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Item purchase confirmation window

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Item purchase confirmation window

Post#1 » Sat May 23, 2020 3:22 pm

Hello dear devs,

I want to ask you if you ever think about to implement something like "Item purchase confirmation window"? The text could be "Are you sure about to buy this item (here will be a small icon of the item you are going to buy)?" with simple "yes" or "no" options- just example.
It could prevent some very frustrating situations (like buying a WRONG item).
Example: Today (FINALLY) I was about to buy a new invader item but the purchase went wrong. I clicked on the invader I wanted but no purchase happened... after few seconds I saw TWO SAME items in my bag. Idk if it was lag or what the hell it was. I asked GM ingame but there is no chance to correct that purchase anymore, he wrote. I spent many damned hours to get the amount of invaders (I can play only few hours during the week but forts and cities did not happen very often - during EU 17:00-21:00 when I usualy can play after work) so every invader mark means a LOT. This was the second time it happened to me, but the first time it was t2t3 eq... so I let it go. But now...
If this is not possible to implement, you could add some option like "item return" in few mins (if you decide to return the item back to the vendor).

I know that no GM will ever return marks or items or something like that due many other more important things you have to do. This could be a simple solution for situation I described.

Thank you!

PS: The speech could sound angry a bit, but no. I am just very frustrated. That is all. Oh, and my english, sorry too.

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Re: Item purchase confirmation window

Post#2 » Sat May 23, 2020 4:06 pm

There is an option to have a purchase confirmation- it's somewhere in your preferences option. You more than likely disabled it though early on unfortunately.

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