Requirements to be a GM, Community Manager, or Forum Moderator

Tough? Fair? Helpful? Being a GM is one of the more confrontational and thankless jobs on the server. If you would ban your own grandmother for breaking the rules, come put in an application.

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Requirements to be a GM, Community Manager, or Forum Moderator

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Activity Requirements.
Minimum 3 days per week in-game and on the forums, more is better, and many of us are online daily. While it is expected that you will be playing your characters as normal, spending a fair amount of time flagged with a [GM] tag in-game should also be expected. Always be on alert for players requiring assistance, or requiring moderation/sanctions for violating the ToS.
Thick skin.
We strive to deal with the worst players the same we deal with the best players. This is a PvP game, people get heated, frustrated, and passions flare up. A warning or short exile goes a long way to getting a point across. Bring an attitude of fairness and authority. This is not a position that will garner many friendships with those you need to take action against.
Forum participation.
More than 30 posts, and a good amount of time accrued to your account. Helpful posts are a big plus here. Being able to engage with the community without flaming or aggravating sensitive issues is very important. You will also be responsible for moderating, although the need is less for GM's as we have a team dedicated to the forums. Helping out in the Technical Support section is a good way to up your post count, and will also allow you to better understand many of the technical issues that exist.
Game Systems.
Strong grasp of in-game mechanics, including RvR and patch changes. You might imagine after each patch we are peppered with questions regarding what has changed. You should also be aware of the chat commands unique to RoR, and many of the common issues and workarounds. Detailed, constructive, well-written posts in the Balance Forums go a long way here to showing your proficiency in this regard.
We do our best. The devs do their best. There are things about being on the team that will be frustrating. You may not always agree with actions taken, but the leads in each role do communicate with each other and will make decisions that may go against your personal beliefs. This is something that needs to be respected. Recurring issues that we can't yet fix are not something that should bother you. New tools, methods, and workarounds are constantly being developed. If you have suggestions for something the GM team needs, it is better to make this public than silently withholding frustration.
Team Communication.
Any actions taken against an account are recorded on the forums and in-game. We use this to keep track of prior offenses, as well as evidence to be used in ban appeals. Experience with PhPbb would be something to note as use of the Moderator Control Panel is required. Regular use of Discord (our primary chat client) and Github (bug reporting) will also be required.
We are not professionals, we are volunteers. This only means that our level of dedication to the game and it running smoothly is un-paid, despite the level of professionalism we strive to maintain. In-game, you should strive to be helpful and resist engaging in toxic behavior and attitude, despite whatever current frustration is circulating in public chat channels. Naturally, if you already have actions taken against your account for violating the ToS, you can expect an application to be ignored.
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