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Dethrone Tyranny

Post#1 » Fri May 18, 2018 10:32 pm

Hello everyone,

We are a guild of pvp oriented players from different mmos. Some of us are old players from the live server that decided to get back in Warhammer after a long pause from the game. Our interest in RoR is purely the rvr, be it roaming group/groups or scenarios. Currently we are small-scale focused, as we appreciate the ease of communication and coordination, and the quick mobility smaller numbers offer.

We value a tight knit community of people that enjoy having fun together but also work together to the maximum of their abilities in order to achieve victory. We play as a committed team, helping each other and learning from one another, always keeping an open mind for innovative ideas.

Our guild atmosphere is mature (most of the time :lol: ), we enjoy sarcasm and tongue in cheek anecdotes - all is meant just for fun and treated with a grain of salt. Real life out there can get way to serious and dull, so a cheerful escape online should be appreciated. We come from different European ethnic groups but English is the language we use in the coms.

We welcome new applicants, however considering the class representation destro side, we are prioritizing for active players who main Blackguard, Shaman, Zealot, and DoK.

If you enjoy pvp (you wouldn't be in RoR for the pve but we have to make sure ;) ), and are searching for a group of committed guildies, eager to share experience and have a good time together while rvr, then feel free to pm any of our online members e.g. Thifall, Zibix, Protevs etc.

Happy hunting and GL HF!


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