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The Barter Guild

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The Barter Guild

Post#1 » Mon Nov 03, 2014 2:41 am

The Barter Guild has disbanded, the AH now works!
Thanks to those who helped us get some items we were looking for. :)
Check the AH for items!

Oi! Listen up you runts! It seems to me that everybody be lookin around for bits of metal to throw on their hide. Look no further! Post up what you got and what you're lookin for here.

Barter Guild Guidelines
Post Formatting:
For Trade:
Item Name - Class - Slot - Rank

Class - Slot - Rank

Contact me by:
Mailing or messaging (character names)
Contacting traders:
I suggest you find them in game rather than posting on the forums. Send them mail or message them if they're online. Just a suggestion though you git!

Happy trading! Hope you find what you're lookin' fer! WAAAAGH!!!
Disclamer: There is no actual guild in-game, but I figured since this section of the forums is just for Destruction I would post it here.
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Re: The Barter Guild

Post#2 » Mon Nov 03, 2014 2:48 am

For Trades:
Ninestaff of the Wanderer - Chaos - Staff - Rank 7
Shoota of the Wanderer - Orc/Goblin - Great Bow - Rank 7
Gale-Runner's Hardmantle - Marauder - Shoulders - Rank 9
Gale-Runner's Footwraps - Zealot - Boots - Rank 9

For Wants:
Black Ork High Level stuff! :)

Contact me by:
Mailing or messaging Dingar
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Disclaimer: This WAAAGH! is intended to make up for not posting a WAAAGH! in the above post.
My sincerest apologies for my forgetfulness and I hope that this extricates my transgression.

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Re: The Barter Guild

Post#3 » Mon Nov 03, 2014 2:49 am

Microphone check 1, 2 here we go:

For Trade: Too many items to list. Mainly green/blue chaos gear with a few Choppa items.

Want: Strength cloak, Choppa Gale-Runner boots, shoulders, gloves and strength jewerly. Rank 7 or above.

Contact me by:

PM me in game. If I'm not ingame throw me a PM on the forums or in the mailbox.

Appreciate it.

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Re: The Barter Guild

Post#4 » Mon Nov 03, 2014 3:14 am

For Trade: To much stuff, a lot of BQ helmets and gale-runner items.

Want: Shaman Cape, Shaman Jewelry

Contact me by:
Mails or in-game PM - @Mazer
"Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, they cling to the real or the gods or love."

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Re: The Barter Guild

Post#5 » Mon Nov 03, 2014 6:27 pm

Magus - Barbute of the Bandit Queen (helm)
Zealot - Gail-Runner's Cowl (helm)
Chosen - Gail-Runner's Deathgirdle (belt)
DoK - Gail-Runner's Gorget (helm)
Squig Herder - Gail-Runner's Shoota (bow)
BlackGuard - Gail-Runner's Glaive (2-handed weapon)
- War-Torn Grimbraces (white lvl 9 gloves)

*NEW ENTRY* - +10 Strength Gail jewelry!

Sorc gloves
Any high lvl shaman stuff
Any high lvl jewelry

FOR FREES! (all lvl 1-7, green/white. Kick-start your new characters, free to a good home.)
Magus shoulders, robe, boots and a couple of staffs (staves?)
Marauder shoulders
Chaos swords and axes
1-h Choppa

Try Twonk, who is probably my main by now, in-game. If not then try Mentalelfcare or Twitch. Or PM me here.

I... think that's everything... :)
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I am Twonk the Shaman, Twitch the Sorceress and Abnorma the Obvious Witch Elf

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Re: The Barter Guild

Post#6 » Mon Nov 03, 2014 6:47 pm

For Trade:
All are Gale-Runner
Ironbreaker shoulders, chest, boots, axe (17 init/str), shield
Slayer belts, boots
Engineer Long Rifle
Rune Priest chest / boots / staves (17 init/int, 34 int)
Witch Hunter gloves
Warrior Priest belt, boots
Swordmaster 1h sword
White Lion shoulders, boots
Shadow Warrior chest, boots, longbow
+10 Willpower jewellery (single item, will trade only for like jewellery)

Bright Wizard Boots Lv9
Bright Wizard Belt Lv9
High Elf Ballistic Skill and Strength jewellery

Contact me by:
Message Celestica / Steorra or forum PM.

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