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Implement/rework abilities proposal

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Implement/rework abilities proposal

Post#1 » Fri May 22, 2020 11:46 pm

Oi there, on this post i'll propose some new abilities/tactics ideas to improve careers that need some love, here we go. Some of these could open up a new meta for warbands.

Shaman / Archmage

Since the Healing spec Shaman and Archmage are under performing in City Sieges and Scenarios i propose this rework:

1. Current Tactic Pass it On (this could also be aplied to Archmage)

From: Any time you heal an ally with a Path of Mork/Isha ability, there's a 25% chance that another ally within 30 feet of them will also gain 171 health as well.

To: Any time you heal an ally with Bigger,better an' greener / Boon of Hysh, there's a 75% chance that all allies within 30 feet of them will be healed by 50% of the main target's amount.

2. Group heal Blessing of Isha / Gather Round: From 2,5s cast, reduce it to 1,5s cast.

3. Add new ability: Increases movement speed to all your group members by 25% for 5s. 60s cooldown.

Magus / Engineer
Sinc these two careers have difficult kiting away from danger, a self punt could be useful.

1. Add new ability for survival

Engineer: Toss a mine at your feet leaping backwards from your target 40 feet away and slows enemies around you by 20%. This ability could have 60s cooldown

Magus: Blast the ground with magical powers leaping backwards from your target 40 feet away and slows enemies around you by 20%. This ability could have 60s cooldown.

Range Shadow Warrior / Range Squig Herder:
Since this both specs are not in the city meta, they need some love too.

Proposal: Add a Range AoE ability

1.SW/SH: You focus on a spot on the ground, shooting arrows at that spot every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds, hitting all enemies withing 30 feet of that area for X amount of damage and if it crits, deals and added bleeding damage for 7s, as long as you maintain your concentration. This ability could have 12s cooldown. 100 feet range.

2.Increase range of Lileath's Arrow / Shoot thru ya from 65 feet to 85 feet. Also reduce it cast time from 2s to 1.5s

Choppa / Slayer Two-handed spec.
This would be to improve the 2h spec for both career and make it more appealing for players.

Proposal: Add a Weapon Throw "Execute type of ability" (Axe Throw)

Choppa/Slayer: Must be Furious or Berserker, requires great weapon, 60 feet range, throw your big axe at your enemy dealing 600 damage, if enemy gets hit on his back, deals 800 damage. The Choppa/Slayer disarms himself for 5 seconds. If you are Furious, gains 75% bonus instead of the 25%. 45s cooldown.

This may be some useful skills, just some random ideas, byebye.


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