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Allow Potions of Acclaim to be Purchased w/ T4 Seals

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2020 8:31 pm
by CountTalabecland
As it is, the only thing worth buying with the Seals you get from quests and kills in RvR (paragon and exemplar I believe, I mean the green and purple ones) are the renown pots. So long as you have geared while responsibly keeping your rr high you easily have subj/vanq before needing any of the other items from this vendor, especially since the appearances on the gear are no longer high end.

My suggestion is to make a Potion of Acclaim that can be purchased with just the purple T4 Seals, say 60 or 80. Currently you can buy them from just green or at a 2/1 ratio of green to purple, its 40 purple and 20 green I think or maybe vice versa.

MY POINT IS, that T3 pairings are played at much less frequent intervals than T4, Forts, and Cities since t3 is always rushed to lock.

I have ended up having like 30 greens and 500 purples. I think renown pots are a good incentive for higher ranked players to get out and play non-fort zones, however that incentive is kind of killed if T3 is closed all the time and you cant get potions because you are accruing the wrong ones and have a huge surplus of purple ones all the time.

Edit: Apologies if this has been suggested before, I searched "potion of acclaim", "potion of", and "renown potion/pot" and nothing came up.