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Zone leading to Fort.

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Zone leading to Fort.

Post#1 » Wed Apr 03, 2019 6:07 pm

With the restriction to how many can participate in a fort, could it be an idea to reward anyone that helped out in the zone with 1 invader medallion?
It wouldn't be much as you'd have to lock 230 zones that way to acquire a full set of gear, but considering you might see a zone leading to a fort 3-4 times a day and only be able to attend one of those forts it would at least be somewhat a push for keeping on trucking towards zone locks even if your chances to get in are fairly slim.

I play quite often and I usually get in to the forts I have time for due to healing and resurrecting seem to add a lot towards contribution, but for many it's a endless clicking competition at the portal. There is a good rotation on the forts as you don't always see the same names in there all the time, but overall the incentive to help push that last zone even if you don't have time for the fort afterwards could be encouraged by a small reward towards invader on the locking of the last zone. (And by locking I mean both sides get the reward, defending or attacking)

Not sure if a restriction to level would be set on this kind of reward, though I assume somewhat close to the gold bag cutoff would be fine. where as sub RR51 wouldn't get an invader, but would get a extra vanquisher and those at RR51 or higher would be given a invader medallion.

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