71 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 2:26 am

Push the line or having disrupt buff from using mechanic drop for 10seconds are both great ideas but not sure if it can be implemented. Both promote better game play and won't be op in the current state of the game.

The disrupt buff from dear wind would be more along the intended mechanic of building up and dropping and could have counterbalance by silencing the sorc/bw once you see them get the strikethrough buff.

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Re: Improving the ST of BW/Sorc.

Post#72 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:00 am

Dhar Wind / Meltdown grants %X distrupt strikethrough X seconds is a good idea. Not affecting AoE tho unless you take "impending doom-Nova" for fast dark magic/combustion feed.

What if when you stay minus X -let's say 90- dark magic/combustion grants %X amount of strikethrough ? Maybe, less mechanic, more strikethrough ? not sure if mentioned Sorc/BW mechanic discussion thread tho, just brainstroming.
*Option 2: Make them uncleansable - if they have to face 2 defense checks, whilst second one can be modified heavily by defending player it doesn't seem that bad.

4. Shield of Aqshy/Shroud of Darkness - For the next 7 seconds all of your attacks are undefendable, 40ap cost, 1m cd.
Option 2 and 4 will be super abused by 4-2 / 1-3-2 groups.
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Re: Improving the ST of BW/Sorc.

Post#73 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:22 am

shaggyboomboom wrote:
Bozzax wrote: 3. Dps AM could actually come out stronger then before because of CW removal and lots of strikethrough
Trust me, they are not. Had run DPS AM for a couple of weeks and trust me, it's really not like you'd think. Mostly used only DO, but also IC sometimes and still I felt like I needed more disrupt strike through. I did run only 850-920 INT but still, having 25 disrupt strike through AND still getting more than a few disrupts is really annoying.
Nod should have written "stronger (relative other magic casters)" since you need to slot tactics for it.
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Re: Improving the ST of BW/Sorc.

Post#74 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 3:48 am

Out of the options the OP gave, 4 is the best albeit still far too powerful. I remember that pocket item and it destroyed whomever you decided to target with undefendable attacks. It also is not great to be effective for only 7 seconds out of every minute. I tend to agree with the fact that avoidance in terms of disrupt is not easily countered, yet stacking disrupt is quite easy. The new defense system has caused this to be even more pronounced, along with the dot changes, and along side the fact that there are no class specific tactics or abilities to help with disrupt strikethrough for the BW or Sorc.

Many classes do not need to rely on others to improve their own strikethrough, mele even have the option of positioning to avoid parry. The BW has two very long hard casts that can be undefendable, but movement is key to survival. The Burn Through tactic helps but doesn't solve the problem of wasting many GCDS due to no disrupt strikethrough. Sorcs are even worse off here.

Staves adding 10% disrupt strikethrough would be a good start. But ultimately disrupt strikethrough should be more easily accessible through tactics/(rr)abilities/gear, or INT should allow for more strikethrough vs stacked disrupt.
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Re: Improving the ST of BW/Sorc.

Post#75 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:37 am

Zdaemon214 wrote:

or INT should allow for more strikethrough vs stacked disrupt.

main stat vs % of dmg increase should have some conseguence, we see often in game tactics that increase dmg of 25% or 50% on crits, these things do not provide any bonus to bypass enemy avoidance while stats such str,bal, int do.

In an ideal world you either take more dmg or bit less dmg but also a bit of less chance to be avoided, not both nor none.

The problem here is not dot being able to be defended on all ticks rather how the changes to stats avoidance was done.
If i not mistake for what i understood it was take a max value and then it was set a cap to how much a given value can ignore of enemy avodiance. Fixed values always tend to act ugly if not low enough, the % of remaining avoidance from stats is too high (look at healers) or was not done proportionally or give the same % was wrong to all type of avoidance, clairly physical require more remaining and magicla requried less because all healers came by dfault with an inbuild stock of willpower that sit around 600-700 staple from rr 40.
Because before that patch healers were never so hard to hit. Just today my am full heal tried to hit a shammy afk over the hill ----7-10 disrup in row. AM suppose to ap drain stuff for his own good..... the hell you suppose to do it in this way.This problem is not only affecting bw/sorc is rather a much more serious issue. And it get worst the higer the level gap in gear is. Instead being somewhat min difference like a proportional % would grant there are huge difference between low-high spec/low-high gear.
This make the point regard make the game more skillfull less beliveable , the game right know is all about GEAR if you have it you suffer less if you dont in some point of the system some classes suffer a lot. Thats why you get very different feedback, there no noobs reporting, there are simply ppl with gear and ppl with out gear/renown. And since we are playing in a conqueror era were all classes are much more potent and have access to much more power creep than live this make just things worst.

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Re: Improving the ST of BW/Sorc.

Post#76 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:01 pm

Time to lock.

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