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South of Heaven

Post#1 » Wed May 23, 2018 8:58 pm

We are a NA guild. We even allow Canadians to join us too :D We have been around for a month and are trying to build a core group. There are about 4-6 of us that come online nightly. I would like to see many more if possible. We have experienced players and new recruits.

We have 2 rules for this guild, don't be a **** and be social.

I have joined several guilds listed above on Chaos's side the first 2 weeks I played and no one would chat (text) or talk when you entered their discord server besides the 1 guy that never shuts up in Ragnars WBs that doesn't even run in them. Those 2 reasons are why I decided to make a guild.

We have a teamspeak server if your horrible at typing and playing. (I am)
My main reasons for starting up a Guild are the 2 reasons above and when the Euros have to log for bed there isn't many left NA side that will answer the call of making a WB or SC premade groups. So, if your an Order player and bored with not getting a lot of renown because there isn't make Chaos to kill, be the better person and play the side that needs the numbers. We will take you in and work with you.
If you like PVE- there's still quite a few leveling that you can make friends with and be social. If you enjoy SCs, grab new players take them for the ride and teach them. The opportunity is there, you just have to make it fun for everyone and enjoyable and be a leader.


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