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[Feedback] Levelling a melee dps through rvr and scenarios

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[Feedback] Levelling a melee dps through rvr and scenarios

Post#1 » Sun Jul 12, 2020 1:28 am

This post relates only to the levelling experience and nothing more. I do know and remember that the game changes at cap and once you reach higher rr.

After returning to RoR I have started with Witch Elf, and as I progressed through levels it became more and more apparent that my usefulness is limited and survivability inexistent.
Since every more knowledgeable person told me that WE isn't exactly excellent nowadays and that I should reroll if I feel like I'm struggling, I did just that - I picked marauder as my new main.
I do feel more useful but unfortunately some of the problems still persist.
I do understand that at max level the game changes a lot, but there is absolutely no excuse for the horseshit you have to get through to get there.

For Witch Elf, until I could pick Heart Seeker for a knockdown my entire toolkit felt worse than useless. And even then, sometimes you're just unlucky and you don't get to kill the lonely squishie straggler you picked on before his friends come up and roll you. For proper teamfights while levelling, your only use is to assist tanks and other dps, and you will often turn the tide and kill whatever target they were hitting, however since during levelling you do not have access to most of your tools yet you will often end up dead due to being caught in aoe spam (detaunt or no detaunt, matters little in the long run) and you have nothing to help you disengage. The damage becomes actually enough bit after mid-way career rank wise, but the setup you require and the fact that you know you will not be able to escape most of the time is really disheartening. I know that guard helps, but the only time I got a guard was when I played along with my tank friend. Lack of even a finisher that slows your current target down feels completely idiotic against players who know how your abilities work, as they'll just slow you and strafe away.
The tools and tactics you get while levelling are just inadequate to what you're forced to face in orvr and scenarios until higher 30's, and 99% of time I was absolutely useless in keep fights - I did get a few lord tags after the assault was broken so there's at least that use: you can trade your worthless WE life for 10 minutes to prepare another assault. It is a very gear dependant class, I'm aware of this but the levelling experience is comparable only to slowly pulling a spool of razor wire out of your butthole. I have nothing but admiration and respect to all the Witch Elves and Witch Hunters who made it to cap and high rr. Hats off.

For Marauder the experience is so far much much better, as it has a spammable aoe so I can at least pump some damage in scenarios to feel better about myself. But in the end, it's a similar deal. Marauder isn't meant to escape, but with the limited toolkit you have on your way to cap you will not last very long in aoe crossfire or when focused. Even with the disrupt tactic without a guard I can get bursted down by ranged dps before I reach enemy lines, charge or not. Since unless I'm running things with my friends guards are in low supply despite the typical Destruction lineup for scenarios for example, I often end up failing at the dps part of the melee dps role as I never reach melee or get to stay there for longer than a few seconds.

I am not asking for some sweeping buffs or major changes, however it feels like it would be nice for the levelling melee to get access to some of the utility and defensive tactics earlier, even trading their position for one or two of the crit-based ones.
I understand there is little hope to change as levelling experience isn't exactly top priority, it was just something gnawing on me for a while now and since this is also a feedback forum, there it is - feedback of a tired climber.


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