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Fog of Waaagh

Swarms of Destruction can annihilate any line of defence. Destruction players look no further! Guild advertisements are posted here.

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Fog of Waaagh

Post#1 » Tue May 25, 2021 9:31 pm

<Fog of War / Fog of Waaagh recruiting!>

What you can expect from us:

-Designated guild nights
-Discord Coordinated Warbands
-City groups (12/24)
-SC Groups
-Semi-hardcore environment
-Chapter 22
-PvE runs for rings and weapons
-Strong alliance, with a lot of wbs being ran.
-A mixture of EU / NA timezone gameplay.

Order events:
Wednesday 20.00 EU / 14 EST
Sunday 20.00 EU / 14 EST

Destro events:
Friday 22.00 EU / 16 EST
Saturday 20.00 EU / 14 EST

What we except from you:

- Voice communication: Discord, microphone prefered, but not a must.
- Follow your leadership during RvR, City or PvE nights.
- Play with your guild/alliance as much as possible, prioritise your members over outsiders.
- Keep your class and yourself up to date at any point

Currently looking for:

AM / Shaman: No / No
BW / Sorc: No / Yes
Engi / Magus: No / No
IB / BG: Yes / Yes
Kotbs / Chosen: Yes / Yes
RP / Zealot : Yes / Yes
SW / Squig: No / No
SL / Choppa: Yes / Yes
SM / BO: Yes / No
WP / DoK: Yes / Yes
WL / Rauder: Yes / Yes
WH / WE: No / Yes

Contact us:

Contact our officers on discord or ingame:
RealizatioN / Realizationz (O) Realizationx and Xezoz (D)
Lintsnack (O) Pocketlint (D)
Thungni / Thyrus (O) Kharynn (D)
Kinnybreaker (O) Babakinz (D)
Starbox (O) Strabox (D)
Athelfirth (O) Aethelfirth (D)
Nathradil / Dafok / Eromir (O) / DIsque / Babyhulk (D)

Visit our Discord here:

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Re: Fog of Waaagh

Post#2 » Sat Jun 12, 2021 3:00 am


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