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Costs of War

Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 1:54 am
by dackius
I have two different suggestions which I think may be interesting concepts to help balance/adjust the playing field between sides. These ideas are not set in stone, and could easily be tinkered with or adjusted to find a suitable balance.

I personally have noticed there seems to be a Destruction population advantage during many of the peak hours of the game. Data could possibly prove otherwise, but I know many people have shared a similar perception. One complaint I have heard is how this size advantage gives them better tactical advantage in the RvR, thus leading to better rewards, thus leading to stronger equipped larger armies... spiralling out of control into morale damage etc, etc.

Losing can be rough, and players should be encouraged to continue the fight, especially in the darkest hours though, or the system falls apart or becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. With these ideas in mind, I came up the following two suggested features:

1. As zones are claimed, we get messages of our factions moving supply lines, but as realms fall, these supplies never seem to concentrate or thin out. The idea here is simple, as an army stretches it's supply lines from its capital, across the world, those supplies lessen and strain; and as there are fewer armies to actually equip and maintain, the city should be able to supply them easier. This type of effect could be implemented in a number of ways, but I thought increased production of supplies at BO's, and/or lowering/raising thresholds for keeps to rank up could work to help a losing side still feel like they have a fighting chance, while not drastically changing balance much on the whole.

2. This second idea is a bit more far fetched honestly, but it is to try and establish some mechanic or system to encourage redistribution of of gear between the two factions. Creation of a way were one faction could Buy or Bet medals/currency in scenarios, to try and improve their rewards, (where the medals they ante go to the other side) or a faction being able to buy a one-time reduction in cool down on a city raid. This becomes a double edged sword, because instead of preventing the other side from gaining resources, you are basically abandoning war prizes in hopes of getting better ones. Doing this too often could literally lead to you helping arm your enemies so much you cannot win, but also helps a player with more currency than they could ever spend have a chance to use it to improve themselves. This idea is clearly a little vague in how it would work, but I that is partly why I thought it might be interesting to hear other thoughts on it.

I really welcome criticism, reinvention of these ideas, and/or suggestions how to implement them. My major goal here is to find a way to keep the game fun for all, and prevent players from abandoning their faction or will to fight because the tides of battle are not currently in their favor. I don't like the idea of punishing anyone for playing or winning, so if at all possible, I would prefer to think in a direction toward rewarding bravery and endurance that does not directly punish their opponents just for having won. Additionally, I hope the ideas are something that can be neutrally applied, and that you honestly feel you would not feel unfair if you were on the opposite end of mechanic.

Thanks for your time if you've read this far.