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Does ORDER still need healers and tanks ?

In this section, you will find some advices and basics to start quietly ingame. Question like " I'm lvl 1, what shall i do?", "What class shall i pick?", will find some answers in this place.

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Re: Does ORDER still need healers and tanks ?

Post#11 » Thu Apr 02, 2020 12:32 am

Kaelang wrote:
Thu Apr 02, 2020 12:27 am
Again though, this is for the competitive play scene. For someone looking to pick the game up and play in Warbands with RvR and have fun with the game, none of this really matters as every class will be able to play the content in-game.
Except for dps healers, who literally make your side lose directly. Not only they are subpar, the problem is they take the spot from real healers too (in SCs, etc..), so its better not to have them at all. Somehow Order likes to play this useless breed of classes, while Destro have minimal such players. Maybe those players are just more intelligent to understand this or something.
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