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Thinking of playing this game.

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Thinking of playing this game.

Post#1 » Thu Jun 23, 2022 11:37 am

How is it? I Used to play dark age of Camelot a TON and even some of the private servers released recently (uthgard/Phoenix). How is RoR compared to DAoC?

How long does it take to get to max level? Is there a realm rank system? How much better is a higher Realm Rank person than a lower Realm rank person (is it like DAoC where a rr8 will usually wipe the floor with a rr3?).

Also any good class recommendations? I usually like the hard to kill tanks that can still do some decent damage when needed.

Sorry for all the question!

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Re: Thinking of playing this game.

Post#2 » Thu Jun 23, 2022 1:26 pm


RoR is way more streamlined than DaoC and plays a bit like WoW, with battles much bigger than any of the other two could put together (200vs200 zones are pretty common during EU primetime). Where it differs from DaoC at design is that it only has a 2-faction system, which comes with the problems you can imagine. Realm balance is a constant, fluctuating issue, with no easy fix. Even with that, a lot of us have been playing it for years and love it. There's really nothing else out there quite like it.

Getting to maximum rank is easy, but not the main part. You need Renown Ranks (RR) for special abilities and to wear PvP gear. Need over 60 RR to be competitive, which is not hard to get. Generally speaking, it is recommended not to rush getting to R40, since while below-40 you get a bolster buff that increases your stats by quite a lot if you use it well.

Other than that, if you play a tank and stick with your group, you will have a pretty easy time even at low RR, unless you eat frontal aoe too much. I find tanks the easiest role to do the "just dinged 40 grind", which is the hardest grind out of them all, as you are at a point without gear or bolster.

For tank, my personal recommendations would be Ironbreaker on Order or Chosen on Destro.

- very hard to kill, a lot of tactics and self buffs to increase survivability
- once geared and with 2H (two hand) can do A LOT of damage and still be hard to kill
- has a lot of buttons, steep learning curve
- not a lot of of group support besides AP pump (which is still very important, but means no WB wants too many IBs)

- very easy to play, few buttons
- always wanted in a group thanks to auras (8 chosens in warband? NO PROBLEMO)
- 2nd lowest damage from all tanks in the game (1st lowest is Knight)
- can get boring after a while, depending on how complex you like your classes

But really, all tanks are good with the right gear; and always wanted in groups. And most of them when going 2H can do quite a lot of damage as well, again with gear (well, except Knight; Chosen is situational).
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Re: Thinking of playing this game.

Post#3 » Fri Jun 24, 2022 11:27 pm

Go for it. I was thinking about WAR, googled it, found this and been playing for a couple years.

Tanks are a strong archetype and really can't go wrong with any. Leveling is very fast, you can try some alts in t1 and see what you like best. By lv 15 you'll have some ideas about playstyle.

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