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in game abbreviations

In this section, you will find some advices and basics to start quietly ingame. Question like " I'm lvl 1, what shall i do?", "What class shall i pick?", will find some answers in this place.

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in game abbreviations

Post#1 » Fri Aug 05, 2022 6:55 am

i havent played this game since retail no idea how many years ago that was, over 10 years ?
but for the life of me i dont remember any of the abbreviations used in game and i guess over this long time many have changed is there i quick guide to what they are

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Re: in game abbreviations

Post#2 » Fri Aug 05, 2022 8:19 am

Here's some off the top of my head.

(note: some do not have abbreviations)

Knight - Knight of the Blazing Sun
WP - Warrior Priest
WH - Witch Hunter
BW - Bright Wizard
IB - Ironbreaker
RP - Rune Priest
Engi - Engineer
SM - Swordmaster
AM - Archmage
WL - White Lion
SW - Shadow Warrior (mSW - melee Shadow Warrior)

Mara - Marauder
BO - Black Orc
SH - Squig Herder (mSH - melee Squig Herder)
BG - Blackguard
DoK - Disciple of Khaine
WE - Witch Elf
Sorc - Sorceress / Sorcerer

SnB - sword and board (or shield and blade)
2H - Two Hand
ST - Single Target
AoE - Area of Effect
pbAoE - point blank Area of Effect

SC - Scenario
IC - Inevitable City
Alt - Altdorf
T1...4 - Tier 1...4
LotD - Land of the Dead
GB - Gunbad (dungeon)
C&T - Crypts & Tunnels (dungeon)
BB/BE - Bilerot Burrows / Bloodwrought Enclave (dungeon)
BS - Bastion's Stair (dungeon)
HV - Hunter's Vale (dungeon)

R - Rank
RR - Renown Rank
WB - Warband
oWB - organised Warband
M1...4 - Morale 1...4
SW, Kotbs, IB, Slayer, WP, WL, Mara, SH, BG

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Re: in game abbreviations

Post#3 » Fri Aug 05, 2022 8:44 am

op - overpowered
keke - laughing
zerg/zerging - running in big groups
blob - big bunch of people
blobbing up - running with the others in big groups
rezz - resurrection
pot - potion
buff - stat increasement
debuff - stat decreasement
lini - liniments (something like potions)
WR - war report (teleporting via war report)
CC - crowd control (pull, punt, snare, stagger, stun, etc.)
db - death blow (the finishing hit)

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Re: in game abbreviations

Post#4 » Fri Aug 05, 2022 9:00 am

thanks and i thought i knew all the classes but shaman and squig herder seem to have changed now just have to learn and remember locations/content list

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Re: in game abbreviations

Post#5 » Sat Aug 06, 2022 2:04 am

Ost - ostland
Talab - talabecland
CW - Chaos Wastes
Reik - reikland (or reikwald, you can usually understand from context)

BV - barak varr
MoM - marshes of madness
BL/bd - badlands (often used with no abbreviations)
BFP - black fire pass
TM - thunder mountain
BC - black crag
BP - butchers pass
KV - kadrin Valley
SW - stonewatch

SL - shadowlands
Ave - Avelorn
DW - dragonwake
Cale- Caledor
FL - Fell landing
Eata - Eataine
SW - shining way (note: this is the third time same abbreviation appears, which is why its not used that often. In general, forts are often emp/orc/dwarf fort etc.)

K8P - karak eight peaks
KaK - karaz a karak
Most of those are pretty easy, assuming you know the full names.

WC - warcamp
PvE - non pve content OR zone outside of rvr lakes in general
PW - public quest
BO - battlefield objective (names of those might be abbreviated too, but usually to what you see on SoR)
GCD - global cooldown
aSW - melee shadow warrior

A few skills will have an abbreviated name, depending on who you're talking to. Especially if talking about specific class expect to refer to every skill by initials.
GTDC - get to the choppa
Fester - festering arrow
Excom - excommunicate
CF - chop fasta
WW - whispering winds
ID- immaculate defence

Gear sets
WL - warlord
BL - bloodlord

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