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UCGR Is Recruiting Hardcore PVPers

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UCGR Is Recruiting Hardcore PVPers

Post#1 » Wed Jul 15, 2020 7:23 pm

**UCGR (aka FullControl)**

UCGR is currently expanding and is recruiting active members. UCGR believes that our members first our goal is to creat 6 man premades and build a community with exceptionally skilled players.


-Must be 18+ years old
-Working Mic is required
-Must have sense of humor
-Must agree to these rules...

# No Racist, Sexist, or Abusive behavior
# No Cheating - Any use of Glitches, Exploits, and/or Hacks.
# No Offensive Names
# No Advertising
# No Overly-Negative Behavior, Trolling, and/or Disrespect
# Leaders reserve the right to remove anyone at anytime
# No Abuse Of Any Discord System

Our primary objective is to create a collective of like minded people, enjoy and support this game. **Warning** We are __NOT__ PC friendly but we still enforce these rules against those with malicious intent.


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