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Delete solo ranked only have grouped

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Poll: Delete solo ranked only have grouped

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Re: Delete solo ranked only have grouped

Post#41 » Thu Jul 22, 2021 6:25 pm

Absolutely not a good idea.
The population of ranked sc would decrease drastically.
It would probably look like this: 1 or 2 destro team vs 1-2 order team. After two or three defeats the opponents would disappear forever. By signing up solo where there is more players you always have a chance to draw another team of your own or your opponents and eventually win the match.
Maybe the idea itself is good, but with such changes you have to be careful and not be driven by impulse because you just lost a match because of bad communication with your team or because someone wasn't pro enough for you.
Probably the majority of YES voters don't play ranked sc at all and are in favor of develpoers not wasting even a minute of their time on this aspect of the game.
I am a firm believer in solo q ranked.
Anyway, I don't see the problem. Do 6man's with those people who voted YES and play group ranked. What's the problem?
And by the way I will repeat what I wrote in another post. Vocie chat should be banned.
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