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Forts: contribution for holding gates

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Forts: contribution for holding gates

Post#1 » Fri Jul 03, 2020 11:09 pm

Forts have first line of defense - 3 huge gates through which enemy teams get inside.

Problem we have:
atm, Forts actually have 2 stages: Nascar (everyone running in circles capturing BOs) and turtling in Lord's room

Why is it happening:
Nascar - is how you get your contribution in Forts, kills provide Much less contribution than capturing BOs
Turtle mode in Lord room - is how you actually win the fort (due to specific to inner Fort structure and that Nascar is happening in stage 2)

Recently i've participated in Fort defense and have seen 1wb bravely defending gates (closest to enemy wc) against 3-4 enemy wbs, kept fighting and surviving for 20mins, Meanwhile other friendly wbs abandon other 2 gates and have started Nascar ignoring any strategy.
As a result most of those brave defenders did'nt receive any reward from Fort, cause they did'nt contribute by capturing BOs, meanwhile Nascar drivers got their rewards.

One of possible solutions:
Make holding/defending gates in stage 2 add to player's contribution.
Let's say holding/protecting any gate will provide 20% (or mb 25%) of holding/capturing BO multiplied by amount of BOs under your faction's control.
So properly holding gates will generate same amount of contribution as holding BO, BUT it's easier to hold gate and strategically it should be the proper first line of defense. On other hand if slackers are siting at further gates doing nothing, they'll get no contribution cause all BOs are under enemy's control - that pushes wbs to cooperate and split forces to hold gates and prevent backcaping, meanwhile attackers still should be able to push in against disorgonized wbs.
More variety in actions - better game experience

That's just one of possible ways to improve Fort experience and imho easiest
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