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City pug premade solution

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City pug premade solution

Post#1 » Sat May 30, 2020 11:13 pm

Hello guyz!

I saw lot of times order premade got destro pug and versa.
This is not fun anybody imo.

I have an idea make a city like a premade sc.
With MMr gear etc.

Everybody would have 30min to q nobody got pop until 30 min.
And the system when everybody q make some balanced matchmaking.

What do you think about it?

I played a last few mount almost everycity
And not good and fun imo the tottaly unbalanced city sc.
Maybe not only mid flag? To separate them?

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Re: City pug premade solution

Post#2 » Sat May 30, 2020 11:27 pm

get into a guild and do premades yourself ? use comms ? people signing up as solo cant really complain much.. thats like saying you wanna do raids in Wow but dont wanna be in a raid. organized WBs can do alot, even vs guild WBs. just setup a real WB and not just pull everything in you see.
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Re: City pug premade solution

Post#3 » Sat May 30, 2020 11:43 pm

I did premade mate. That why said vica versa.
It's boring when you are in premade and the order haven't got tank and heal and you just wait the end of the stage 1.
Also I did 24 man 18 12 6 too.
But if the match is highly unbalanced and one side has zero chance then its very boring.

I like the easy win and a lot of kill but when the enemy haven't got tank and heal and full preamde pug or a guild premade pug the enemy it's ridiculous.

Also there are lot of engi sw dps healer and they also wanna go city and why not just make it to fun for everybody

For example:
Tonight my wife and me q for city but different side
She was in a full pug I was in a full pug she got a guild premade enemy I got a guild premade enemY. It wasn't fun for anybody. Not even the winner sides imo
Coz I was on winner side too.
It's the same when in sc the enemy afk at wc.
And there was 2strong and 2 weak wb. If the two stong fight eachother. And the two weak too. It could be a very good night even if we lose.

Also I remember on live the big guilds hunt for each others the ppl can leave and join with out deserted and hunt the biggest prey. And the solo spec strange spec guyz also found their fun and everybody was happy

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Re: City pug premade solution

Post#4 » Sun May 31, 2020 1:58 am

SuperStar wrote:
Sat May 30, 2020 11:43 pm
It's boring when you are in premade and the order haven't got tank and heal and you just wait the end of the stage 1.
This is nothing related to MMR or gear.

if 1 faction bring 15 full wb (24 man)+120 pugs(solo queuers) and other faction bring 10 full wb (24 man)+240 pugs(solo queuers) => at least 5 pugs wb will face a premade. There is no way that game can fix this.

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Re: City pug premade solution

Post#5 » Sun May 31, 2020 2:31 am

It will never happen that support will come to help pugs. The game is about grouping and premades are the only way to win. As said before get a decent there are a few out there I wont name them. When you name someone says they are rubbish due to their personal reason so not allowing negative feedback. Ask around we all know the guilds that win in cities if you have half decent gear and can follow the lead you can do well.

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Re: City pug premade solution

Post#6 » Sun May 31, 2020 6:06 am

Just in case anyone did not read the original post, the author already made the claim that they run with premade groups. The point of the post was that being in a premade vs. pugs is as boring as being the ones in the pug getting stomped.

However, as previously stated by emiliorv, it is inevitable for pugs to face premades. In my opinion the only changes that would help to have fewer boring city fights is that either the players who pug stop doing so, or a fully supported pug queue were introduced. Since this is "end game" (which doesn't really make sense to me since this is an RvR/pvp centric game and calling something end game indicates that once completed you have in some way completed the game, but... i thought war never ends) it would'nt neccessarily make sense to create pug only alternatives, we are attacking/defending the capital city of our faction, a ramshackle defensive or offensive force would realistically be destroyed with relative ease.

There is more of an argument to allow some time for full warbands to queue so they could specifically face opposing warbands. This subject has already been brought up in other threads though.

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Re: City pug premade solution

Post#7 » Sun May 31, 2020 7:17 am

Some of you didn't catch the point.
Maybe the original post was too long my bad.

Short version:
1. Weak healerless tankless Pug vs premade city boring to both side (like a sc when the enemy afk at wc)

2. Yesterday night my wife and me opposite side she was a weak pug, I was a weak pug. She got guild premade to her face, I got guild premade to face.

3. If the 2 weak pug fight eachother and the 2 guildpremade fight eachother. It could be really fun and balanced. If you fight a very weak enemy the enemy will afk. And this is boring.

4. SW engi dps healers strange builder char also deserve some fun in city.

1.Everybody q in 30min. The system would see the gear guild city mmr? Etc. And the system after the 30min q time would do some balanced city matchmaking.

2. Or how it on live you can inv ppl to your city, and live your city too. And let the ppl find there fun.
On live the premades hunt for each other. And they live the full pug city coz it was boring. And they called city intance 4 full of pug. They ask where is the xy enemy guild. Somebody said: 9. intance etc.

(I was on every city on the previous mount with dif char and side I had premade 24 18 12 6, now I wanted to try puglife)
And again! I like the win I like the east win.
But when the enemy has totally zero chance, not even a kill there is bad and boring to each side.

On live there were very quality guild premade vs guild premade fight. It was amazing. And there was full healerless guardless sw dps healers city intance and it was very fun. Coz you nevah now who will do what. And don't know anybody so it was full of surprise.

And like irl there is regular armyies and civil rebelioners. And both deserve to exists. IMO
I was a several Full of solo builded vs full solo builded city intance on live and it was very fun enjoyable fights.

It was long again ...

But another thing

There is solo quers
There is full pug groups warband not even 2-2-2 full of sw lion dps am etc
There is "premade pug" 2-2-2 but not optimal classes
There are hight lvl rr70 premade pug
And there are true premades the guild ones.

You can have a decent fight or a enjoyable easy win if you fight under 1 or upper 1 your bracket. But everyother case is boring.

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Re: City pug premade solution

Post#8 » Sun May 31, 2020 8:14 am

It seems to me, or were the city PQs organized a little differently on release?
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