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New races, not a serious suggestion! Probably not possible to make

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New races, not a serious suggestion! Probably not possible to make

Post#1 » Tue May 26, 2020 3:09 pm

A bit bored, should probably study for exams, but here we go...
Probably been suggested before, the fantasy of more races in ROR.
Which is probably waaay easier said then done, and would require a vast amount of time and resources.

But here are my two dream suggestions:
A reskinned BO into a Lizardman/Kroxigor tank.
A reskinned Shaman (or already existing skaven model) into a Skaven ranged (something like a Warlock Enginer, Globadier or Bombardier)?
Reskinning the staff into the spear/staff thingy (sorry not too knoweldgeable on Skaven haha, most is based on my experience from TW:W2) and perhaps have Bombardier mechaniques using Dwarf engi animations for bombs?

These suggestions are mostly based on the recent discussion regarding order lacking beefy and menacing tanks, but also destro gaining some more ranged firepower.
The big problems however I think is probably lots of missing assets for gear and the reskin texture.
Most feasible is probably the BO if you can accept the BO gear and just toss the helmet.

Do you guys have any other suggestions for recycling assets, animations etc?

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Re: New races, not a serious suggestion! Probably not possible to make

Post#2 » Tue May 26, 2020 3:20 pm

Add Brettonians for Order. Models are quite similar to Empire so most of the work would be on armor design. Would love to see a Grail Knight as a tank, Falgellant as a healer etc.

For Destro, Skaven would be great or Tomb Kings (given we have land of the dead). Hard to include Lizardmen in the mix as they don't fit into the Order/Destro structure like other races do.

Could consider the midnight aristocracy (Vampires). As you say, just dreams though!
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Re: New races, not a serious suggestion! Probably not possible to make

Post#3 » Tue May 26, 2020 3:38 pm

Haha aww man how did I miss the Brettonians, yeah armor assets is probably the biggest obstacle.

Was also thinking if chaos dwarves would be feasible, but I don't know enough lore to suggest anything specific on classses etc.

Tomb Kings are interesting as well, never played live unfortunately so don't know what assets are avaiable there.

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Re: New races, not a serious suggestion! Probably not possible to make

Post#4 » Tue May 26, 2020 4:06 pm

What RoR really needs:


Unfortunately, no armor assets.
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Re: New races, not a serious suggestion! Probably not possible to make

Post#5 » Tue May 26, 2020 4:51 pm

Lizardmen some say are neutral but they would belong to order side.

Order definition is Faction that Build Cities, Farms, Society aso... Lizardmen is the first race of the Old Ones the Guardians of the Great Plan and they are well more towards order.

Tomb Kings are NOT Destruction, they are the opposite of Vampire Counts wich are Destruction and would never fit on Destro side either. Tomb kings are together with ogre kingdoms true NEUTRAL Factions in lore

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Re: New races, not a serious suggestion! Probably not possible to make

Post#6 » Tue May 26, 2020 5:13 pm

Zxul wrote:
Tue May 26, 2020 4:06 pm
What RoR really needs:


Unfortunately, no armor assets.
I would have kept my mara if I had this option. Omg yes yes yes. As a side note, I think reskining mara to be slaanesh daemonette swould be sweet as hell too. I have designed new abilities for daemonette classes and designed some weapon and gear progression as well. That would be a dream. But alas, we (destru) already have OP cool looking choices. Bretonians? *yawn* go for it.

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Re: New races, not a serious suggestion! Probably not possible to make

Post#7 » Tue May 26, 2020 10:35 pm

Here is my take on possible careers for some other factions not currently ingame, as well as equipment rosters and a flavor text.

Men-at-Arms - mDPS (SnB and Polearms - Medium armor)
Commonborn soldiers that form the backbone of Bretonnian armies. Although unskilled and ill-equipped at times, the Men-at-Arms are versatile fighters that excel in group and formation-based combat.

Knights Errant - Tank (SnB and 2H Greatsword - Heavy armor)
In contrast to their grizzled counterparts, Errant Knights of Bretonnia are composed of the young and warmblooded, knights in the name of the Lady, yet still needing to prove themselves as stalwart defenders of her chivalrous realm. Knights of the Errantry are mobile and quick on their feet, with such a dexterity that often becomes the subject of envy within the more aged circles of Knighthood.

Paladin - Healer (SnB - Heavy armor)
Experienced and heroic knights who have long been proven to be upholders of the Lady's word. The Paladins of Bretonnia are blessed with protective boons as befits their chivalrous streak. No matter where, a Paladin's lifelong purpose is to shield and protect the precious many to which the Lady watches over.

Damsel - rDPS (Staff - Light armor)
Damsels are the initiated, arcane-blessed acolytes of the Lady of the Lake. While not as spectacular as an Imperial Bright Wizard or stalwart as a Dwarfish rune, Bretonnian Damsels have access to a wide variety of spells from the lores of Life, Beasts, and Heavens.

Gutter Runner - mDPS (Dual daggers - Light armor)
Expert assassins of Clan Eshin, one of the four great Skaven clans. Gutter Runners are top-of-the-line scouts, infiltrators, and assassins that specialize in the use of guile and poisons to bag their quarries.

Stormvermin - Tank (SnB and Halberd - Heavy armor)
Recruited only from the large and black-furred of the Skaven population, a hereditary symbol of their violent purpose in Skaven society, the Stormvermin are about as high-quality and reliable as a Skaven could be on the battlefield. The presence of a troop of Stormvermin is oftentimes more than enough to rile and inspire their inferiors to great feats in battle.

Packmaster - Healer (Mancatcher and 1H sword - Medium armor)
The Packmasters of Clan Moulder are trained beastmasters and flesh-shapers. Given the opportunity, a Packmaster can give a ratman the strength and mass of an Ogre, and an Ogre the subtlety and guile of a ratman. When in engaged in direct combat, Packmasters are able to command swift and savage Wolf-rats to defend their person to the death.

Warlock Engineer - rDPS (Warplock Pistol and dagger - Heavy armor)
Being industrious and maddened engineers of Clan Skryre, the Warlock Engineers are masters of arcane technology. Relying on warpstone, a crystalized form of pure Chaos energy, the Warlock Engineers utilize a massive arsenal of death that combines the pure magics of Chaos with the unpredictability of Skaven machinery.
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