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Blood Crazed

Swarms of Destruction can annihilate any line of defence. Destruction players look no further! Guild advertisements are posted here.

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Blood Crazed

Post#1 » Fri Jun 26, 2020 8:35 pm

Blood Crazed is currently recruiting anyone who wants to join with a few requirements.

About the guild:
Calm drama free environment. We do daily premades that include all levels as well as organized RvR play where discord is required. It is expected to join in on these warbands when they are open.

Guild rules:
1: 0 tolerance on raging or insulting others, in guild or not.
2: Be respectable to everyone, Including region chat.
3: Discord is a pre-requirement to join.
4: Alts are allowed, but will be kicked if inactive for 7days.

To join message: Xico, Dracula, Nooblit, Reborn, Daemon, Jarkov, Welthul, or Bloodtyrant
Destro - Nooblit, Reborn, Daemon, Dracula


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