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BlackOrc or Blackguard - help me out Gitz!

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BlackOrc or Blackguard - help me out Gitz!

Post#1 » Mon Nov 04, 2019 1:12 pm

Hey, Gitz!

I wanted to ask your opinion regarding a comparison between BlackOrc and Blackguard. We all know the greener the better. But how is that in the group game?

Which tank is the better defensively and/or offensively with a view to a 6-man group?

Granted, I almost only play heal. That's why my view of the game is more defensive. I don’t care about high crits, I care for a long livetime ;-)
In the past, at that time on the live server, the BlackOrc with the "big swing" in combination with an AOE-Slow and AP-Tactics was a powerful weapon to slow down whole opposing groups in a sustainable way which definitely made the access for DDs and the movement game of the healers easier. You could more or less spam the move, the war cry triggered many times.
But now I was advised against it. The recommendation went to a Blackguard. There I see at first sight the spell "Mindkiller" with the corresponding tactics. A great long-term knock-down and a longrange singlekick.

Okay ...
But what else! What am I missing?

BlackOrc: weak AOE kick. Good Knock-Down. Armour debuff. Multible war cries, cast time prolongers, cooldown prolongers.
Blackguard: Nice Knock-Down. Nice Single range kick. And hey… dark protector as singletarget buff

Again and again I snap also on the "resistance" was nerft ... which is pretty nasty for the Blackorc. But hey ... makes it now so much worse!? Your opinions please.
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