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Guildfinding guide

In this section, you will find some advices and basics to start quietly ingame. Question like " I'm lvl 1, what shall i do?", "What class shall i pick?", will find some answers in this place.

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Guildfinding guide

Post#1 » Thu Nov 26, 2020 5:40 am

On this guide I will try to help cover some of the avenues to put the "M" in Multiplayer" on Return of Reckoning.
A lot of players come onto the server with several years of break since they last played Age of Reckoning, or maybe they have never played the game before and want to give it ago.
Below I will try to cover a few of the most commonly used paths to finding a perfect fitting guild for a newcomer on RoR..

Guild-recruitment can be found at:
- Ingame adverticement mostly in LFG channel.
- Discord order/destro guilds recruitment on RoR official discord
- Sub forum for Order/Destro guilds.
- External specific guild discord servers where you need invitation link when you group with their members

The different types of players:

The Veteran returns:
You remember the glory days of playing Warhammer Online more than a decade ago, you heard about this private server and want to taste the nostalgia wether you played alone and just casually enjoyed the game back then, or if you were succesfully with a guild/clan/team.
Since you know some of the game basics you dont need to research game mechanics as much as the complete newcomer. You know the class mechanics, what tacticslots and morale abilities are.

For you the best option is to shake the rust off in PVP scenarios, open rvr or in dungeons while you progress your character and slowly start making a name for yourself. If you are "that guy" who knew how to guard-swap, had less aggro tactic on in a dungeon, and basicly did his job without needed to be told, you will stick out and guilds will want to pick you up.
Getting your name out there will come along with shaking the rust of and re-learning the game for you. Watching Twitch, reading official discord, debating the game on the forum will be good secondary avenues along with keeping an active eye out for those guilds in LFG channel who you see in your own activies such as when you see a guild premade in scenario, take note of their name and results and see if you can apply. For the returning veteran I would advice the player to the path of "proving themselves" to find a perfect match in a guild.

I've never played this before - players"

Hi, and welcome to RoR :)
First of all, lets all agree on that you are more than welcome on the server and we all started out fresh at some time. You are what will keep this server alive and a float. The new blood. With this being said, you will also be the easy target, the person who will make mistakes on the first journey and probably will enjoy the ride more than the rest of us who has been doing this for years now. So lets start with your activities, along with playing the game and testing the waters I can only strongly recommend finding a mentor player who you can bounce questions off on whenever you encounter something you dont understand or want to know more about. Not everyone ingame will offer this sort of help, and you might have to seak wider on Youtube for guides, livestreams for player-to-player interaction, or reading on the forum/ discord.
Ingame Advice chat can be helpful to some extend, but for players in this category your attention should be on asking the right questions. For example:
"What is the best class?" A very common question, with as many replies as there are careers in the game. It all depends on who you ask and how you ask.
Instead if you had asked: "Hi, I used to play a Frostmage in WoW and like this sort of playstyle, would there be any class that could fit this playstyle in this game?" you might get a closer answer to what you really seak.

Now since you are new, everything is to be explored and learned. The more you get yourself out there, the more information you will get yourself exposed to.
Some guilds are newcomer friendly, and joining a big "leveling-guild" is recommended for newplayers, the bigger and more active the better. This will be a place to find leveling-groups, where you can find players in the same situation but instead of you sitting alone grinding monsters or playing pvp, you can form groups together and have more information about the game. For example: "partymember1: oh I just hit level 10 and learned an ability called guard, it makes me take half of your damage while you are near me"
Now instead of learning just your own career you are learning about several, and your game knowledge is expanding more rapidly.

For this category of players who are here for the first time, I would recommend joining pickup-groups, trying to get in talks with otherplayers and learn from eachother, ingame guilds in LFG channel, and forming groups/guilds with other newcomers can be helpful. Joining an exsisting guild who has helpful veterans can be an other option should you be so lucky.

"I took a break and everyone I know has quit"

Welcome back, the server is still alive and kicking! But now is the time to accept you are no longer than feared premade group or old topdog. You need to get your hands dirty, prove yourself and rebuild your name. You showed it before, now show them who is boss again!
Researching what has changed since last you played, by checking out your old builds, items, merchancs and reading some of the talks ingame and on socialmedia should easily get you a good idea about how the meta and careers are doing.
You do have a little bit of a headstart if you had a decked out char before, and someone might remember you. Maybe even those old rivals of yours could be a good place to look for likeminded folks to play with.
This category of players I would suggest using the forum and ingame friendslist, guild/alliance chat, and Discord to get in touch with their old contacts and see who is about. Should you be looking for a completly new social online circle you will need to get your face out there, and show the world what you are made off. Go get that higest killblow count in scenarios, and please dont be the toxic dude if you are trying to build new relations...

Out of game sources of information:
RoR official Discord: (read patchnotes, talk about the game, get in touch)
RoR char builder: (go read up on abilities you find interesting and plan builds)
RoR Wiki: (has some information about gear sets etc)
RoR on twtich livestreams: (probably best place to ask questions player-to-player)
Last but not least Youtube ofc.. But this require you to know in speficic what you want, are you looking for a tradeskill leveling guide, a career guide, or want to see endgame pvp montage.
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