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[Implementation Feedback] A suggestion for a Throwing Dagger/Snap Shot change.

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Re: A suggestion for a Throwing Dagger/Snap Shot change.

Post#111 » Fri Dec 23, 2016 1:10 pm

Miszczu5647 wrote:Dodge is used against skill based on ballistic skill. It's impossible (afaik) to make skill based on str and defense against it based on dodge.
In ancient times WH had skills based on BS. And you really don't want to go back to those times.
Strange when I Snapshot ppl I read many times DODGE in combat logs! But also as Blackguard I see Dodge from Throwing attack. They are both STR based but they are still dodged.
Edit: Especially when shooting people who try to mount up and ride away --> Dodge Dodge hit+nodismount Dodge dodge --> Damn hes gone -.- Happens so often... To make it clear I am 100% sure it was shooting in the back with WH + Black Guard both should be str based attacks but its dodgeable from behind.

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Re: [Implementation Feedback] A suggestion for a Throwing Dagger/Snap Shot change.

Post#112 » Tue Jan 31, 2017 4:43 pm

I find the changes on throwing dagger actualy a nerf...many times when Im far away and want to dismount players I have only one chance, if the hit doesnt dismount player target is gone since the skill has a cooldown now.
Before I could spam at least 2 or 3 daggers on target.

Its good for solo lakes ? no, before I could spam more daggers and always flee + ap pot to catch up targets..Ive lost many kills because of the change.

Its good for 6v6 ? no, not worth wasting time on chanel skill to pop snare.

What WE/WH really need ? meele atack = 40% reduce m speed on 5 second cooldown just like everyother meele classes.
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