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[RP] Apply tactic 'Concussive Runes' to ability 'Rune of Battle' instead of 'Rune of Cleaving'.

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[RP] Apply tactic 'Concussive Runes' to ability 'Rune of Battle' instead of 'Rune of Cleaving'.

Post#1 » Fri Oct 16, 2020 5:13 pm

The debuff would be applied as either a passive aura around the player Rune of Battle is cast on or a short duration debuff (3 seconds) applied on every tic of damage.

The goal of this proposal is to;

1) Improve the synergy/usability of the tactic.

Concussive Runes requires an RP to constantly be in near melee range to maximize its use, this is undesirable for a healer class in light armor. Add to this Concussive Runes only benefits melee, which ideally are far from the RP.

This contradictory nature limits the usability and usefulness of Concussive Runes.

2) Make Rune of Battle a desirable ability to spec.

Lets be real here, Rune of Battle's damage is fluff.

3) Further diversify the tactic from its Zealot counterpart.

Sweeping Disgorgement is lower in the spec tree and debuffs corp resist in addition to armor, instead of asking Concussive Runes to be mirrored it should be improved in its own way.

4) Make speccing for the armor debuff more expensive as a trade.

The current 'meta' spec (Ancestors Echo, Ancestors Blessing, Master Rune of the Adamant and Rune of Binding) does not allow you to spec both Rune of Battle and Concussive Runes. Players would either need to have +2 from Sovereign gear or to give up something to attain both the debuff and the abilities normally specced for.

Another balance trade could be that Concussive Runes also reduces Rune of Battle's range to 100ft.
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Re: [RP] Apply tactic 'Concussive Runes' to ability 'Rune of Battle' instead of 'Rune of Cleaving'.

Post#2 » Fri Nov 27, 2020 5:45 pm

I'm in favor of completely mirror Concussive runes to Zealot counterpart. There is zero reason that one side got access to aoe Corpo debuff, while the other cant do the same.

Dont forget that means getting into melee range to use the debuff, spec a tactic AND slot it. The drawbacks are already huge, especially ocnsidering pretty much any RP skill have baseline CC into their skills (almost everything is pure damage without added effect, and need tactic to add them).

Concussive rune should work on short range spell ; apply on Cleaving being almost the exact counterpart of the AM debuff skill (Storm of Chronos), but since it will both require a tactic slot and a mastery point, it makes sense to not have it too powerful.

Otherwise being able to debuff 1k+ of armor (and possibly 400+ Elem Resist) from 150+ft will be too powerful, especially considering the synergy with BW and Engies.

I'm working on a RP rework to make masteries a bit more in order, and the debuff tactic will be part of the equation (sadly not where you want it to be :p).

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