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Is it worth just for PVE?

In this section, you will find some advices and basics to start quietly ingame. Question like " I'm lvl 1, what shall i do?", "What class shall i pick?", will find some answers in this place.

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Re: Is it worth just for PVE?

Post#21 » Thu Oct 31, 2019 10:35 am

Hey Tryant!

i mostly hang out in PVP, but i also celebrate a few hours in PVE at public quests or one or the other ini :-)
From that point on I think that every player, no matter if PvE, PVP or RVR is good for our Warhammer. So, if you want to give the game a chance - then put me on your friendlist, write me and I will support you here and there with my shaman ... or twink with you another char up. You will see, the PVP elements are also fun, the RVR completes quite well and PVE can be fun too ;-)
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