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T1 RvR and influence

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T1 RvR and influence

Post#1 » Tue Aug 14, 2018 2:25 pm

3 suggestions:
1st would be for anyone too high level for T1 RvR, keep changing them into chickens, but let them get influence from BOs, and only influence.

another thing might be let people who become chickens at least be able to auto-attack, anyone brave or stupid enough to attack someone as a chicken should at least be be given the courtesy of being able to fight, even something as small as auto-attacks, would also be amusing to see a chicken kill someone...

3rd would be to unify the tome of knowledge, so unlocks and entries are account wide, with the only things not account wide being titles, achievements and enemy kill counts. if not this, then at least remove the opposing faction entries from the tome, for completionists its a nightmare to not be able to complete everything in it.


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