NA KotBS/RP LF guild w/ like schedule

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NA KotBS/RP LF guild w/ like schedule

Post#1 » Wed Jan 30, 2019 3:09 pm

Hello all and welcome to mein thread! I've been enjoying RoR for a a little under two weeks now and I've started settling on two professions. The Knight is my primary. RP is secondary. Having poked my head out of T1 I want to start preparing for organized WB and Scenario play.

Easyphil, lvl 18 KotBS
Yeastyphil, lvl 12 RP

My most consistent play times during the week are going to be Tuesday and Thursday evenings with Friday evening being on and off. I usually have time to play on Saturdays but I have to work RoR in between other activities. Sundays are typically left wide open for game play. So...

Mondays - closed
Tuesday - evenings are a go!
Wednesdays - closed
Thursday - evenings are a go!
Friday - evenings are on and off, we will need to talk in advance to schedule group activities
Saturday - guaranteed to be online for several hours in between other activities
Sunday - available all day

As I understand for Order side on NA right now most Warband nights for guilds fall on Monday and Wednesday so obviously that is a big problem for me. In addition to this I am still new to Return of Reckoning and though I am responsive, inquisitive and learning fast you will have to tell me what to do in some cases lest I screw up and have to learn the hard way. I welcome and want correction, please give it to me.

I have a working headset and will use whatever common VoIP you want. I require that guild mates do the same. Historically I hate playing with people who are not in comms. It makes me cry and scream inside. :lol:


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